Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Ceation story as Told by a cat

On the first day of creation, God created the cat.

On the second day, God created man to serve the cat.

On the third, God created all the animals of the earth to serve as potential food for the cat.

On the fourth day, God created honest toil so that man could labor for the good of the cat.

On the fifth day, God created the sparkle ball so that the cat might or might not play with it.

On the sixth day, God created veterinary science to keep the cat healthy and the man broke.

On the seventh day, God tried to rest, but he had to scoop the litterbox.

- from email, original author unknown

Saturday, December 30, 2006

The weekend report

Well it the weekend and I figerd I better giff a full report.

My Blog

you may notice some changes on this blog I changed the template and changed comments to mewos addded Oh snap to my blog. This was furry easy Fanks skeenix for showing us this on your blog.

The Sister Report

Well Lilly Lu was making an a lot of noise this am so much I could bearly sleep it seems Lilly Lu had some Dirreia and it stuck to her bottom furr and well Poor Lilly Lu took a bath complet wiff blow dryer Shutters. We fink the dirreia was caused by the chuchies she been eating see seince deit changed the tast of Hairball light and Mama been feeding Iris Narral food and she thought Lilly Lu should try it too so she been very slowly switching Lilly Lu over. Don't worrie she is fine she Had Hammy babby food for din din but would not touch the chicken formal so I helped my self. After makeing sure her Dirria was gone mama gave her some churnchies and she seems to be fine. She had sticky goodness again this mornng. But PU she smeeled so in the sink she went. Mama also said it was soo smelly that she had to replace the extra rug the litter box sits on were Lilly Lu did the dead.

Iris is my crazy baby sisfur she profected the bobble head rootine when mama goes to take her picuter. We had a furry nice phone call from the lady who frist Had Iris. she srendered her to a shelter were mamma voltreed after her daughter was ligic to her. My goal for her for the new year teach her the meaning OF I AM KING CAT GET OFF MY SUN CHAIR. she just sitts there when I hiss at her when she in my sun chair


No- chicky sigh
No tucky sigh
chicky babby food- was okay
Lots of chicky temptaytions
Lots of Greenis
Love pill pocket treats

The weather report

IT HAPPPING as I look out My window IT THE FRIST SNOW FALL!!!! it furry purry. I glad i an Idor only cat. Please purr for the cats who are going cold and hunrgy

New freind Report

Well on of the things I have to do in 2007 is make new freinds in the Blogphire So wiff that Please help me welcome new brothfur MATSUI Athought Lilly Lu ( who wereing a shirt that said red sox Princess said he should be named Matsuzaka sight whats a cat to do but sit on his red sox blankey and dreem of summer. Good new is spring Training starts soon !!!!

Also please help me welclomebandit and bat new sisfur holly If you not meet her you better grab some tissue becuse your going to need them. This is such a sweet story

Also we meet daisy The curly cat Her had to go to the vet and have some picuters of her skuellten taken. It a furry koote Skullten she has some stones and if they don't get better need sugery. We fink her mama should talk to Lex's mama. Since him had the same problem

we hope you all have a great weekend

Friday, December 29, 2006

chey place contest


1)Chay should Hire skeezix as campain Manger web sight deiner and fashtion conclet

2)Chay should ask Sammy and Miles Meezer to be her running mate

3) Chay should make one of her campain promices free tem-tay-tion and cat nip for all who vote for him

1000 vistor

I am about to get my 1000 vistor I am a little less than 100 hits away from it So if your my 1000 vistor I will send a prize to who ever it is I am furry exited I have the prize are My counter is on the bottom of my side bar roll down it under trbtie to Kayla

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I need to do In the 2007

1. find more and better hideing spots

2. Find more and better nap spots

3. Chace Iris out of my sun chair

4. Help Lilly Lu to under stand she relly dose like it when i groom her all over.

5. Eat more tem-tay-tion

6. Teach Lilly to use the box and to cover after she uses it

7. Eat more chuchies

8. Take more and longer naps

10. Get out side to my screened in pourch more

11. spend more time getting Mama Laura to rub my head

12. Teach Iris the Meaning Of I AM THE KING CAT AROUND HER

13 make more feinds on the blogphire

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

a gift from heaven

do you ever belive that cats giff you sigles from the other side of ranbow bridge that they still around and wiff you and that they happy. Long before there was Lilly there was Kayla Voilet Shy Princess Cat. A little trubite to her is on my side bar. Well this week mama was wondering about Kayla and what she thought of Iris. She said Kayla just giff me a sing that your okay. Well mystesy a old undevluped roll of film before we went digtal appared. so Mama took it to CVS to get it devluped there she was in living next to me. Just like best budys. Mamma has never let film go undvluped so she dont know where this came from. this is the photo. I luff my sweet fur sisfur very Much she passed on to Ranbow bridge Mach 15 2002 after battleing FIP for 9 mouths.

So now i am going to wire a little something to Kayla.. my sole mate my sole sisfur for ever. You can read it too ... but I writeing it Kayla

Dear Kayla,

I miss you every day!! I think about you all the time when i look out the window. Lilly Lu sleeps in your bed but I saved you pillow and it mine. I luff you very much you were so brave as a little kitty. I know you probely found a bunch of kind luffing hummans to pet you all the time and I bet you found all the giltter balls and feather too. I see so much of you in Iris she a go getter like you were just before you got sick. I rember all the fun we had. and how much you put up wiff. You were more than just a fur sister you were a best freind. I miss you sweet Kayla more than words can say. Watch over us here on eath and know we meet again.

Thanks for watching over us and still luffing us.

You brother and best freind and number one fan ( Mu shue)

a new year means new change

I played with my blogs template and I came up with this let me know what you fink I luff it it furry winter and blooouue. Matches the roofe on my house

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

mu shue makes a shopping list

Okay after new years is mama purrday I making my shopping list of things to get her

1) a flat screen tv thing so my birdys look real

2) print shop so i can make better photo

3) some temp-tay-tions for her party

4) some boston market chicken ( my faviort) so we can share din din

5) a skeeziex party pack

6) some fresh nip becuse she getting old and relly going to need to hit the nip

7) an extra kitty drink well foution to wash her mouth in after she said all those bad words to HP

8) Ice cream ( for lilly) what a party wiff out some ice cream

9) a new fleese blacket for our bed

10) a day full of mu shue kissses and head bonks

Her purrday is Jan 18

Monday, December 25, 2006

how we spend kittymiss

yes it ture I have no kitty miss tree and santy paws don't come to see us. But we have speical treditions tooo. Frist one is I start my day wiff realy gravy mixed into my sticky goodness undest of water this is a real treat and my faviort. We go to grandma were we watch the DVD grandma got us for hunnka but not giffen us yet on her flat screen. My brids look like they were going to jump out of the tv you should have seen iris. I asked mama for one these big flat screens and she said something about i my dreems to much green pappers. sigh. I then played on or new tree grandma got us for Mama laura bed room. It furry soft. Lilly naped in what she wanted most a new pink bed and a new pink flease blacket. She also got a puprle one for Iris and a blue one for me But Iris looked so cossey on the radtior. I then ate some tem-tay-taion i had one in a mean game of dradle. It not trooe no matter what Lilly and Iris say the Draidle is not loaded. I just lucky that each time i that it lands on gimmle ( were I get all the tem-tay-tions) and Lilly and iris laded one Shin ( put one in) or nun ( get nun). And no girls WE ARE NOT SWITCHING DRAIDLES. So after that I took a nap while mama and Family whent to the movies to see dreem girls. They came back wiff my faviort next to boston market chicken Chineness food moooshie chicken Yummmy i sat and beg and a little pater was prepared for me wiff some chicken. Then treas and grandma cleaned house. Mamam browing grandma putter since she has something a a vaction this week.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Broken puter

oh i it been a while since we been able to blog. Sigh. Mama Laura accdently spilled water on her lap top after she said some very bad bad words she relize it was still under wortee and she had goten the you can do anything and more to it waretter when she bought it. So after spending six hours on the phone wiff HP they have argged to fix it!!!! She figerd out it the paw bord that is broken. They want to reformwat the whole puter she said some more very bad fings to the concmer support peppole. I finnking she needs to wash her mouth out in my kitty drink well foution. She was able to hock up an exteral key bord and is now buring all her stuff on cd and told them all they had to do was replace the paw bord. well any ways. We had a Great hunnka it relly sad I wanted to do my thusday 13 on why I luff hunnka. Sigh oh well mama going to send the puter back next week so we might be off line for a week or two sigh. I miss you all. Ps Skeeenex Lilly w3ants you to know she go a pink sweeter for hunnka you would look great in and also a pink sweet shirt for the cursie she not going on but still hopeful t0 on.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

what ya doing mamma Laura

Mu shue; What ya doing mamma laura

Mama Laura: well mu shue I am glad you asked I am makeing resvations to go on that disney curse I been talking about going on.

Mu shue; WOW we going cuseing Lilly Iris we going cruseing!! skeezix may be get a rode trip but i sure he never got a curse!!!

Mama Laura: Now now mu shue I said I was going on a curise.

Mu shue : what about us ( Looks real sad)

Mama Laura Now i have it all figered out mu shue you can stay home and I get sandy to stay with you she come two times a day Or you can go to the kitty spa.

Mu shue: na That no fun sady will only come 2 times a day and Kitty spa is not for me!! I finking we can go. Lilly skeeziex can help you find a pink bekeenie

Mama Laura: Mu shue I am sorry there a now cats alould on the curise something about it might upset micky mousie. I bring you home a gift.

Mu shue: Fine fine Dont aske to cuddle becuse i not doing it!!!

Mama Laura: Mu shue come on big guy I still love you

Mu shue: sure sure sure

Mama Laura: how about i thow a few extra tempations your way

Mu shue: well did you say temptaytions ?

Mama Laura : sure did mooshie squooosie

Mu shue: maybe I let you slide... but I still mad

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Hunnka story as told by Mu shue

since tonight is the frist night of Hunnnka I wanted to tell the story of Hunnnka. sinceI think most cats dont know too much about it

Why back long ago the sryian Greek visuis deer were not nice to the Jewish Cats. They fought a way and occopied the most holely place for jewish kittes the temple. They wanted the to turn it into a temple were they pray idols of visuis deer. if they did not follow the Visuis deer's orders all there Lady kitt and Kittens would be Killed.. The Great Jewish worrie Cats named the Maccabee led by Juda /( who also went by mu shue and was an ginger cat even if the books don't say so) won there freedom but the temple was runnied . Juddia/ (Mu shue) bulid the alulter of the temple and they only had enough oil to light the morrnia for one night. but it lasted 8. so a great merrial happend there.

Durining Hunnka we light the mornnia wiff 9 candles The middle one is called the Shammims. this is the candle used to light all the other. We add a candle for each night of hunnka to repenet the merical of light.

At hunnka we exchange gifts and we also give money to Cats and Kittens who are not as doing well or need help Such as Libby, Oreo mama, and Brandi and we help by giffing money to an anaimal shelter or ressuce orgastion.

We also eat Fried jelly catnipd dontuted fired in Oil and Chicken potiaoa laktes or patoto pankcakes.

We also get gelt ( tem-tay-tions) mama said it money. We play dradle for tem-tay-tions. Draidle is a game that it a top and has herbew letter on it. the letter you land on tells you what to do. Wr start off by eavery kitt putting in two the center. We then take truns spinnig the Dradle if It lands on nun you get no temp tay-tion if it lands on Hay you get half all the tem-tay-tion in the center if it lands Gimel you get all the tem-tay-tions in the center and every has to put in two more. shin the cat put a tem-tay-tion into the center. The letter Drradle all toghter stand for a great merecal happened there

Thursday, December 14, 2006

#2 Thursday Theirteen

Thirteen resions why i am so luffed

1.. Beusce I so cute

2. becuse I am supper dupper head bonker

3. becuse I giff the worlds best kitty kiss

4. becuse I a great cuddly cat

5. Beucase I am an old guy

6. Becuse i am so sweet ( even the vet called me sweet)

7. Beucse I help out by eating left over chicken

8. I am luff to lick the nip

9. Becuse I help keeping shoes smeely good by sticking my head in them

10. Becuse I help wiff the lodaury by stealing socks off feat

11. Becuse I been know to help tell on Lilly Lu when she lose her collor by finding
it for mama

12, I luff tem-tay-tions

13. i play a good game of bird for a 16 year old cat
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Sunday, December 10, 2006

it almost gift time

I furry excited for hunnka this year I saw mama on line she would not let me get to close but I heard the sound of temp-tay-tions. then she helped me pick out Iris Gifts well thats easy anything with fev-furs fev-fur tails mousie fev-fur wonds and fev-fur toppy thing and play fev-fur them self I also picked out some purrple sparle balls she said she gets these from walmat in the carft section and just rools them in catnip. Then I picked out Lilly Lu gift well this was a chancle I knew she wanted dary tem-tay-tions so i knew to get her that but then she alreday has a heat berto bed and five pink cat beds and a heated window napper. So whats a cat to get his sisfur see She dont use the big bed that much becuse of me so I got herthis Koote bed Sorry Lilly Lu it did not come in Pink It back orderd this from me Mama laura and Iris Then she locked me out of the room and Had lilly and Iris pick out my gifts I left my paw marked list under the door for the girlss

Thanks every buddy for you support wiff my sickness. I went to the vet and had another chest x-ray blood stolen, urin stolen they switched my antibotic gave me kitty inhallers and now a hompitic remtely I happy to report my cough seems to be gone. Mama read on the house of black cats about sillocon in Litter and switched me to sweet scoop Lilly Lu Loves it Iris like it But me I truned out to be lerigic to it. Mamma switched to world best Kitty litter and I am much better. Lilly Lu is not happy wiff the change and is back to expressing her dislike by popping next to the box. Sigh so it back to the drawing board again We also tryed yesterdays news Lilly Hated that and poped and peeded out side the box she would mewo her dispelser over the box. So we back to trying to find a new litter for Miss IF I NOT HAPPY WIFF WHAT YOU PUT IN THE BOX I JUST POP NEXT TO IT BECUSE I WONT SET MY PAWS IN IT. She seen the vet meany times and we know it not a pee problem just a fussy Lilly problem and anxity problem she was on anti-exity meds but she alreday sleep and hungy all day and it just made her a fat lump of white fur who only move for food. It did help her box probelm Mama said she might be forsed to put her back on it if she keeps this up.

Friday, December 08, 2006





Thursday, December 07, 2006

My frist Thursay 13 ( reviiew of 13 diffent types of cat treets

Thirteen Things Review of 13 diffent type of cat treets It a big job but some kitt had to do it

rewieve of 13 diffent types of treets. ( it a big job but some kit had to do it)

1. Temp-tay-tion ( quite nummy not enough in the bag)

2. feeline greenies- ( crucky and giff you good breath)

3. Pounce bastums ( a little heave on the coating but pretty nummy)

4. DR havary chicken treets., ( a lil big but still pretty nummy. they should cut them in half also kind of prices but stll nummy)

5. Reel Meet chicken and venision ( is intest venicen vishus dear Not nummy at all do not like them)

6. Zonk - ( orongic small pricey but still on the nummy side)

7. Pill Pocket treets ( very nummy make take my medison easy soft and cheewy)

8. Bil jack chicken treets ( very nummy and quite chewey)

9. Freskies ( okay not as nummy as some as the other chicken treats kind of small)

10. liv-a-little ( furry pricey around 12.99 per contor but it fresh frezed dreied chicky furry nummy just the right size)

11. pur and purs ( they saiy they light but they furry yucky no us will eat it)

12. cosmic cat nip treets ( they okay for licking but not good for eating dose not cause me to roll wiff joy like catnip)

13.Aqua Yummies ( i not relly a sea food cat but Lilly seems to think they okay she said dairy faloverd tam-tay-tions are better)

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Our responce

lets take thi one line at a time our respoces in bold

mu shue Lilly and Iris,

I love you guys alot--- (We Luff You too)

but you know that but there are a few things I need to get off my chest Litterly. Lilly My chest is not for l strcheing out on covering my mouth with your paws when it is 3:00 am ( Lilly But this is fun and my tummy strating to fell rubbly)I am not getting up. At 4:25 am Iris and Mu shue must you both cry and yowal ( we just helping you out to remind you it time to get up. sticky goodness is furry inortented

. About this 5:30 am sticky goodness I figered if we skip it. I could get more sleep if I came home for luch and we did sticky goodness at 12:30 insted. ( Lilly: I take this one Ummm 5;30 am sticky goodness and I conderit a date for 12:30 we be waiting by the door for second helpings of sticky goodness don't be late)

Mu shue I do not need to call you speical for you to come to bed. Licking me all over before i go to bed dose help me sleep better.( aww mama how else am i to know you thing i am special and you know my licking you dose giff you good dreams) Lilly on again off again is not going to work(Lilly: works for me you just have to adjust) Mu shue I hate it when you drink form my shower will you please uses your kitten founton all the time ( it tast like mama Laura I luff you so i luff your shower water).

Lilly Lu I scoop the box six time a day why must you pop next to it when it has any mess in it. ( not my fault you not keeping the box clean enough)
Iris. must you pounce on mu shue you know he dose not like it. (Iris yes he dose her just dont know it yet)

Iris I can make my lunch with out your help. ( yes but it word not be nearly as much fun wiff out my help and I would not get truckey)

all 3 of you yowing crying a mewoing will not make the tem-tay-tions get out of the bag any faster. ( it should your not working hard enough to go faster)

Lilly every time I go to the freezer door dose not meen i going to give you ice cream. ( yes it dose you know i luff ice cream you just have to think more about me)

Lilly You are able to jump up to your sticky goodness why do you need me to lift you up? You not a baby kitten any more. ( Lilly: no but i bit fluffy why should i extend engery when i can just have you lift me up and then rub my spot.I need to save my engery for tem-tay-tion and the secnod helping of sicky goodness you promiced)

Iris braking into my antictic doll shelf and getting stuck is not in you best intrest. ( Iris: dolls = toys = okay for iris to play wiff not my fault i got stuck

Iris please stop knocking down all the tricks on the shelf ( Iris: na then i have no fun at all)
Mu shue I still have no idea why you must smell my shoes ( i luff shoes).

Mu shue stealing my socks in the middle of the night to lick my feet is not relly apparated. ( Mu shue: I luff licking feet almost as much as shoes pluse i helping Lilly buid her nest)

while were on the subjcet of bad night time behavior mu shue I relly do not need you in the middle of the bed hogging all the covers it gets cold at night and I am cramped in a little corron of the bed..(mu shue: Yes you do grab another banket cuse i comfy and i not moveing and your connor works well for me I need to strech out i a big cat you know)

Iris fresh folded laudy out of the dryer dose not men you can jump in the basket. (Iris :looks comfyt to me good place to nap )

Lilly I found the nest of socks and underpants you been stealing and hideing Yes i do need them.( Lilly Huh what me my nest you know mu shue the sock guy and mu shue took my mousie and put it there blame him)

I love you 3 any ways ( all 3 of us: we luff you mama Laura)

Mama laura ( mu shue , Lilly and Iris)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

a note from mama Laura

mu shue Lilly and Iris,

I love you guys alot but you know that but there are a few things I need to get off my chest Litterly. Lilly My chest is not for l strcheing out on covering my mouth with your paws when it is 3:00 am I am not getting up. At 4:25 am Iris and Mu shue must you both cry and yowal. About this 5:30 am sticky goodness I figered if we skip it. I could get more sleep if I came home for luch and we did sticky goodness at 12:30 insted. Mu shue I do not need to call you speical for you to come to bed. Licking me all over before i go to bed dose help me sleep better. Lilly on again off again is not going to work. Mu shue I hate it when you drink form my shower will you please uses your kitten founton all the time. Lilly Lu I scoop the box six time a day why must you pop next to it when it has any mess in it. Iris. must you pounce on mu shue you know he dose not like it. Iris I can make my lunch with out your help. all 3 of you yowing crying a mewoing will not make the tem-tay-tions get out of the bag any faster. Lilly every time I go to the freezer door dose not meen i going to give you ice cream. Lilly You are able to jump up to your sticky goodness why do you need me to lift you up? You not a baby kitten any more. Iris braking into my antictic doll shelf and getting stuck is not in you best intrest. Iris please stop knocking down all the tricks on the shelf . Mu shue I still have no idea why you must smell my shoes. Mu shue stealing my socks in the middle of the night to lick my feet is not relly apparated. while were on the subjcet of bad night time behavior mu shue I relly do not need you in the middle of the bed hogging all the covers it gets cold at night and I am cramped in a little corron of the bed.. Iris fresh folded laudy out of the dryer dose not men you can jump in the basket. Lilly I found the nest of socks and underpants you been stealing and hideing Yes i do need them

I love you 3 any ways

Mama laura

Ps we will respond tomrow

(mu shue Lilly and Iris)

Sunday, December 03, 2006

sceecet paw

Oh boy I excited it that time a year to play seceert paw. I sent Mama out on a misson arm wiff a 10 dollor sinny bill and boy did she so good!!!!! The best part is 4 of the toeys she got procedess went Spin(Stray pets in need) This is the shelter she voltrees at and got Iris from. Even if the baby yowaling meezer thing is from there they still do alot of good work to help cats. I persoaly wiff the help of Iris suprevised the packing of the goodie box. Mama said we have to wait to mail it. till thusday her day off. Oh boy I can't wait till they cats see it. we not telling who we just hope they like it

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saterday or for sunggleing

My mama works long hours and then come hom at night. But sat are speical she dont have to wake up expect for 5:30 am sticky goodness. Then she spends time sunggleing and telling me how speical I am How much she luff me. How I am he suggle boy and after sticky goodnees we spend time suggleing till she has to get up. Well this mnorning after sticky goodness she got up and she did not come back to sunggle she got dressed and left something about a comfrensses. after I how to clam poor lilly down after last night black out she mewo more about the big event in her blog. I have to go mama home and I need to make sure I get my sunggle time in

Thursday, November 30, 2006

soo good to be home

Fanks for all your support I home and reccovering from my stay at the less then 5 star treetment I got at the vet. So I fink I tell you the story. I started sneezing again day number one off anitbotics. Mama has a cold too and now Iris the vet gave all 3 of us antibotics. So I was cuddling in on my big bed wiff mama Laura on a day she was home sick from work and we cuddled toghter and watch tv and she noticed not only was I sneezing but my cough was back too. So she called the vet to make an oppment for the next night. Mama came home for Lunch this is a speial treet becuse she most of the time stay way at lunch since it is about a 15 min drive each way. But this time she forgot her lunch in her refator. so she came home to eat it and play some bird our faivort game. When she found got home I, who always greets her at the door was not there she waved his bag of tem-tay-tions and I came a running. But he did not look right she took at the bird. And one Jump and I was painting so bad my toungh was hanging out. and My eyes looked as if they were going to pop out of my head. She grabed My prison box shoved me in and put me in the gold michen. and called the vet who said bring him right in in about 10 mins I was being seen. They looked me over and said he need to be an an oxgen cage and needs predison and antibotics ASAP. I got two shots in my bottom and taken away from mama Laura and put into a cold cage wiff oxgen on. All I wanted to do was sleep. Mama Laura came back a few hours latter to vist I was aready starting to feel better she came wiff one my purr pads so my cage would not be so cold. He I sat trapped in a cage wiff no big bed no now comfotor and no sun chair and no sun. I was defelty not happy. In the morning they trun off the oxgen and put me in a normal cage for opvation. I was given food in papper. Hump I only eat sticky goodness in my Crown shaped bowl wiff Mu shue Pooh King Cat on the out side and my picuter on the inside wiff the words Speical cat around my head. My mama had it made for me. I was also feeling a little better and wanted to exsiersize I looked around For lilly Not a whit cat wiff balck spots any were in sight who looked nearaly as pounceable as Lilly from behide the colset when I lunch suprize attcaks as she walks by. There was plety to hiss about but No little Mezzer thing to HISS at. So i am glad to be home Frist thing I did after inspecing the place was eat my kib kib hide behide the closet door and ponce on Lilly Lu. Good thing she not lost her pouebailty she still very funn to pounce and chaces I even have Iris doing it But she sticks to pouncing on anyfing that moves. I hissed at Iris ( just so she don't forget I am king)a little curled up on my big bed and took a nap under the covers. Iris has the sneezes so the vet procibed antibotics for all of us. Mama said she wishes all cats were as easy to giff mesdison to as I am. Mama made the trip to the vet her self she got an ear infection and sinince infection and she on antibotics too. Well all I am off to take another nap so good to be home!!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Hi this is Lilly Lu. This is what I know. Mamma came home from that place she goes every day to eat lunch and play6 a littler bird wiff us. Mu shue sarted painting mamma took him fast wiff her cell phone and his prizon box. Here mama Laura wiff the deatials.

Thanks Lilly Lu for reporting. He the deal Mu shue has had athzma all his life since I had him. He just haveig a flar up they gave him a shot of predizon and a shot of antibotics and put him in an oxgen cage were he will stay over night. When I went bax to see him tonight he was already looking better and was more upset obout being trapped.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

mama and me

Mama and me spent time cuddling on the big bed over a big box of tissue. we both go the sneezey and the cough and she has a icky tummmy. She strboron and not going to a humman vet. Becuse she said they say the icky tummy is form the cold mendion she taking and she got a bad cold. But she feels diffently about me. She said Mu shue your my old guy and you going to the vet. Lilly keeping gard fom her pink bed and Iris desed to sing/ yowal for mama and play very loudly and widely so she can feel better. It fun to watch form the conforts of my big bed cuddled in my down confortor. Mama assured me I was her king cat I was the one she cuddle wiff

Monday, November 27, 2006


Lilly and Iris
You just bent the last paw. It not bad engough Lilly you sleeping kayla Voilet Shy
Bed . I let that go becuse Kayla was my favorit fursisfur. Then Iris You stole My sun chair. Lilly You then took over the bed that was giffen to me by Judy the women who used to take of me as a stay cat. Then Iris stole my sun chair. The chair that gets the most sun and I luff to sleep on. You eaten some of my tem-tay-stion But now You two took over the big bed and the down comfortor for a plotting sestions. This is it I puttin My paw down did you not rember rule 13

13) one cat on the big bed at a time., You and Lilly are nevfur to be there it is my big bed

I have offiacal had it I am now relly hissing mad. This is the bed were I sleeped ever Night for the last 11 year. Were I cuddled with Mama Laura. Where I licked away her tears. Where I nursed her back to heath I giving you Girls one warning GET OFF MY BIG BED NOW. NEXT TIME I WILL NOT BE SO NICE< !!!!!!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

About this Iris Thing

Dear mamma Laura,

I know you taken great care of me for 11 years. But I am Old and A senior Catson now I look foward to naps in the sun and getting peace and quite I nevfur had when I was a stary for the frist 5 years of my life. Lilly Is finely growing up she going to be 5 this year and I was looking foward to her slowing down and letting me be. When you did the unthinkable. You got Iris. Now Mama She a Kitten. Enery and worst a meezer LOUD. Now I know I been nice all week But I putting My paw down when she stole my sun chair for a quick snooze and you told me to Share. I 16 I not sure I want to share. So Here the Deal You do somthing about that meezer evial thing you brought into this house Or I not Cuddling any more at night. And when You sing my song at night that means I always respond and go to the big Bed. Well I just wont. And this Cuddling wiff Iris thing must stop I not happy about. I told you I don't share temptaions I saw you giff Iris some from my pacage. And Iris those bribery gift you told mama To get well Thanks for the Nip it was mighty Yummy and The Temptaions But you still got to GO.

Your only king cat ( and Oldest cat and commaion)

Mu shue ( your shooey pie)

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Iris's Week in Reviwe

I been here a week and I fink I going to like it here. On the second day mamma started rubbing me wiff towls and mu shue and lilly wiff them. She felt this was too hard so she let me sleep on one and mu shue put on in Lilly bed and One on mu shue cat rug for him to sleep one. she then switched them around. After two days she thought that it was time for me to meet Lilly Lu. She furry nice no hissing she was scard of me and ran off but latter joined me in sticky goodness and a game of warly bird. While this was happing she put mr Gouchy hissy cat in my room. to get used to my smell and to giff us the free range. The next day I met mr Gouchy hissy old ginger cat. for treets and a game of wirly bird. While he did hiss and Growl he never lailed a paw on me. That night I sleeped in my room again. The next day I again meet Mr hissy growl for some tempations and some wirly bird and crain as well as morning sticky goodness. again Hissing but never tryed to lay a paw on me expect he did try to lay his tough on me. He not kidding about this goomaholic thing. He has a problem wiff licking other cats in well area that we should lick are selfs. Since that went so well she let me stay out while she was home. One his roole I like alot. The help wake mama Laura up at 4:25 am. That works well we can tag team her no he takes one ear I take the other and he crys and I yowal and Lilly jump on and off mama chest. It worked well till she locked us out of the room. I was furry sad but Mu shue reassured me that if we cry and Yowal at the door she would come out and giff into us. And sure enough she did. He maybe be old hissy and Grouchy but he sure know how to get sticky goodness in the dish by 5:30 am shap. Today I became offial. I got a brand new collor and tags. See Lilly has a pick veltet collor wiff her name in Rindstones, Mu shue has a handsome rindstone like black coolor And mama never new what to get me. so she picked out a pretty pink and blue braided one wiff a rindston heart bell. I also nevfur had my own case. I browwsd lilly's old one to come home. Now I got my furry own pick carrer complet wiff my name. So any ways Now I stay out all the time Mu shue still hiss at me alot but he just old and grouchy and dose not like to be pounced on. I luff to do a suprizes ambush on him from the top of the tree. He is quite pouncbale but Lilly runs like the wind when chaced. Since Mama was going to pet smart to get Litter my new case and collor. I had her pick up a few gifts for mu shue and Lilly. from me maybe this way he be less grouchy. I finely deceised on a fresh nip plat kitty grass and temptaion chicken for mu shue. For Lilly I got her a a new pink bed to ciddle in some cats milk and a feather flyer. The fresh nip was a great idea beusce after that Mu shue would have been nice to a mousie if it pasted him path he was way gone. I post picuter of him wiff his nip plant latter. Well Thanks for all your support I got furry mousie to play wiff ball to play wiff and two cat who could uses a chaces and a pounce

And one last thing before I forget Lilly and I now have are own Blog Lilly and Iris Tell all

Iris ( a babby meezer)

Friday, November 24, 2006

Emencey Prayes for KC

Please pray for little kc She a cute little kitten who only a few weeks older than iris. she very sick and needs alot of prays. We luff you kc we praying no stop and sending purrs.


You told us to get along. And you know I part coon and Iris is a babby mezzer. So yes I must cry in your ear while Iris yowls in the other. while Lilly jumps on and off your chest at 4:25 am. We need to make sure you get up for that 5:30 am sticky goodness. You were a 1 min 30 seconds late wiff sitcky goodness yesterday so we all figered we try 3 times as hard.
Locking us out of the bed room makes us sad and yowal and cry louder. and make us very sad you dont want to make the 2 cutest cats and a cute kitten sad do you? So now just get up and giff us the sticky goodness

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Mama said we have to say what we thankful for so Since this is My blog I start

Mu shue's List
1) a great forever home wiff mama Laura( okay even wiff Lilly and that thing Iris)
2) being the cat mama Laura Luffs so much
3) kib kib
4) sticky goodnees
5) my drink well foution
6) The bed bed
7) chicky treets
8) the vet for making me better
9) catnip
10) the fact that if I play real nice tomrow i going to get Gravy and trucky

Lilly's List
1) a great foever home wiff mama laura and mu shue and iris
2)The luff of my fambily
3)Sticky goodness
4) kib kib ( espeilay mu shues)
5) All the beds I luff beds
7) great kitty dreems
8) my heated napper
9) a freind to pounce on mu shue for me
10) my dimmond kittne collor wiff my name

Iris's List

1) the fact that I have a fover home and I don't have to go back to the shelter
2)The fact that I met Lilly and she not hissing at me
3) the fact that Mu shue only hiss at me
4) wirly bird
5) sitcky goodness
6) kib kib
7) tem-tay-tions
8) toys speial giller bal1s mice
9)That fact that mu shue look very pouncable and That Lilly is quite pouncbale
10) My yowal mewo that I can and will use any time i want

We all thanful for all of you


Mu shue Pooh, Lilly Lu Maire, Iris Gracie Maire

Monday, November 20, 2006

Rules for Iris

Dear Iris,

I know i been hissing and maybe thown a few growls your way but I fing we can make this work there are a few rulees you need to know about.

1) i am the king you must adress me as King mu shue or your Hingness mu shue

2) You must lick my paws when asked

3) speeking about licking I am a groomahilc I luff to groom other cats you must let me groom you all over and sit still while i do this and not fight back or try to groom me

4) while on the subject of Grooming You must hold Lilly so she dose not paw puch me while i groom her all over especaly her bottom

5) This meezer mewo fing at 2:30 am for attenton must stop. I was all cuddly in the big bed next to mama laura when she had to get up and cheek on you

6) you must stop the meezer mewoing during the day. I am tired I sleep druning the day I am a senior catsion and must be treeted wiff respect so i can ap

7) Sticky goodness is seved at 5:30 am shap You may not eat my sticky goodness I eat the sticky goodness first and I may eat your

8) my kib kib is not for shareing but yours is

9) I see you like to pounce. You may nefur pounce on me. senior catson thing again But how ever Lilly is fair game and quite pouncbal if i say so my slef

10) I see you like my seeegul and wirly bird you may only play wiff them when I let you

11) all toys belong to me you may only play wiff what i let you

12) all beds belong to me enloching yours you may only sleep in one after i am done testing it out

13) one cat on the big bed at a time., You and Lilly are nevfur to be there it is my big bef

14) you must help me wake mama laura up at 4;25 am to prepaer for the 5;30 am sticky goodness

15) the drink well fountion is mine

16) all catnip is mine and i dont share

17) all chicken treets are mine and I dont share

18) I uses 2 of the four litter boxes my self are never to set paw in them

19) you are not only to cover for you but also for lilly. It drives me crazy she dont cover

20) the botom and the middle of the scrching tree is mine you may only use the tree when i let you

21) i make the rules and i can add or change any at any time

22) you must follow all my roole

If you have a problem wiff my rooles you can liff with Skeezix he may have a blue sweeter for you to wereand he finks you so coootie.

Mu shue Pooh King cat DONT FORGET THAT

Sunday, November 19, 2006

what I learned about the evial Iris

Evial Iris she poltting she up to no good I tell you

Name: Iris garcie Maire shelter name was as Senna

Likes: Fury mousie, gilter balls rosie the rats wirly bird kitten kib,kib and kitten sticky goodness, Playing pawie under door with the freidly white cat who not hissing at her

Dislike: The grouchy old hissing ginger cat on the other side of the door. ( Hay wait thats me) Haveing to stay in the spare room by her slef

Age: 4 mouths

Breed: simiees

occupation: Kitten play all day job to drive grouchy old ginger cat crazy ( she doing a good job of it)

Future goals: Make best freinds with freidly white cat who plays pawie under door. Try and win over Grouchy old ginger cat to be freind. Get out of room

Saturday, November 18, 2006

There a whole lot of hissing going on

This is Mu shue fanks for you well wishes I fell much better. But I hissing mad. It not bad enough 5 years ago she did this to me once wiff Lilly. I been Betrayed!!!!! THERE A KITTEN IN THE SPARE ROOM. HOW COULD SHE I did not think she could do such a horbuil thing. I am her king. I spent the morning hissig at the spare room. Lilly seem intred and has even played pawie under the door wiff this "THING" She clams her name is Iris Gracie Maire and she comming to liff here. HOW COULD MAMA DO THIS TO ME. I AM THE KING. This thing has new foody bowl a new condo and a new litter box and a new bed. This thing seem to has made it self comfy in the spare bed. But i expressig my dislike by hissing at the spare door. This thing going to know I AM THE BOSS AROUND HERE!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Ungarded cearal Milk fair Game for Lilly ??

Hi all It me Lilly Lu mu shue feeling a bit better but asked me to post. so here the deal I once again haveing trubble wiff the dairy stuff. I dont know why It something about chesse, milk, ice cream eaven cream I been know to love them all. This morning I was not in the happest mood and I was on the besfust bar expressing my dislike of the new sticky goodness she made me try. when she put me down on the floor. And siad Lilly dont you have something to do. Yes eat you milk I mewo. I straveing I dont like this sticky goodness. She said Lilly be good. and went to the litter box. Well that milk was ungraded and It mine. So I jumped up and helped my self. When Mama retuned she said Lillan kayla maire. (uho full real name big trubble.) she had to pick me up before i stoped lapping it up Finnigan J Katz Esq I fink I need you help again I know you not finshed defening me for the last time but I have a dairy problm.

Mornig update

Mu shue asked but did not eat his sticky goodneess He did how ever look at his treety draw and beg for a chicky treat. He still sezzing and caughing was panting when playing wirly bird. If he not better this afternoon mama going to call the vet

I however was mad cat mama changed my sticky goodness see i only like pouch food and she gave me a can of food. I tryed to explan to her this is not my sticky goodness. But she said Lilly you eat what I giff you. I just eat some mu shue kib kib ensted

Lilly Lu fillinf in for mu shue while he under the bed sleeping

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Purrs still needed

Well i went to the vet had a chest x-ray i have a nasty upper reporty infectionm on the way home I had a sezzing fit. Mama got me antibotics I going to take them when I take my thyrido pill. If I not better in 24 hours the vet wants me back. I under the couch hidding I not been my self all day

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Purs needed

for the last few weeks i been acting like i been trying to hack up a hair ball but nothing comes up. I finely have a tinny one this morning but i still hacking. So mama takeing me to the vet she said wiff Iris Garcie Maire comming on sat she want to make sure I am in Tip top shape. I tryed to bring her to the King Cat wall Of fame in my house. This wall is a wall decated to me. it even has an huge picuter as big as me of me on it and lots of my glammor boy shots. and tons and tons of framed picuters of me. She looked at it and said while yes mu shue you are cute but now we need a blank wall For Iris. Lilly has a wall too but mine much better HUMMP I going to show this "fing' who the boss around her she can be dopted by someone else it time for me to put my paw down. Mama said she wish I just put a big hair ball down and save the trip to the vet.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Finnigain is on the case

Deer Queen Lilly,

I will be happy to take on yore case. I fink you have been framed (that
means somebody purrtended you did the crime to make you look bad) and we
will get all the charges droppd and no books will get frowed at you. That
wood hert! And yore brofur will not put you in a box if I haf annyfing to
say abowt it.

At yore serviss,
Finnegan J. Katz, Esq.


Take that mean mu shue. You not putting me in the box you labbed live cat and sending me any were Cuse I insentedt I can't help my dairy acctiction

Sunday, November 12, 2006

We have a problem

we have a problem my kitten freinds.

Yes me and Lilly are not happy campers.
Lilly said I should go on strike
she said she going to stop
hannging out wiff mama laura and stay furrry far away

whats this problem a smimess kitten. See mama came home wiff a new litter box and she said it not for me she came home wiff new foody bowls she clams they not for me a new cat condo again she clams not for me a new bed once again not for me. I dont under stand I the king of the house. a new kitten toys and she said they not for me. She put them in the spare room and closed the door and said mu shue this room is going to be off limits for a while I am bringing home a freind. A FREIND I HAVE LILLY WHY DO I NEED A FREIND.

Lilly :internups But mu shue a Kitten can be cute.

Mu shue: nothing cuter than me Lilly

Lilly: but mu shue a kitten is playful

Mu shue: Lilly I sixteen I dont want to be playful I want to rest

Lilly: But mu shue a kitten meeds more food and treets

Mu shue: well Lilly you do have a point. But you interupting me again Is that the fresser door i hear Is that an Ice cream scooper lilly

Lilly: oh I better invagate cant miss ice cream.

Now back to this sisution. All i know is she said something about awaiting vet refffence. Then something about a smimiee kitten she name Iris. Hummp There already one king I dont need a kitten... HELP

LOOk at me do I desever this is not Lilly enough


well now that my teets not been effected. LILLy LU is guilty mama laura thow the book at her!! Even better put her in the little box i prepered to go out ASAP marked live cat. send her away to dairy land. Just get rid of her do we relly need a dairy luffing white and black cat who will not let me kiss her all over especialy her bottom liffing here. Dont let that cute face fool you she do it again your dairy will nevfur be safe.

Needless to say Lilly ls looking for a new lawer kit as she convesed the dairy was planted so she get into it. I don't know

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bakeing Mews suspect confest

Dose this look like the face of a Guilty Cat Lilly asks

Cat name Lilly Lu confest to the cheese pop corn spilly and eating. Mama Laura came out with a big bowl of ice cream and Lilly Lu ran from under couch to cheeck out spoon action. When doing her normal Beg for ice cream rootine she mewoed she did it.
She will be tryed in the court of Mama Laura.

She will be defened by Mu shue Pooh King/ Lawer cat .... (yes I defending lilly this is my foody too on the line) We will be trying to get the confession thown out on the fact it was giffen under diress. There was Ice cream involed and Lilly Lu would do anyfing for ice cream including confess to a crim she might have or might not have conmitted. We also trying to get the edicen of the fur and paw prints and cheese resdie left on Lilly paws on she said they were all planted and illige seach and sezier. Mama had to seach warnt to enter the sean of the crime. We will be keeping you updated on bakeing mews as it happens.

This been Mu shue Pooh Reporting for Mu shue the king cats blog

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Cheese popcorn mystry

Sean of the Crime: one bag of smart food left untedeted and open and near edge of table. paw prints found at the sean of the crime also white hair

Prime suspect: Cat white with black spots name rymes with Sillly. Has an L. as her frist instal. Know to love all sorts of dairy. Cheese and Ice cream umong her faviort. Was seen eating the cheesy pop corn. and Licking paws. When apporeched suspected Barcaded her self under the couch and refused to come or untill breskfust or Ice cream is seaved

Upon closer inspection the paw prints found at the sean of the Crime blong to prim supect. a Complet Fur alnyss was done and Fur belonged to prime suspect.

Tryed to get an interview wiff prime supect from under the couch all she would mewo was no Comment uless there was ice cream or toona involed.

This has been Mu shue Pooh reporting for Mu shue the king cats blog.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Embrassing nick names

Meowing between me and Lilly About those nick names

Mu shue: MOL Lilly Plupernickle ?? ( mama nick name for her)

Lilly: Oh yea I would't meow to much about that shoe boy (mama nick name for me)

Mu Shue: Well at least I not a Plumpkin like you

Lilly: Na you a real pumpkin round and ornge

Mu shue: Oh yea.... LulU

Lilly: at least I not chinnes food mr Mooshie

Mu shue: Na you just Spotty girl

Lilly: What ever Shoey

Mu shue: Hay I am Speical Mama sings me that all the time

Lilly: Well I am Butfuil mamma sings that to me all the time

Mu Shue : Well... well Mu shue Paw puches Lilly

Lilly: Paw punches back and runs away

We Know you have them and we cats we curuious what they are. Or in are mama Just going cazy

Saturday, November 04, 2006


THIS IS A MENCEY I JUST ATE THE LAST POUCH OF IAMS LIGHT TOONA. i FINKY AND I FURY FUSSY ABOUT MY WET FOOD. SO I FIND ONE I LIKE AND I STICKING TOOO IT. MAMMA SAID LILLY THEY OUT AT THE MARKET OF YOUR FOOD HOW ABOUT OTHER.... HUMMP I STRAVE I TELL YOU STRAVE..... ( okay I wont strave I just eat Mu shue food) But My wet food is my special treat mu shue eats scripon food for irrated bowl symdrom if he dont eat that food mama carpet get dose of what he eats. He can have a few treat but thats it. My tonna is just for me. Not for mu shue. To Make it worst she said something about spin (Stary pets in need ) and a simmmies kitten who needs a forever home and haveing to cheek it out while she was ther picking up food....Hump I dont know how this will go over wiff mu shue he still recovering from getting me and that was six years ago.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Black Mail by Lilly

That brothfur of mine who calls him self a king is not furry nice too me He chaces me and pounces on me and said he going to send me too the moon So when after a nip attack he jumped into my bed I grabed Mamma Laura carma and I started shooting

Here is I Mr I too mocho to sleep in a pink bed..

Oggie lover of King cat you decied...

Wiff mama oggie this thing older then him and that old But he been seen kissing it he said it smells like mama Laura

mr king cat wiff oggie pooh

Mu shue and a few freinds

Lilly I only let Mu shue think he is King Lu

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I had to were the embrassing pooh ears so i gave my loudest mewo an out the nip came so good to be King

poseing wiff nip

Licking nip

recvoering from nip

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or treat for cat nip and chicken Treats

mu shue knocks on the door wiff his pooh ears on and said TRICK OR TREAT FOR CATNIP OR CHICKEN TREATS........

( for get the canday choclet is bad for kitt and if i have to were my embarssing Pooh ears then I should at least get some catnip or chicken treat out of the deal.)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy Fall

Happy FALL from Mu shue Pooh ( King cat)

Mamma Laura said to let you all know no cats were hurt druing the photo shoot and I wanted you all to know Chicken treats were used and I a hummon might have been scrached. ( Lilly said she sorry but thanks for the toona trea)

My sisfur Lilly Lu the strange

Yes every one you can relex I did not send her to the moon. Or even siberria how ever I had my eye on Mars for her.... Yes she still live here and I still love to chaces her at 3 am when she will not let me kiss her all over espeical her bottom. So here the deal Lilly Lu is crazy. My mamma has trun on her heat and it is dry making her skin dry and her meowing box sore so she has a hummitfiter she uses to add moster to the place. Well that Crazy sisfur of mine LOVES this thing she sits right on it for hours she even likes to try and drink from it. She crazy I telling. After all I only drink Filter bottled watter. Mama Laura by me bottled watter but then she adds it to my drink well foutioned that has a filter replaced every week. Ahh Yes it is good to be king

Mamma Talks to the Vet

Mamma Talks to the mama talked to the vet good mews my thyrido leavles is normal the tapzol is doing the trick and I enjoying the chicken treats

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Big Green Sucking Michen and Mencey over

Every once in a blue moon mamma Laura turns into a moneter and starts cleaning and she pulls out The Big Green sucking Michen. To get up the Cat fur. Now I ask you who dose not like a helthy dose of cat fur on the carpet? I think it looks good there. Now any ways today was that day. I and Lilly ran for our cat lives and hid under the bed. Yes I am scard of the Green Sucking michen. So any way Right when I was mewoing to Lilly I could not take it any more. The big Green sucking michen starts to smell like bruning rubber. I hate the smell of buring rubber more than iI hate the smell of not clean litter box. I am pretty fussy about my box. So any way the belt brakes and I think i am safe when she come back latter that eaveing wiff a new belt and sucks up the rest of the cat fur I just have to work extra hard at leaving my fur around.

mamma Laura made it to pet co But they only had sammmoned faloved pill treat no chicken so she had to go to pet world next store. The only problem wiff pet world is SPIN (Stray pets in need) It a no kill kitten selter. That means she might fall in love wiff another cat beside me. Always a risk she has SUCKER posted on her forhead for adult shelter cat. Espely the old ones. Sigh comption comption. I always make sure she full armed wiff my picuter when she goes in there. So she can rember what she got at home is the best and the king. So any ways I well stocked up on catnip, orginic of course, chicken treats and Cat cavior. She also got me a catnip home made catnip blanket proffets go to spin and She got Lilly (I only going to eat what I want and at most one half of what you give me and dont think of saving it becuse I like a Fresh and I mean fresh can of food every morning that I may or may not choice to eat). Lu lost of diffen types and flavores of can food.

Good new the new dr foster and smith hoilday catlog is out I already looking at it. Marter of fack I laying on it while I type. I am sure it will give me great dreems to night I paw marking my list and cheeking it twince. I been a good cat all year. Well I been a king cat all year and longer That should count with points for the big cat.

Friday, October 20, 2006



Okay mamma Laura said to let you all know she will pick some up tomrow. hummp 24 hrs not chicken treat. this must be king cat adubse i think i get even and not cuddle tonight.

Mamma talks to Raido cat

Okay mamma talked to the pepole from Raido cat. She said Mu shue this almost sounds like a spa vaction for the price of 1250. They have everything but mamma Laura. Who i love. I can have a cat bed I wont get it back but thats okay. I can have mamma Laura towl I want get that back. They give me my treats. Make sure i confuterble. Maybe I could uses the Brake from Lilly. They said the only thing they ask is too uses flushing litter for 2 weeks after.

Mamma was furry worried about this Kidneey thing. They said Hyprothirod can hide Kittdney deise espeical when you on Tapazol. So they said the recomed treatng with tapzaol like i doing for a short time then getting off it revauating my thridord and kiddney leavls and then proceeed. She still not 100% sure this is the way to go. I asked her if I could still get a treat every night. she said Mu shue Pooh you such a cute boy. After all I am a king I must be treated in such a mannor. Mamma said 1250 is a lot of green pappers to come upwith. But I say I am King and worth every penny and more. And remieded her of Angle Kayla and how she spet thounsands of green pappers on her when she had FIP. Knowing that she would die and got 9 mouths more than any one expected and those were great mouths I did Love my kayla.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My song and Slide show

This is the song mamma Laura sings to me every night

You’re remarkable - you really are
You’re the only king Cat like you
There isn’t another king in the whole wide world
Who can do the things you do
Because you are special- special
mu shue is special
Mu shue is Special his own king cat kind of way
Yes you re special -special
Mu shue is special in his own king cat kind of way!

Radio cat ?? And trip to the vet

I had to go to the most humiating place on earth a place with doggies. UGGGG I hate dogs and I hate the car so I hate the vet. The did blood work on me to cheek my thryoid. I got my percption refilled. My mamma Laura also go infermation about Raido cat. A way to cure my thyrido for ever. It is a raido active shoot one time deal. But I have to spend a few days away. No fear mamma would make audio tapes of me. Somone would take care of my every wim. I even have cat vidos to watch think they have vido catnip I love that one with the birds. But my mama is looking for other cats who may have had this done. what are there experinces. If you could leave mama a little note that would be great. She about 80% sure this is were she wants to go. I got to go give Lilly whats coming for her for trying to take over my blog also it almost time for din din followed by my after din din nap followed by my 2:00 am chace of Lilly. aww the life of a king.

Mu shue

Monday, October 16, 2006

Mu shue and a pumkin

Hi It is Lilly again Mu shue is off eating so I ran on here to post this picture Of Mu shue and ask what is the diffence between mu shue and a pumpkin Both rond and oronge. Maybe if I wave my magic wand I can trun him into a pumkin.

Got to go before the fur ball see I been in his blog again

Lilly ( the real cute cat of the house)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Taken over by Lilly

So that mu shue is off napping I think I give you the real truth. He always said Lilly I am going to send you to the moon. Well here is the truth. Mu shue likes me. He even posed for a picture with me here the proff you desided......... MOL I better get off here before that Lump of oronge and white fur wakes up. see he that is a cat smile.

Lilly ( the queen cat the real head of this house hold)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

what has the world gone crazy ?

My mamma finds her self asking this becuse we just not acting like us. I been sleeping in Lilly pink bed and she been caught with out me even saying a mewo sleeping in my desk bed. To make the matter worst every morning mamma turns to her right and said good morning mu shue you are a special cat. Well the other morning she turned to her right and said good morning mu shue only to finger out it was not me it was Lilly. What how could this happen she thought has it been invastion of the cat body snachers. Has the world gone nuts. Or is she just loseing it. Just so she dont think she loseing it too much I been my old self lately. I used to chace my tail but in the last year as I goten older I have not done this. I had a good 20 min tail Chace. Made mama feel so much better.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Well maybe I can stand Lilly

Okay Okay I know i said before Lilly drives me crazy. But you know what I have been caught cuddling yes cuddling with Lilly. Last weekend Lilly and I spent apart and you know what when i got home I was greated to Lilly licking me like she missed Me and I acted Like i missed her. So you know what Lilly may not be my best kitt freind but i guess if you got to have a white an black spotted cat around It should be Lilly. Now I better get back that box i sent to Sauiarbia maked Live cat. MOL just kidding mamma Laura don't worried Lilly is safe in sound under the bed.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

It feels so great to be king

My mamma Laura is all woreid about this hyper tyroid thing. She said Mu shue pooh every year for your brithday you give me a big vet bill. Lets see I had Athmas attcaks, conpated, Uriary infection. Every time about the time of my brithday. She said Mu shue I don't know what to do with you if you were not king. All i know is i know get a chicken treat every night. Followed by another fresed dried chicken treat for being a good boy and eathing the frist treat. MOL and she things i just taking my medison. MOL I have her fooled i getting extra treats. Oh It just feels so good to be king!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A phone call from the vet

I did not want to post this in the last post since that one was about my purday cellbration I do it here. mamma had a phone call from the vet about some blood work i had done. It showed I have the very early stages of hyper thyorid. The vet said there were a few ways we could go i could take medison that i need to take daily for the rest of my life. I could get radio active treatments done. The pluse is that we caught it early. She was not even sure that I would be a candate for this. I will have to take medication for the rest of my life The Raido idion cost about 1800 green papers and I have to go away for 3 to 5 days wiff out seeing mamma Laura or Lilly... Not seeing lilly might be a vaction in the makeing. It a one shot deal. From our understanding Your Kideny need to be in great shape. Mamma Laura plan is to start me on medication. She put it in a yummy treet and I never new what it was i just ate it up like a good boy. Sigh of couse she called me her speical king, ut that i am


well all i know i said the 29th but my mama laura made a mastake it the 27th so today is my purday i around 13 maybe 15 I had boston makerket for din din wiff a side of gravy. Yummy i still licking my wiskers for that one Then it was gift time 3 diffent types of treats. Frezes drided chicken treats my faviort. I got a kitty wiff a heart beat that i been resting my head on, Two diffnet types of oronigic catnip 6 rosie the rats and kitty cavary. Aww yes it good to be the king and the spoiled king in all that.

Friday, September 22, 2006

That Lilly.... How dare she

Lilly said she has so few things in life that are just hers no buddy elses. She has the heated window napper and a few beds. One of Lilly bed is a big pink bed by the window and she loves to spend nights there. Last Night I tranfred from middle leavle of the 3 leavl scraching tree to the big pink bed. Lilly knew I had a tough day from being at the vet so at frist she just let me sleep in there. But as Night apprched and Lilly wanted to go to sleep she let me know by frist mewoing at me WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED. Since I am king cat I igored her she jumped in the bed and paw punched me KING CAT a half dosen time till i was frored to move then she streched and and went to sleep in her bed. I was forced to go cuddle with mamma Laura on her bed. That made her as happy as can be. So i just streched out in the middle of the big bed and made mamma Laura sleep around me. Awww it dose feel so good to be King

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Vet... Now you want to Cuddle no WAY

It all started where mama Laura came home and I meet her at the door. She scooped me up and told me i was her king cat and i was so speical and then she grabed the cage that i walked right in before i knew it I was traped. Then to make it worst I was then escorted to the car. I did pout up a protest of this treatment by mewoing my head off. Then we went to the Vet. It was so bad. There I sat in my cage in an office that smelled like not only vet but also oggie.... Uggg. I mewoed some more in protest but I still got two shots right in my bottom. Boy that hurt. Then they took me back and stole blood from me and also trimed my nails. UGGGG I hate the vet. I am spoiled rotten king cat I should be getting better treatment. Afterall My purrday is very soon and this is how i get treated. Mamma Laura then complained about the price and calling me an expecsive king cat. HUMMP..... Then she come home and after I pig out on kibble I lost a lb in a year I gone from 17.5 lbs to 16.5 lbs. Seems my Deit is working I still hate it. After we get home mamma Laura starts singing my song and expects me to cuddle I THINK NOT. I just goten shots seen oggie gone in a car and now she wants cuddling I am mad. But just becuse i am mad dose not mean My kibble bowl can be empty... I expet fresh kibble asap then when i not mad I might cuddle.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

In memory of Kayla Voilet Shy My Princess cat for ever

Long before Lilly there was Kayla. Kayla i belive was sent from heaven to be my best freind we cuddle toghter and be best of freinds. She gave me one hiss and I was hooked I wanted to love this cat for as long as she was here. She however was a sick cat she had FIP. She fought this 100% fatal cat desies for 9 mouths after she was digoused and won not only my hart but the harts of all those who got to know her. She was truely my soul mate and I loved every second of her she was my very best freind in the form of a cat. I think I was still morning her when Lilly came onto my life i was not relly ready to stop loving Kayla and start loving Lilly over the years Lilly and i now get along but we never have the same concton that Kayla and I did. I love you sweet Kayla.
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.... Author unknown...

Where's the Kibble?

That right freinds my kib kib bowl sat empty I looked at it mewoed at it and well it was still empty somthing about a deit. I dont under stand. I don't need a deit I am happy being fluffy. What i do need is more kibble. I looked and mewoed and tryed the head bonk thing. No uses my bowl remained empty dose any one have the number to the number for anmimal cuitley this hase got to be cutely to me. I straving and my one cup of kibble a day is not nearly enough to sataifly me. I am getting old for a cat an i need a little bit more respcet in the from of kibble.
I got a post card in the mail adressed to mu shue pooh in care of Laura Okay This was from the vet. bad news I hate the vet there allway Oggies ( Doggies is a bad word in cat so we call them oggies) I HATE oggies they bark and bark and i hiss and i growl. Then to top it off there is always a shot in my bottom Mama laura clams it to keep me healty but it realy toucher. Unforitly she got to the post card before i did. she said Mu shue I be calling the vet on Monday to get you an appoment.

count down to my purrday

Only 12 day left Have you picked out your gifts I sure hope mama Laura has. I love catnip. Most of all I be eating the boston market i can tast it now. Licks wiskers

Saturday, September 09, 2006

What part of MEWO do you not understand

It has been pointed out to me as the king cat that my spelling is not the best. I would like to tell all my readers that elngish is not my frist langage. I comuate in MEWO. so to help you understand me here a guide elngish to mewo

Mewo- Watch me eat

High piched mewo- Excuse me my kibble bowl is empty fill it now

Soft Mewo- Let me on my poruch

Purrs- it cuddle time even if your sleeping i have needs you must meet.
Mewoy - time to chace Lilly and give her a big paw punch
Mewo zzzz- go away i am sleeping. I need my cute king cat nap.
Cry- I hate rideing in the car make it stop
Loud Mewo- It is time for mamma Laura to sing my "special" song so we can get this cuddle and head bonk section on with so we can move to my nap on her bed
Loud Mewo in the ear- I am hurgry i told you it time for my wet food. YOU NEED TO GET UP RIGHT NOW I DON'T CARE WHAT TIME IT IS !
I been told that i am a tad bit spoiled. Okay So this is true. I know I just need to remind mama Laura who runs the show around here. After all I am king and I should be waited on paw and Paw i just need to have all my needs meet. And then get every thing a cat could want.

count down to my purrday

awww yess it is all most here. I tast the boston market and catnip cake I wonder what i get this year a new rosie the rat toy, a new tree, a new bed. I guess we will just wait and see. So now 20 more days till my purrday. The catnip warapping paper will fly the bags wil be crawled in the boxes will be napped in.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Reunited .....oh it feels so good

Aww yes mamma laura has come back for me. I missed her so much i been following her all around up stair down stairs sat on the computer while she surfed. Okay tryed to surf but landed up giving me cuddles sat on a bed cuddled with her as she watched a govenrens debate. Sat with her as she ate dinner. Aww yes I do love mama Laura what would i ever do with out her? I guess be one very only cat.

Forgotten About ???

I dont know whats going on here. I am king cat I know that for sure. But mamma Laura packed up Lilly and has not been back. I miss her. I not sure I miss Lilly Okay I sure i don't. She said she coming back on Thusday. I heard her voice on the phone. But yet no mama laura. I been Hanging out at Grandma Linda and Grandpa Richard place. She better Bring cat Nip!!!! It not the same with no Lilly to chaces. Nothing to do but snooze and eat. Good thing about Grandma Linda she a sucker I have her nailed down pat. She always gives me extra kibble. You know what time it is .... it time for COUNT DOWN TO PURDAY


22 day till my purr day.. Mark you cander get ready to Party with Catnip cake and Boston market.. Licking wiskers.

Monday, September 04, 2006

MY Very Own Blog

Well I thought I would give this a try. After all I am a feiline with alot to say about the world. Okay so that would be my world. My hobbies are chacing and paw punching Lilly, Sleeping in one of my meany sleeping spots, and of course eating. My all time faviort food is Boston Market Chicken. I do love my Kibble and my can food. So now that you all have goten to know me it time for me to get down to the importent stuff. Like My day.


Today I Had my morning wet food. Had taken a nap out side on the porch. And now was resting in another room near my House. Yes I do have a House it is prime cat realstate came with a bottle of catnip campain for brakeing in. And who is to walk by But Lilly. Aww yes Lilly. I cheeked the clock I have not chace her or paw punched her since two am. Yup it is time for me to give Lilly her daily. I AM THE KING AND YOU BETTER NOT FORGET IT paw punch. So I gave her a little paw punch and mama Laura saw it. Boy was she not happy. MU SHUE WINNIE THE POOH. GO TO YOUR HOUSE YOU ARE IN TIME OUT she yells. Now i know i am in Trubble She used the full name. Then she picked up all my toys and put them in the toy box. Now she must rember who runs the show around here. Yup that would be me. So i give her a little time to clam down then I give her a few cuddles and head bonks. By sunset I have her eating out of my paw again say Awww Mu shue are you hurgry would you like some kibble. And I just wait and paw punch Lilly when she not looking.


Okay this is going to be How I end all my Blogs for Now with the count down to my pur day. What is a Purday It is like a brithday but better. It is the day Mamma Laura took pitty on me and took me from Gizmo sick stray cat. To Mu Shue Pooh king cat. I always get my faviort food boston Market Chicken, catnip cake, and Gifts. Aww yes the Gifts. I paw marked my list and I cheeked it twice. So when is the big day. It is September 29th. I going to be celbrateing my 8th year with Mama Laura. And My 13th year as Cat on this earth. Here is the Count Down 24 days and Counting I can tast the boston Market now. Licking wiskers