Monday, September 04, 2006

MY Very Own Blog

Well I thought I would give this a try. After all I am a feiline with alot to say about the world. Okay so that would be my world. My hobbies are chacing and paw punching Lilly, Sleeping in one of my meany sleeping spots, and of course eating. My all time faviort food is Boston Market Chicken. I do love my Kibble and my can food. So now that you all have goten to know me it time for me to get down to the importent stuff. Like My day.


Today I Had my morning wet food. Had taken a nap out side on the porch. And now was resting in another room near my House. Yes I do have a House it is prime cat realstate came with a bottle of catnip campain for brakeing in. And who is to walk by But Lilly. Aww yes Lilly. I cheeked the clock I have not chace her or paw punched her since two am. Yup it is time for me to give Lilly her daily. I AM THE KING AND YOU BETTER NOT FORGET IT paw punch. So I gave her a little paw punch and mama Laura saw it. Boy was she not happy. MU SHUE WINNIE THE POOH. GO TO YOUR HOUSE YOU ARE IN TIME OUT she yells. Now i know i am in Trubble She used the full name. Then she picked up all my toys and put them in the toy box. Now she must rember who runs the show around here. Yup that would be me. So i give her a little time to clam down then I give her a few cuddles and head bonks. By sunset I have her eating out of my paw again say Awww Mu shue are you hurgry would you like some kibble. And I just wait and paw punch Lilly when she not looking.


Okay this is going to be How I end all my Blogs for Now with the count down to my pur day. What is a Purday It is like a brithday but better. It is the day Mamma Laura took pitty on me and took me from Gizmo sick stray cat. To Mu Shue Pooh king cat. I always get my faviort food boston Market Chicken, catnip cake, and Gifts. Aww yes the Gifts. I paw marked my list and I cheeked it twice. So when is the big day. It is September 29th. I going to be celbrateing my 8th year with Mama Laura. And My 13th year as Cat on this earth. Here is the Count Down 24 days and Counting I can tast the boston Market now. Licking wiskers

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