Friday, September 22, 2006

That Lilly.... How dare she

Lilly said she has so few things in life that are just hers no buddy elses. She has the heated window napper and a few beds. One of Lilly bed is a big pink bed by the window and she loves to spend nights there. Last Night I tranfred from middle leavle of the 3 leavl scraching tree to the big pink bed. Lilly knew I had a tough day from being at the vet so at frist she just let me sleep in there. But as Night apprched and Lilly wanted to go to sleep she let me know by frist mewoing at me WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY BED. Since I am king cat I igored her she jumped in the bed and paw punched me KING CAT a half dosen time till i was frored to move then she streched and and went to sleep in her bed. I was forced to go cuddle with mamma Laura on her bed. That made her as happy as can be. So i just streched out in the middle of the big bed and made mamma Laura sleep around me. Awww it dose feel so good to be King

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