Saturday, September 29, 2007

thanks everyone

well my purrday was good. I got boston market for Din din Me and Lilly poshed off a half a chicken wiff out a problem. Iris was mewoing about ham and before she could finsh a yowal Lilly Lu and I made work of my purrday din din. We toped it off wiff a special toon cake wiff temp-tay-tions I got a catnip cigarge the place ran out of the nanna. Mama oder me that and the heart though simiess ressucue. But i loveing my cigrage I also got a Lizzard like the one we sent rocky trip and Mao for there purrday and skeezix took over.

Lilly Lu was in a mood yesterday so I asked the sox if they could put on a show since my mama was going to the game and Lilly Lu was all in a huffy mood about being left alone and it was my purrday weekend so the red sox won and the yankees lost and Lilly lu is in heaven now she keeps mewoing about al east campions and laffing and laffing and life is great who understand her any ways.

Lilly lu was also exicted to get a tex on her phone form artycatsy rocky him self !!!!! it sounded like his mama need purrs.

Home sitcation. Well for alot money it worked out we can stay here another year. They expllaned that they now not only kitty freindy but also doggy and new owners have to pay the big fee !!! but there still a huge fee on top. Mama said she will find something over the course of next year. Fanks for being great freinds

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I AM 17 !!!!!!!!!!!

well today i am 17 Yes i am I have lived wiff mama Laura for 12 years now today marks the day I made the leap for cold street cat SPEICAL KING CAT !!!!!! 12 years ago today another cat walked under mama bed and she knocked on Judy door to tell her her cat was under her bed and well It truned out not to be Judys cat but the upstiars nabiors. And Judy picked me up and gave me to Mama Laura. Who i am proud to call mama Laura.

On the medical update i do have the very bigining stages of kidney problems. I have to switch food i do not like it one bit but now i get sticky goodness twice a day and Lilly Lu has to salvate as i get my second sticky and she dose not.

House update nothing so far =( the cat fees are kill her. She saw one place that bait and switched her things are starting to get tence around her candy corn has been added to the list of staple foods.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

a ray of hope !!!!

well no news from te vet we still prayig about that one. Mama is furry nervous I caughed up a big juice Hair ball right by her bed this morning right in time for her to step on it while it was still warm. I did not even get a thanks Mu shue I got a scream EEEEEEEKKKKK!!! I was just doing my job to make her feel better.

One of the childern parents at her work heard about her sistaution they readers of my blog. Waves a Paw at Evan who always Said Hi Mu shue when he see the picuter of me on the " pink Hello" thats mama cell phone He loves it. Also A Big Wave to Danillie and Brain.

So she had a freind who a restate agent and guess what they have lots and lots of places for mama to look at One is a two bed room place wiff a Jucccies tub and new done kicken for 900. And one is a Three Bedroom Town house for 1,000 Wow I might end up wiff my own room out of this deal !!!!!!! She going to see lots of places on Thusday !!! She feeling a little better. The Choclet cake and Ice Cream and Pizza have been put away much to Lilly Lu dismay Last night Lilly Lu helped mama Finshes off a Large Pizza and alot of Veillia ice cream This morning she was laying wiff her paw up in the air saying life is good when mama is sad. She even took Lilly Lu out for a long stroll today Lilly Lu said Life cant get better.

As for me I keep sneezing away I hopeing the antihytmines start to work soon

Monday, September 17, 2007

kindeny problms still no place to live

Well the vet had a hissy fit when she told her about the decalwaing she kind of called and went off. Today mama got a phone call about my blood work it seems my kindeny are haveing trubble. I maybe at the very begining stages of kideny faiular please pray it nothing Mama is furry worried the choclet cake and ice cream are back it the second cake this week. Mama said she going to be a tubby when this is over. Lilly said I make you feel better wiff the ice cream and extra strolling

Saturday, September 15, 2007

YOU WANT WHAT ?????????????

well mama has to be out on the 31 of oct and she is getting despert to leave. She found the best place for us it had a loft we were going to love it. She put down the money she went to sing her lease and they said you need to declaw you cats. Mama said "you want what??" she said you never said that when i walked in they clam they did mama said she WILL NOT DECLAW!!!!!!! then asked if she could chop off there fingers at the finger tips then some not nice words were exchanged and they kicked mama out she sad becuse we have no were to live she said we can live in are car. Dose any one know any pet freindly apts in The Ma area that do not charge and arm and a leg for cats. Mama is leaking she also took me to the vet the vet did nt vacactia me and stole blood to test for deibeeties Mama is so sad she said she drowing her sorrys in ice cream and cholclet cake Lilly Lu is trying to help her self feel better wiff the ice cream. Mama is leaking she thinking we may land up in are car!!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007


well i missed my blogversy it was on 9-5 but i figered i celbrated it any ways lets take a look back into mu shue world.

In september i started bloging and counting down to my purrday that is only 15 days away

In October I meet the catblogper and went trick or treating for nip

In decmber I celbrated hunnka wiff mama I told the story Of mu shue macabee I also got Iris and my world would never be the same

In Janauray I helped clebrate mama Laura purrday she got the tummy bug that day

In Feburay I watched as My sisters found valtines Lilly Lu found JH who she still clames is hot hot hot and Iris found Dobbie. I was furry proud of Lilly Lu and JH for there being contest finelist wiff Lilly Lean on Me Jetter song

In March my freinds helped raise money for me to get raido cat You all the best I owe you all for a life time I also bloged about Kayla and Had raido cat

In April Lilly Lu got very sick and I got very very scard for her and you all came though again thank you

In May My mama came home wiff the foster boy and my world chaged again

In June we Cellbated the remcabele recovery of Lilly Lu and Iris and we had there Purrday wiff a Party

In Juily I cellbrated the 4th of Juily wiff great freinds

In Augest mama got sick so i had to help nurse her

Now back to september I am the king again thank you all your all the best I love you all !!!!!!

lets rember the words Hug more hurt less and Lilly Lu words Cute banna may come and go but cat freinds are forever

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mu shue pooh were have you been

!!Okay cats we are back. I talked to Lilly and Iris and we thought we should tell the story here on my blog so i get to be the lucky cat to tell it. Well mama has mad a desison to move. She putting are condo up for sale. So she looking for a new place to live. She looked around but she needs a bigger place for the foster boy and us cats. She found a great place huge but there was no parking and not in the best of nebiorhoods ect. So mama was finking about moveing to Fl near daisy the Currly cat but then she can not take the foster boy since his family lives in Ma if you want to call it that but he needs to stay in the systym here. So she still looking.
I told her i was not sure how lilly Lu would take being away for me her reds sox who buy the way are 8 games up. ( even if they did lose 3 stairt to the evial yankees)

So in the middle of this mama gets very sick. She had a UTI it moved fast by 5 pm that night it had spread to her kideney and she was vomiting badly. They gave her some pills that she could not keep down and made her even more sick. she went to the dr who sent her to the er becuse she had a high white blood cell count and she wanted a ct scan right away. Make a long story short i landed up wiff grandma for 3 days while mama recovered at the hummin vet place. I asked her if it was like Raido cat. She all better now fanks to some IV botiocs and fuilds and good pain mends and naususness meds. she also found out she alrrick to another antibotic.

So after that mama had a week of from school it closed for a week since the foster boy could not start head start till his vocoucer came in on this firday she took a few extra days on her vaction. She went to maimi and dinsey world. I asked her if she meet Daisy and she said no. But she thought of her at Parrrot Jungle that the foster boy loved becuse they have a lizard show !!!! and also at vyicalia becuse daiy suck in on her vist wiff grandma there. She also took him to the seaquaim and disney world she had lots and lots of fun wiff him. He cellbrated his second brithday wiff Micky Mouse and Donald duck!!!!!!

I left out the computer broke in the middle of this mess we got a new camra wiff a new memory cards but lily lu found an old fashion show from her seart paw gift she very exticted to see it.

Sandy could not cat sit and prince and pricess are at grandmas so mama made resvation at the cat in for us. Iris loved this place she areged all types of extras. Well me and Lilly lu got are wisker bent out of shape right away and they called mama and she called grandma who came and rescced me and Lilly Lu and took care of us at her home. after about a day I igroed prince and Pricess and just stayed in the cat room my porch and mama laura room. Iris loves the cat inn she the greater meezer even when they cheeked her in they rembered her form Feburay when she was last there and had her welcome bed ready to go. I fink she going to be more upset about having to leave. I promice not to leave you guys again. !!! for this long Ps Lilly Lu said Hi to Rocky arty catsty and A big Eight games Up Hi to JH. i dont know what she talking aboutbut rshe were all her sox grear