Monday, July 30, 2007

tail and tummy tesady

I do not do the full monty for frear of having my tummy touched so her i am practing a half monty with a twist please notice to cary off this postion you need to have percect paw an tail place ment. Do not try this at home uless you a seceoned profiional Now rember looking but no touch if you like that hand !!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

getting older

well I be 17 in september and i not a young kitten any more. My mama finks i maybe getting a touch of arthritis becuse i stoped wanted to jump up on the bed any more and sometimes mewo at her to pick me up to put me on it. She said she going to get me stairs and a ramp for my tree on the tax free hoilday on 8/17 also the camra deal feel though all the sudden it went from one place to france and then they would not use pay pal like they said they would and they wanted it to be convereted to Eruo and mama got a funny feeling she alreted ebay. she thinks they were a fraud. So she said on the tax free hoilday she just go get one at the store becuse they all go on sale then to get pepole in the store.

Monday, July 16, 2007

I am back

Okay Mu shue pooh were have you been Mama got a second jobbty and she not had time to trun on the internet for me So i have lots to report hopely alll good. Rember maama camra broke well it was less then 6 mouths old and grandpa knew it was not the one she had her heart set on for her brithday she wanted a cannon Sd100 and he got her a power shot A5200 well he called the place they got it and they said they give him his money back - 15% restoking and she could get her dream camma well mama a smart shopper she loated one for 199 green papper pluse 20 shipping Well she not paying that so she loacted one on ebay she bid she lost she was . about to order when she found out the last bidder had not come though Well to make a long story short she just got a 235 dollar camma for 100 green paper pluse shipping pray it works Lilly very depresed over fashion show firday!!!

I also like to thank my seecrect paw Morning Scarch you guys are the best !! Picuters as soon as we get our camma !!!!

I miss you all

Thursday, July 05, 2007

thusday Thirteen

My mama been haveing a little bit of bad luck this last few weeks. here an example of 13 things that have not gone right

1. Her cellphone broke and the cellphone compy cancled the insurse she had on it wiff out her knowing last mouth and they rufused to cover the cost of a new cell phone and she had to by on at cost

2. she lost the remote to the cable box and can only watch one chacnle. ( note cheek under lilly lu grizzy and in the closet)

3. The crama broke so she could not see picuters after she fixed them it cost more to fix camra then to get a new one. Carma was brand new in Jan.

4. Iris got her self stuck in the doll cabint and was yowaling till mama came home and let her out she got a note from mangment compney she needs to control her pets. ( note call resate agente they had mama cellphone and could have called it she would have come home right away)

5. Sombudy took her cloths out of the dryer soking wet and stole her dyer. so she had to pay 2.00 more to get them dry.

6. Mama just got new Jersy cotten tee tee sheets and some cat who will not let mama cut his nails and when she trys mewos him self into an asmatha attack put a whole in the the frist night.

7. the dairn on her show is all cloged she asked the maitence man if they could fix it they said they would not for a mouth and to try liquid pullmer

8. tryed liquid pummer did not fix dain and got a spot on her paints now have a bleach spot on her black paints

6. She got her self and they foster boy new Crocks. the foster boy were switched by mistake wiff another child mama called the mother to ask about switching back and the other childs mother gave her a lequre on the boy being too argressive

7. her netfic had a scratch and she could not see the end of the movie she had to wait 5 days to fishen the movie

8. Pet smart had a sale on cat litter and they charged her full price she made them check and they argred wiff her over a buck

9. Lilly Lu is refuseing to touch wellness catfood and she has a 2 1/2 case left the store wont take it back becuse it an open case but they sell loss cans

10. Catnip gorge got knocked over and pulled out

11. She look for a new place to live and she finds every thing has gone up.

12. Mama ask for a raise since she been there a year won teach of the year and needs to make a salary thats a living wage the boss said okay and gave her a wopping 11 cent raise an hour

13. Aids and pepole in her school are makeing the same amount mama is makeing. She mad she has more edcation and more exprince and was voted teacher of the year for the town. No respect. ( note find help wanted)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

man cat monday

It is furry manly to just lay in the grass. I love to just go out an lay there when i am on my harness. If i lay ther for long enough mama Laura sit down next to me and then I have it all. I love to just rub up agest her and sit in her lap her lap is more compy in my grass.
In this picuters The birds were teasting me I could hear all there chirping but not see them. It a good thing or i would have had to have put my king cat spell on them and hytomtise them