Saturday, August 11, 2007

a tail for sunday

My mama got me a new gift a nip nana a nip cigra and a nip ranbow and some temp-tay-tion to share wiff iris well after about five min of nip iris started to look good and then lilly lu was even effected she never been effect by nip in all her 7 years berfore i knew it the girls both looked good i lost my mannor and played pounce wiff them and tryed to bunny kick the nip nanaa i know i almost 17 and well i know better but well this was yowal catnip i dont know what to say Pass the nip please

Friday, August 10, 2007

this is the last paw iris

Okay for sale on mezer cat she annoying intruiping my nap wiff her yowling and she pouces on me and lilly lu while we try to nap. all she wants to do is play play play. I am almost 17 i be 17 on 9/27 and all i want to do is eat cuddle and maybe chace lilly lu a few times i do not like this pouceing and all her braking fings is detrebing my napp she taken to bunny kicking mamam slippers and chaceing lilly lu on day that is not lilly lu day and she gave up her aggenda becuse she said there was just not pouceing time in it and we pounceable the more i hiss and growal at her the more she yowals at me. i am selling her to the higst bidder I already her feather butt mousie up to go wiff

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

get well quick babby bean

Monty Q baby bean was hurt bad and she had to be air lifted to a hospital to treat her injegery she about the same age as are foster boy and the babby beans mama teaches so please pray for babby bean