Monday, May 28, 2007

ture confestins

  • So I beeen tagged for this true confeinson meme so I am so purrfect i have nothing to confessess Lilly Lu stop laufing and lafing and pull you seef up from rolling on the foor in heap of laughter!! I might have a slight catnip probelm this is an good example of me wiff My Nana I love this thing
    This is what happens after too much nip needless to say I had to pay a vist to my good freinds at catnip anyomous I am not very nice to Lilly all the time. Here is Lilly Lu as a ten mouth olf kitten here is me getting to know her. I said Lilly Lu want to get to know my paw in your face. This happens every day still i have now master the art of head sitting on Lilly Lu
    I cry in the PTU like you would not belive so bad I give my self asmtma attacks and starts painting
    This is me wiff Cat nip gorgoe I just makeing a feind a great freind who i love to see every day and eat every day Awww gorge your more than just a freind your NIP!!

    last week i hacked up a big old jucie man sized hair ball in the showere and mama cover it with the shower matt and when mama laura walked in it she got a foot full of juice mu shue hair ball Lets just said not nice words came shooting in my diriction okay
    Sometime i eat Lilly Lu food and I blow chucks after words and i know i should not but i do it any way evaven though i have my own scription food.
    I do hog the bed and snore so much that the one time we had a mr tasty feet. he left becuse i took too much room and mama laura told him he has to sleep here
    I messed up the back ground so much on my blog that i can't fix it so now it is white even avist to the help center did not help this one i just tryed to fix it and made it worst
    I get to tag some cats Let see Rocky, Lilly Lu and Jetter Hairs I fink you all need to confeses about this luv trigale thing you have going on and Masddnes the queen of the Game NO MADDNESS NO

Saturday, May 19, 2007

sigh Broken comupeter cord

Sigh... we may not be able to use the computer for a few day some meezer who is to remaned namess but her name may be a flower name that starts wiff I chewed though our power cord to the computer we at grandma for a few hours browing but she said it not her it her dula iditly she calling Tulip but this meezer said i know better I almost one now it had to be Tulip i fink she taking lesssons from Mr hendix

Thursday, May 17, 2007

floofy firday

I love spring time i get to go out my harness in the grass and the wind in my furr and the green grass and the brides chirp and squirls are back from the winter Here I am look flooofy the grasss in the windo do wonders for my furr collor I have a speical
harnesss leash thing that is great for cats like me who do not like all the bells and wisle of a harness it simple and easy to use and if your a little on th floofy side like me it even better
I love spring i can get out on my harssenss and it is lots of fun the brides humm and i get to eat grass

Monday, May 14, 2007

Man Cat Monday

it is very manly to take a nap on such a great place This is my speical blanket and the pillow i am sleeping on is my faivort collor green looks great wiff my fur and it said "what part of Mewo don't you under stand. Furry Manly fraze
It furry manly to let you big giant paw hang out so the every one know you are king
It furry mannly to let bot paws hang out just like this so the whole world know you have big round paws
I also forgot to mentoon it is furry manly to sleep the nipp when you might have hit it a little hard maybe lets say 35 mins before.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mama Day Mama Laura

Mama Laura

I luv you more than words can say !!
More than one purr could could ever say.
I luv you more than a millon head bonks.
I luv you when you give me chin squiches
I luv you when you hold me tight
i luv you when i purr in your ear at night

Today is you day A day for US to say
That you more than just a Mama
Your a mama who loves us.
We furry lucky to have you

I would never be anything wiff out you luv
I would never be here if you did not belive in me
I never feels so much love as I do in your arm.

Thank you for everything we luv you more than words can say

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My thusday 13

Did you know that May 7-11 is teacher appartion week!!!! Yup and my mama not only a teacher she a great teacher as any of her toddler burrpy things. They will tell you. Matter of fact one of her toddler buppy things maybe comeing to live here for a little while in someting called foster care since his mama is not furry good. she needs to learn how to be a good mama. Well any ways that were I been all week mama been buzy Lilly Lu is still on cation and now she sad over tea cup So i thought i do 13 great things about teachers. Make sure you stop by other mama cats who are teacher blogs too tell them Happy teacher appartion week.

1. They know alot

2. They have to care alot

3. they try and solve problems

4. They don't get alot of thank you

5. They don't get payed alot of green papers

6. They have to go to school for along time

7. They have to be caring

8. They shape the future

9 They excpect nothing in rutrun

10. They inspire us to be better or the best we can be

11. They always there for there classes no matter what

12. They often time spend there free time thinking about school

13. They belive in us when no one dose !!!

Just fink every one has had a great teacher where would you be if he or she was not around.


I was tagged By Icon Baxor Benty

Here are the rules. Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

1. I love shoes the smeller the better, I love to sleep on them stick my head in them and roll around on them. That party how i got the nick name "shoey"

2. I a am groom a holic I gromm my self Iris, I try and groom Lilly Lu mama, i even groomed buddy cat more than once

3. I like to Lick feet right the smeller the better !!!

4. I am scard of Mama Laura big ornge fuzzy cat Slipper I hiss growal at them

5. I am a Married Man cat to a Cat named Muffin from Mewo Chat

6. I am king of the big bed only i am aloud on it !!!

7. My mama sings to me a special song and i come to bed to sunglle

Fat Eric
Jetter Hairs
Mr hendeix
Rocky CEO
Rocky the Gutter Cat

update it looks like the sticky little fing may coming to stay her by the frist week of june maam already getting him a toddler bed and i have to give up one my "cat rooms" so he can have a place to stay

Monday, May 07, 2007

Man Catt Moday a Little help for Tea Cup

Lilly Lu : pokies mu shue what ya doing

Mu shue: sleeping and dreeming

Lilly Lu : what ya dreeming of

Mu shue : Catnip gorge

Lilly Lu: pokes mu shue again are ya still sleeping

Mu shue: Lilly what do you want

Lilly Lu; a little help for a freind.

Mu shue: will that get you to leave andlet me sleep

Lilly Lu: sure If you help me out

Mu shue: fine what do you want

Lilly Lu will you were this pink Bannda and let me get a picuter of you in it

Mu shue: Lilly Lu I don't do pink

Lilly Lu: Oh but mu shue all the cats helped you out and you promiced. Rember help more hurt less

Mu shue: fine Lilly Lu puts on banda

Lilly lLu Don't forget the Link To my actin and to tell every one it over tuesday 6 pm est

Mu shue: i think you just did that

Lilly Lu : mu shue you look furry manly even in pink !!! fanks for helping out

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

thusday 13

13 reson I am glad Lilly Lu Is oaky

Lilly Lu gave us quite a scare !!! And i promiced if she pulled though i post this. Yes Lilly Lu and I are not best freinds but she lived her 6 years I guess she not going any were so here we go

1. More Food- Becuse Lilly Lu is on an eat anyfing her hart wants deit there tons of food around and some cat has to help her out I oppinted my self

2. Gota day gifts- I luving the new litter box and catnip gorge

3. Iris is too intcence for me. Iris is not even a year and she well like to play hard I like to nap hard and sometimes play

4. The hall was getting loney. I chace shoads into the hall but then stop at the door I chaced her out yesterday for the frist time

5. Sitting on Lilly Lu head is easer then Iris Iris frist chance and catch her by this time i need a nap before i can sit on her head and I lost the oppetinty

6. Lilly Lu help get figs done. Such as helps wiff the 5:25 wake up call stares at mama Laura till she get off the litter box and feeds us

7. all the pink made us sad. - Note not the blogs stuff like her pink modling tabble blanket her pink beds. since Lilly lu luved pink it made us sad to look at it

8. Some cat has to test all the beds

9. I dont have to dress up: Mama Laura started chaceing me around wiff a partyy dress saying comeone Lilly Lu dose this and likes it

10 I was missing have to cover for her. I a covering fantic Lilly Lu is a do you fing and run out of the box like a bat out of Heck type of Girl

11. I would never have goten Ice cream again

12. I would never have goten chicken from boston market

13. She gets lots of neat stuff for me to take

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

two for tuesday

these are grandma kittens Prince Little mooshie and Princess little kayla they got to fly in a big plan back to bosto from Fl and they get to do it again in the fall

You have very speical paws to fill and will always have an kat at rainbow bridge looking over you Pricess Lilttle Kayla

Hay little mooshie you named after a king you got big paws to fill !!!