Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mu shue pooh King cat One year latter

Mu shue,

It been one year since you gone to the bridge sometimes it feels just like yesterday
I rember your fur so soft i even have a lock of it tuck away. I rember the feeling of you always by my side when i sleep no cat sleep on the bed any more I think they all know it your special spot.

Your work did not fishes after you went to the bridge. Yoou lead us to Maxie who I have to admitt is hours upoun hours of entertement. If you wanted to send us a chanlge Maxie sure is it.

Some time he reminds me alot of you. He obbsed with feet and smeelly shoes. He like his sticky goodness with extra water like gravy and dose love your halo chicken treats.

It hard to belive you have been gone in someways it feels like forever and other ways it feels like just yesterday. As i type this it raining and make me rember the frist time we saw each other. Tomrow I will head down to Pine ridge were you were layed to rest and put flowers on your grave.

I know you fought the good fight. You tryed as Hard as you could to stay with me but in the end Lyphomia got the best of you. You no longer were the mu shue you wanted to be. It was not fair to keep you for me. There was no cure on more pain I could not put you thought that,

If tears could make a bridge
and memmorys could make a lane
I walk right up to the bridge
and take you home again....

Mu shue buddy
I saw you getting tired
a cure was not to be.
So G-d put his loveing arm around you
and said come with me.

Even though it broke my heart
I see you again...
But till then'
I love you always
and keep you in my heart.

Your always in my thoughts
and all my memorys
God must had need a very speical cat

I love you Always... give kayla a kiss form me too as I know your just were you need to be with you beloved best freind and sole mate

Mama Laura