Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or treat for cat nip and chicken Treats

mu shue knocks on the door wiff his pooh ears on and said TRICK OR TREAT FOR CATNIP OR CHICKEN TREATS........

( for get the canday choclet is bad for kitt and if i have to were my embarssing Pooh ears then I should at least get some catnip or chicken treat out of the deal.)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Happy Fall

Happy FALL from Mu shue Pooh ( King cat)

Mamma Laura said to let you all know no cats were hurt druing the photo shoot and I wanted you all to know Chicken treats were used and I a hummon might have been scrached. ( Lilly said she sorry but thanks for the toona trea)

My sisfur Lilly Lu the strange

Yes every one you can relex I did not send her to the moon. Or even siberria how ever I had my eye on Mars for her.... Yes she still live here and I still love to chaces her at 3 am when she will not let me kiss her all over espeical her bottom. So here the deal Lilly Lu is crazy. My mamma has trun on her heat and it is dry making her skin dry and her meowing box sore so she has a hummitfiter she uses to add moster to the place. Well that Crazy sisfur of mine LOVES this thing she sits right on it for hours she even likes to try and drink from it. She crazy I telling. After all I only drink Filter bottled watter. Mama Laura by me bottled watter but then she adds it to my drink well foutioned that has a filter replaced every week. Ahh Yes it is good to be king

Mamma Talks to the Vet

Mamma Talks to the mama talked to the vet good mews my thyrido leavles is normal the tapzol is doing the trick and I enjoying the chicken treats

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Big Green Sucking Michen and Mencey over

Every once in a blue moon mamma Laura turns into a moneter and starts cleaning and she pulls out The Big Green sucking Michen. To get up the Cat fur. Now I ask you who dose not like a helthy dose of cat fur on the carpet? I think it looks good there. Now any ways today was that day. I and Lilly ran for our cat lives and hid under the bed. Yes I am scard of the Green Sucking michen. So any way Right when I was mewoing to Lilly I could not take it any more. The big Green sucking michen starts to smell like bruning rubber. I hate the smell of buring rubber more than iI hate the smell of not clean litter box. I am pretty fussy about my box. So any way the belt brakes and I think i am safe when she come back latter that eaveing wiff a new belt and sucks up the rest of the cat fur I just have to work extra hard at leaving my fur around.

mamma Laura made it to pet co But they only had sammmoned faloved pill treat no chicken so she had to go to pet world next store. The only problem wiff pet world is SPIN (Stray pets in need) It a no kill kitten selter. That means she might fall in love wiff another cat beside me. Always a risk she has SUCKER posted on her forhead for adult shelter cat. Espely the old ones. Sigh comption comption. I always make sure she full armed wiff my picuter when she goes in there. So she can rember what she got at home is the best and the king. So any ways I well stocked up on catnip, orginic of course, chicken treats and Cat cavior. She also got me a catnip home made catnip blanket proffets go to spin and She got Lilly (I only going to eat what I want and at most one half of what you give me and dont think of saving it becuse I like a Fresh and I mean fresh can of food every morning that I may or may not choice to eat). Lu lost of diffen types and flavores of can food.

Good new the new dr foster and smith hoilday catlog is out I already looking at it. Marter of fack I laying on it while I type. I am sure it will give me great dreems to night I paw marking my list and cheeking it twince. I been a good cat all year. Well I been a king cat all year and longer That should count with points for the big cat.

Friday, October 20, 2006



Okay mamma Laura said to let you all know she will pick some up tomrow. hummp 24 hrs not chicken treat. this must be king cat adubse i think i get even and not cuddle tonight.

Mamma talks to Raido cat

Okay mamma talked to the pepole from Raido cat. She said Mu shue this almost sounds like a spa vaction for the price of 1250. They have everything but mamma Laura. Who i love. I can have a cat bed I wont get it back but thats okay. I can have mamma Laura towl I want get that back. They give me my treats. Make sure i confuterble. Maybe I could uses the Brake from Lilly. They said the only thing they ask is too uses flushing litter for 2 weeks after.

Mamma was furry worried about this Kidneey thing. They said Hyprothirod can hide Kittdney deise espeical when you on Tapazol. So they said the recomed treatng with tapzaol like i doing for a short time then getting off it revauating my thridord and kiddney leavls and then proceeed. She still not 100% sure this is the way to go. I asked her if I could still get a treat every night. she said Mu shue Pooh you such a cute boy. After all I am a king I must be treated in such a mannor. Mamma said 1250 is a lot of green pappers to come upwith. But I say I am King and worth every penny and more. And remieded her of Angle Kayla and how she spet thounsands of green pappers on her when she had FIP. Knowing that she would die and got 9 mouths more than any one expected and those were great mouths I did Love my kayla.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My song and Slide show

This is the song mamma Laura sings to me every night

You’re remarkable - you really are
You’re the only king Cat like you
There isn’t another king in the whole wide world
Who can do the things you do
Because you are special- special
mu shue is special
Mu shue is Special his own king cat kind of way
Yes you re special -special
Mu shue is special in his own king cat kind of way!

Radio cat ?? And trip to the vet

I had to go to the most humiating place on earth a place with doggies. UGGGG I hate dogs and I hate the car so I hate the vet. The did blood work on me to cheek my thryoid. I got my percption refilled. My mamma Laura also go infermation about Raido cat. A way to cure my thyrido for ever. It is a raido active shoot one time deal. But I have to spend a few days away. No fear mamma would make audio tapes of me. Somone would take care of my every wim. I even have cat vidos to watch think they have vido catnip I love that one with the birds. But my mama is looking for other cats who may have had this done. what are there experinces. If you could leave mama a little note that would be great. She about 80% sure this is were she wants to go. I got to go give Lilly whats coming for her for trying to take over my blog also it almost time for din din followed by my after din din nap followed by my 2:00 am chace of Lilly. aww the life of a king.

Mu shue

Monday, October 16, 2006

Mu shue and a pumkin

Hi It is Lilly again Mu shue is off eating so I ran on here to post this picture Of Mu shue and ask what is the diffence between mu shue and a pumpkin Both rond and oronge. Maybe if I wave my magic wand I can trun him into a pumkin.

Got to go before the fur ball see I been in his blog again

Lilly ( the real cute cat of the house)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Taken over by Lilly

So that mu shue is off napping I think I give you the real truth. He always said Lilly I am going to send you to the moon. Well here is the truth. Mu shue likes me. He even posed for a picture with me here the proff you desided......... MOL I better get off here before that Lump of oronge and white fur wakes up. see he that is a cat smile.

Lilly ( the queen cat the real head of this house hold)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

what has the world gone crazy ?

My mamma finds her self asking this becuse we just not acting like us. I been sleeping in Lilly pink bed and she been caught with out me even saying a mewo sleeping in my desk bed. To make the matter worst every morning mamma turns to her right and said good morning mu shue you are a special cat. Well the other morning she turned to her right and said good morning mu shue only to finger out it was not me it was Lilly. What how could this happen she thought has it been invastion of the cat body snachers. Has the world gone nuts. Or is she just loseing it. Just so she dont think she loseing it too much I been my old self lately. I used to chace my tail but in the last year as I goten older I have not done this. I had a good 20 min tail Chace. Made mama feel so much better.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Well maybe I can stand Lilly

Okay Okay I know i said before Lilly drives me crazy. But you know what I have been caught cuddling yes cuddling with Lilly. Last weekend Lilly and I spent apart and you know what when i got home I was greated to Lilly licking me like she missed Me and I acted Like i missed her. So you know what Lilly may not be my best kitt freind but i guess if you got to have a white an black spotted cat around It should be Lilly. Now I better get back that box i sent to Sauiarbia maked Live cat. MOL just kidding mamma Laura don't worried Lilly is safe in sound under the bed.