Friday, October 20, 2006

Mamma talks to Raido cat

Okay mamma talked to the pepole from Raido cat. She said Mu shue this almost sounds like a spa vaction for the price of 1250. They have everything but mamma Laura. Who i love. I can have a cat bed I wont get it back but thats okay. I can have mamma Laura towl I want get that back. They give me my treats. Make sure i confuterble. Maybe I could uses the Brake from Lilly. They said the only thing they ask is too uses flushing litter for 2 weeks after.

Mamma was furry worried about this Kidneey thing. They said Hyprothirod can hide Kittdney deise espeical when you on Tapazol. So they said the recomed treatng with tapzaol like i doing for a short time then getting off it revauating my thridord and kiddney leavls and then proceeed. She still not 100% sure this is the way to go. I asked her if I could still get a treat every night. she said Mu shue Pooh you such a cute boy. After all I am a king I must be treated in such a mannor. Mamma said 1250 is a lot of green pappers to come upwith. But I say I am King and worth every penny and more. And remieded her of Angle Kayla and how she spet thounsands of green pappers on her when she had FIP. Knowing that she would die and got 9 mouths more than any one expected and those were great mouths I did Love my kayla.

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Derby said...

Mum said Grampie had radio stuff for his human thyroid problems a few years ago. She thinks it took two or three treatments, but he hasn't had thyroid issues since.