Saturday, October 14, 2006

what has the world gone crazy ?

My mamma finds her self asking this becuse we just not acting like us. I been sleeping in Lilly pink bed and she been caught with out me even saying a mewo sleeping in my desk bed. To make the matter worst every morning mamma turns to her right and said good morning mu shue you are a special cat. Well the other morning she turned to her right and said good morning mu shue only to finger out it was not me it was Lilly. What how could this happen she thought has it been invastion of the cat body snachers. Has the world gone nuts. Or is she just loseing it. Just so she dont think she loseing it too much I been my old self lately. I used to chace my tail but in the last year as I goten older I have not done this. I had a good 20 min tail Chace. Made mama feel so much better.

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