Sunday, October 21, 2007

what a week

Frist off i am a king and i desver a bettter staff!!! I been caughing and i had to go to the vet now i geting yucky medison shoved in my mouth 3 times a day. If that were not enough i had to go again to have mama learn how to shove a large nedtial in my fur to give me fuilds each week. Then we had to swing by to get Msss Lilly and Iris for picuters. Well Iris put up such a fuss they gguy said she was impaossble, Me and Lilly had to pose in a bath tub then we had Lilly would only do a head shot she went into scard lilly rootine and I had to pose in a red sports car. The picuters will be out on the 1st. They guy keeped repeting Big guy you killing me. well Iris jumped out of are hoiday card and used her teeth and claws that it just me mama and Lilly Lu I fink i need a nap oh yea Iris had to take a bath and she got my guzzy quilt wet i told her get your own grizzy. She been napping on mine now it smells like sister. I NEED A NEW GRIZZY IT BEEN RUNINED BY THE GIRLS SITTING ON IT

Monday, October 08, 2007

kindney probelms

well i did not like the kindey food one bit i lost more weight and the vet was concdered so they switched my antihytmem and said i could have my old food back and talked to mom about doing weekly sub-q fuilds on me.

Mama had an acdent the other night the light the controls the kicken and dinning room blew out and they need to fix the lectrity and she went to get a drink of watter and baged her eye right into a cabinit. she said alot of bad bad words. and has a pretty nasty shinner.

Lilly Lu was going to be tinker lilly for hollween but the stupid costum is too small back to the daring board she might be snow white lilly lu

mama has a lead on a new job wiff more green papper. but she needs to do somethings frist.

Lilly Lu has been danceing non stop over her sox and something like i am laffing and laffing now JH life is great when your a sox fan. She said she wants to be Dice K for holloween in pink I dont know Lilly???

thats all for now