Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thusday 13

Well mama Got that shinny thing on here finger and she been real real happy I happy too becuse the BG has Great FEAT!!! yes I did say Feet I love licking them they tast so yummy I going to call him Mr TF for tasty Feet!!

13 Facts about Mr TF

1. He got yummy and dsloulous feet

2. Lilly Lu makeing me put in He a huge Red Sox Fan

3. He always understand why we gett up to feed us

4. He makes my sticky goodness wiff the cold water and mixed well and made wiff no lumps just the way i like it.

5. He adds Ice cubes to my Foution and fills up my water bowal wiff bottled watter

6. He an expect chin and ear scurncies

7. He not stingy wiff the Tem-tay-tions ( even after mama said enough He gives me more)

8. He plays wiff that meezer thing who calls her self Iris

10. Becuse of him I get my furry fist x-mas

11. He has good tast in shinny things. It verry shinny on mamma finger

12. He amamzing wiff the zoom groom

13. He understand That I am the furry KING of the house hold

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Porject Hoilday card o7/08

Update we have over 50 adress but we know there more!!! we want all of you becuse you all are freinds. Lilly Lu emailed Rocky the picter before hand then sent one batch out but we ran out of card it okay becuse i order her to get MORE !! If you not goten a card more is comming they just getting delivered tomrow

Okay so i know alot of you have sent us snail mail adress but me and Lilly lu have a lot of hoilday cards we like to give them out to all the cats on the bloghire i cant show you the picuter only Lilly Lu have sown rocky from artys catsy but the rest will have to be suprized so please send us a snail mail adress right away to queenlillycatAtaolDOTcom.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

what I know for sure

Well here what i know for sure. mama been spending alot of time wiff another man who is not me!!! it started out as she was looking for a male role modle for the foster boy. and she asked her friend to help. They been friends for a while. He started spending more time wiff the foster boy and then wiff mama and me. He even feed me breskefest a few times. that means he here in the morning and the night. He know just how to feed me sticky goodness wiff extra water. Then he bought me a sungle safe for under my grizzy becuse i been napping alot on my heated window napper. Just keeps me all cuddly. Today he gave me a catnip Nana what i know about catnip nanna are they are not given out every day he gave iris a new batch of mouise wiff the heather butts and Lilly Lu a new bed and swetter. The foster boy is going back to his mother soon. Mama will see him on weekends as his mother relises how much he loves her. So do i get any peace and quite. No seem this big guy is planing on staying. He even has two dawrs and part of the closet. Lilly Lu had a fit over closet space. I fink they planing something becuse why would all these great gift just happen. Huh I spy something in his pocket I fink it might be shinny Kind of like my Man cat Collor. HUMMM

Monday, November 05, 2007

man cat monday

every man cat should have one these. Hay mama I am furry mad and mama said i making her broke again. I been caughing and caghing caagufing and i been to the vet alot every thing they tryed not worked or worked and it stoped. So on sunday i went to the vet and i cuaghed and i sneezed all over the vety poo. They desied to put me on antibotics and then I need to get inhalaris well my inhairar one caust 184.96 not kitting the other she also uses so it only coast 15 green papers. but she spent over 100 at the vet and she said mu shue i can't affard it any more. All i know is this is no way to treat a man cat haveing pills and luids and now in iahiors shoved in my face and needals shoved under my fur once a week this is not the way a 17 year old man cat should be treated. After all i deser respect love and tem-tay-tions. Not this