Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thusday 13

Well mama Got that shinny thing on here finger and she been real real happy I happy too becuse the BG has Great FEAT!!! yes I did say Feet I love licking them they tast so yummy I going to call him Mr TF for tasty Feet!!

13 Facts about Mr TF

1. He got yummy and dsloulous feet

2. Lilly Lu makeing me put in He a huge Red Sox Fan

3. He always understand why we gett up to feed us

4. He makes my sticky goodness wiff the cold water and mixed well and made wiff no lumps just the way i like it.

5. He adds Ice cubes to my Foution and fills up my water bowal wiff bottled watter

6. He an expect chin and ear scurncies

7. He not stingy wiff the Tem-tay-tions ( even after mama said enough He gives me more)

8. He plays wiff that meezer thing who calls her self Iris

10. Becuse of him I get my furry fist x-mas

11. He has good tast in shinny things. It verry shinny on mamma finger

12. He amamzing wiff the zoom groom

13. He understand That I am the furry KING of the house hold


NinjaCat said...

Mu Shue, your Mr. TF sounds like he treats you and your sisters very nicely. He will be a good addition to your family. Best of luck!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

It does sound like he could be an adequate addition. I am not trusting at all of new humans.

Derby said...

Concatulations on the shiny thing on the finger. Sounds like he is a good kitty person too.

Parker said...

Mr. TF sounds like a keeper!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

What wonderful news!!! I'm so happy for you all. He sounds like a wonderful daddy to you all (even Iris & Tulip heh heh heh)

It sounds like you have done a great job training him Mu shue. Well done.

PS I keep sending you my mailing address but the email keeps bouncing back! I'll keep trying cause I want your address too!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

PS I hope you still get your Hanukkah gifts and treats as well and Christmas gifts and treats. That would be so very awesome.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

So happy for your Mommy Laura, it sounds like things are going great.
Mr. TF does sound like a keeper, a guy who will work to get Mu shue's food just right is awesome.

Eric and Flynn said...

Concatyoolayshuns to yer mum furr having a shiny fing on her finger.
Our Chris Mouse card has arrived fank yoo so much, it is furry sweet.We sent ours at the weekend so yoo should git yours soon.

THE ZOO said...

Fanks so much fur the card. We will get owrs in the mail soon.

THE ZOO said...

oh and concatulashuns on the shiny finger fingy.

Kimo & Sabi said...

He sounds furry wonnerful - this will be a furry nice Christmas fer you all!

Fat Eric said...

Thank you for the great Christmas card! There is even a picture of you on the stamp! I really enjoyed getting it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your mom.Mr TF sounds very nice :)