Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thank you

after crying my mama feels a little better. It not that she did not want to do raido cat it just she was trying to save for it she figered if she put away 20 green pappers a week she be able to get it done in a year. But then last mouth she blew that all she had been saving on gettting me better. ( i had lots x-rays and 3 good look overs by the vet for my coughing)

My Mama said she has the best jobby in the world she takes care of abused and negleted toddlers. She giff them what there mamma and dadddy often times can't and make them all fell like a millon dollars.She said it the type of job you look foward to doing every day. But it also the type you brig home wiff you. But how ever they pay teacher of very tiny beabs less an hour than a cat sitter or pepole to scub toilets. Mama works extra jobs babby sitting little hummans just to keep up. ( so if you know any little hummans in Ma who need luff in a babby sistter mamma can do that)

When the one thing she thought would giff me a little more time is makeing me sick maam just crunmbeled. 1200 green pappers is more than she make in a whole mouth of full time work. pluse the extra blood work) When she dose get any green papper she always trys to giff us something by saveing for everything.

Then she thought she sell the metal moster and try and get a cheeper less relible metal monster and someone plows right into her back of her meddle moster. Mama felt bad becuse she was on 19 and she wanted to not go though the insurince. So hopely that will settle.

She said she going to look at Imom. I have to go back to the vet as soon as mama is bcak from her cursie and vaction. Mama excited becuse this is the frist vaction she goning on for a long time but worried about me the same way.

I seem to be feeling a little better I ate some sciption sticky goodness this morning. What I did not eat Lilly and Iris helped me out by eating for me. They good sisters that wat when I not hunrgy they always make sure food don't go unesssed.

As mama said we got all the basic we got food luff, metal moster and a roff she just got to figer out the rest. I relly feel luffed thank you all.

Monday, January 29, 2007

I back from the vet

Well the vet said I got another infection also that my tapzola is making me legic and drepressed and not wanting to eat I lost a lb since september that 2 lbs since last year. she said the cure is Raido cat But mama is leaking bad. She said she just a poor teacher an 1200 dollors is out of the question she said she barley afford the vet and if the curise was not a gift already payed and had to used by march she would not go she sad and crying she said she feels like she failed me. She just so confused she have no idea were to get the money she sold the one thing she has of any value a dimmond that her grandmother but it did not cover it all. She said Mu shue no matter what I love you and you always be my king i just wish i was a better mamma. I thinking I might open a store to try and raise some tem-tay-tion and nip money to help her out. Mama said she know there alot of worst off pepole then her she has a roof, a job, a car and her heath. Gosh I wish she stop hugging me and saying she sorry she not a good mama




Sunday, January 28, 2007

The weekend Report

The weekend report Well all it time for a weekend reort. Unfouitly this report is picutreless see mama has yet to put toghter her new digtal cramra she got for her purrday she said something about a memory card. and 30 dollors and only 60 green papper in the cheeking account and haveing to get a second job. And sandy costing 20 green papers a day and Iris's spa is 18 green pappers a day. I not sure what that means but it don't sound too good I hate it when she start winning over green pappers and the mastercat.

Well anny ways It time for the weather report wiff You guest reporterd Lilly Lu and Iris will help me so take it away girls I pich in at the bottom

Lilly Lu: the weather has been cold it was -6 wiff the wind chill her in ma so it time to put away you papmpered tee shirts and put on those pink sweeterd and furr coats it furry cold

Iris: it time to cuddle up close to mama laura in the down comfortor and make sure i hae an elirtic blanket when i go to the kitty spa

Mu shue: There snow out side my windo that means that don't ask demand you food peppole get you a heated window napper after all you need to make sure you warm why birdy watching

Well now that we did the weather we going to do the Catnip Report.

This week we will rewive a catnip apple a cat kitt by perrie land herbs and a buddy cat by Harmmy Pillows

The catnip Apple came wiff my catnip banna I did enjoy this furry much and liked lickeing it I give it to paws up for catnip lickyness But Iris try to bit it and put whole in it.

The cat kitt by Perri land herbs. Well this comes wiff a bit of a story. Mama wanted to get this so bad she tryed wiff her pay pal but it did not go though so she tryed useing master cat. Well she got two recitets not relizeing they were both from pay pal. At frist they were very nice and then when they sent her the pay pal she payed it but emailed them back to make sure she did not pay twice. becuse she got to recitects The frist email she got back was rather rude and left a bad tast in her mouth. Then they emailed her again and expalined why they thought she got two receits. But she still had the bad tast in her mouth

She was willing to giff this nip a try Iris Loved the bonky ball but i did not care for the nip one bit Nott nearly s good high and the catnip spray had no effect on me for this reson i givein this only one paw. mama said bad costumer sevices dose not go over well wiff her

Now back to good and by good I mean very very good!!! materfact I giff it the mu shue cat frist of Purrrfect !!!catnip buddy Harmmy pillows I giveing them my highest catnip ratting of 4 paw up I should say 8 becuse Iris felt the same way.Make you hummans get you this!!!!!!!!! I herd Missy and Kc mewo about it so i had to try it. Frist off I like to say i love my buddy cat he has a leather tail it camed giff wrapped in cute wrapping papper and best of all it came wiff an extra catnip pillow. Now cats RUNNN to make you humman get this for you!!! I been playing wiff this thing non stop for 48 hours driveing mama Crazy Iris has draged her catnip pillow every were and said she saveing it to show to dobby

Now it time for the Sisfur report

Okay what happend to my koote sweet sisfur now she giggleing all the time mewoing about dobby please some stop her giff me back the cat who did not hog my puter cheeking on dobby all the time. I need my catnip test sifur back we have very importet resech to do and we can not stop to take brakes to giggle about dobby

Lilly Lu went to the vet She came home very upset I asked her what was wrong she siad They stabed me wiff a needle they called my furr unquine cut my back paws cleaned my eyes forgot to call me the most beuftil cat in the world commieted on my fashion sense and said I am fluffy at 12.8 lbs and recomed i eat less ice cream. Hummp

Food report

It been a bad week around her becuse of Lilly haveing to go to the vet there were treats but no humman food hummmp.

Now mama is going on her curse on Feb 7-14 then she going to spend the 15 and 16 in disney world and spend 17-20 wiff her mama in Maim fl. Sandy will come twice a day to take care of us Iris is going to The cat Inn beucse she get in trubble wiff only an hour supperviston.she mewoing about fishing and squirel watcing and the foution she going to drink out of humm i don't know Iris she said she takeing her purrple cat blanket wiff her so there mu shue pooh. I think I might miss the little meezer. naaa it was just featling thought here Iris I going to pack a suitecase for you!!!!!

So i going to need all you cats to tell port over to our place for a party I got nip cigras ad temptainon and food and bottled water and foutions for all I stocking up on all types of trees espleay tem-tay-tions

Thursday, January 25, 2007

thursday 13

Okay so I been testing nip and I said that I do my faviort place to pass out after nip

table cellspacing="0" align="center" border="1">
Thirteen Things best place to pass out after hitting the nip

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

1. Right were you nipped up ( dont have to move just pass out)

2. my sun chairs Great place to bring a nip toy and then pass out in the sun

3. My cat rug( no subbling around to jump on any thing just pass out on the rug it quite commy)

4. The big bed ( plenty of sprawl at space importet after a good nip sestion)

5. the heated window napper ( stay warm and watch the birdy all nipped up the brids wil never look the same)

6. Lilly pink bed ( it quite cuddley place to nap after nip)

7. The scraching tree ( i love the second leavl it pefet placce just a jump to the napper and a jump to Lilly bed)

8. The desk bed ( pefect place becuse it were i spend alot of time and it has a desk light that is so cuddly)

9. In my cat house( perfect place becuse it quite and succled just what you need when you recovering form nip)

10) on the couch ( great spral out space)

11. In a tunnle ( this on for you rocky and skeexix)

12. in my basket bed ( other dark place)

13. a fresh basket of warm folded landy ( nothing like it it warm and cuddly and then mama laura will be happy wiff her new cat fur close when i am done

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

worldless wide body wednesday

My frist meeting with 10 mouth old Lilly Lu I showing her who the king and I not let her forget since. Some please Irise mewoing about dobbie will not make him come over

Sunday, January 21, 2007

weekend report

well all it time for the weekend report. Frist off thanks for mama brithday wished. Unfouitly she had the tummy bug on her purrday and spent it being freinds wiff the humman litter box. Poor Mama. She all better on Yesterday so she went out to din din and opened some gifts she got blogging for dummy another year of cat facey some nip , few gift card for a massage one for her hair some flowers and a new digtal carma. She did not get photo shop that she relly wanted sigh. And my gift the catnip Carage Apple lemmo and Banna came.

Catnip Report

This week I tested the Paw braker ball and The catnip Banna and a Catnip Cigare. Okay here what we learned the paw braker ball is a hard ball of nip not great for licking becuse it roll too hard for rooling on And when you roll your paw braker ball by the front door and mama Laura steps on it goes flying down the hall crashing into future the paw braker ball dose disaprie.

The Catnip Cigrage A must for senior kits like me. I like my Cigrage Nippy and strong I got an extra for all you older senior men kitts who want to telport oer for a game of Poker wiff catnip cigrage. I just shove Iris in front of the computer wiff dobbie picuter and lock her in the bed room

The Catnip banna I luff this thing I draged it on top of Irs sun chair wow wee talk about some good nipp i had to put a bittey on it fast.

For next week I will be testing out the apple and Lemmon and the Perrie Land Herbs Kat kitt.

Sisfur Report;

it seem Little Iris is upset Very upset she taken to pounceing on me and said she going to tell on me. Here is the story I coughed up a good size hair ball on my sun chair on my cat quilt So I told Iris I am king Cat and she must Vacate the other sun chair wiff her quilt and when she did not I waited for her to leave and took it over she cryed it's her but No it mine I luff it I licked my self all over it and put my sent on it and fluffy Fur
I see no need to give it up so she pounced on me. and then did it again so I thow a few hisses her away and mama said Oh Iris I know but he old and coughing again maybe you could thow him a brake and let him uses your chair and quilt. Play semtemy maama fall for it ever time. Iris mewoed I a kitten I dont share. Get him off it he got his sticky ginger furr all over it.

Iris told me not to blog about this but it seem my lil sisfur has her frist crush on our furry own Dobbie at frist he said he did not like girls but then he sent her a pink ribbon on caster saying he did not like girls till he saw her kote face now she just been a bunch of giggles inbtween games of mousie

Lilly Lu is in hideing last seen morning sitcky goodness then back to hideing. Lilly hates to have her nails cut. It take 4 pices of cheese and two pepole to cut Lilly Lu nails and Mama cut it by her self then put soft paws on her wif NO CHEESE. I was sure when I saw those soft paws she be getting a half a pound of cheese at least but nope something about haveing to go the the vet next week for her yearly ad tired of remaakes about Lilly Lu fluffyness and he little pot belly so she on a no cheese no dairy even no ice cut out facey feast only eat deit sitcky goodness and deit kibbble deit she not too happy about it. she said this enterfering wiff her resuch of feeding the spotty

New freinds report

My new freind of the week is a old freind from caster but she has her own blog every say Hi to Tara she a very pretty Mezzer girl. Iris relly like her

Saturday, January 20, 2007

My story ( my responce

Thank you all for you comments

This photo was taken by Judy after Mama Laura forgave her in spring of 1998 this was the frist vist Judy had had with me in mouths I lived under those stairs mama laura is sitting on I ate in a bowl in the bushes

it took mama Laura alot t forgive her. Judy did what she did becuse she was jellous here was the one thing in her life that had it worst than she did and now i was mocing on up to a better life then her and she was drunk stupid and angery that i was living better then she was. She relly wanted to make me hers and love me thats why she kitty napped me and hit me wiff the broom. I guess i was not going willing.

She relly dose love me. When mama laura talks to her she always starts off with how is gizmno.

Mama Laura wanted to help her back in those days she thought she could save the world. But it hard to help someone when they can't help them selfs. she gave her money that spent the she watched spent on cigerets and ahochool. She gave her things that she watch her husbad get mad and distory. She would never leave becuse she had no moneny no job no education. And she had wiskers the cat who she would never leave. mama did not know how to help her expect support her if and when she should ever deside to leave

I am a furry Lucky kitty I get every fing i mewo for I want it mama Laura makes it happen. I no longer have to worrie about my next meal or the druged out pepole who kick me Or if judy huband was mad and would not let her out to giff me food.

I still have my food bowl from that time it was out of Judy personal Humman dishes it one of my 4 water bowls I drink mostly from my two foutions but Lilly Lu seems to love it and it means alot to mamma that Judy did give it to me.

Judy also gave me my hut that Lilly Lu took over and can bee seen sleeping in

Over all I have a better life then judy ever will. I have a forever home and I know I never go back to the streets of Fitchburg Ma again.

Judy has no family beside wiskers the cat and her husband. She told mama on the phone if it were not for wiskers she would be dead.

By the way I did go to the vet becse mama wanted to make sure I was acting funny wiff one eye kid of cloudy from being hit in the head wiff a broom. But by the next day i just wanted Mama Laura and all i wanted to do was cuddle wiff her. The vet were all amazed. For along time she wanted to have Judy brang up on charges But Judy relly loved me and would cry.

When mama finely forgave her she said she never forgive her self for huriting her gizmo.

I fink it a real matter of Luck becuse Judy relly did want me but could not have me or take care of me. But in the end she gave me to Mama Laura who will love me and treet me like a king for ever and always

Friday, January 19, 2007

Fromaly Ferital Fiday ( my story)

My story I am from the streets Of Fitchburg Ma were My mama rusued me. I was a homeless cat I made freinds wiff a women named Judy. Judy took pitty on me. and would give me food and fresh water. i would hang out under her window but she had another cat and her husband did not want me. She named me Gizmo

Judy had her share of problems an abusive reltionship alcholimim not alot of money no education. But judy also had a big heart. Mama still talks to her.

Oneday September 27 another cat ran under mama bed mama went down stairs and knocked on Judy door for the frist time. and told her she thought her cat had run under her bed runs out it was the upstairs nabiors cat. Judy told mama about me. Thats how i came to live wiff mama Laura.

I had a rough life there was a dug dealer who lived in the bulding and durged out pepole used to kick me as they walk by. all I had was a food bowl. Judy did the best she could she gave me what she could afford and if there was nothing she chop up a hot dog or a pice of chicken and always try and give me something once a day.

Mama wiff the help of judy took me to the vet. At frist appment he said every thing was fine and just gave me shots about a week latter mama truned on the heat and I got furry sick. Wiff what truned out to be my frist Upper repority infection problem wiff azma

About 2 weeks latter Judy get furry drunk. She had a spare set of keys cuse mama used to let her kitty sit me on the weekends sometimes. She brakes mama Laura trust and beats me wiff a broom and kitty napped me down to her place, Mama laura asked for me back Judy said she had changed her mind and wanted me. I was hers

Mama Laura called the police and showe them vet records that Judy did not have. and they made judy give me back. I still scard of brooms.

For alog time she struggled to forgive Judy but she felt furry bad. Would often leave homeade goodies on her door step and presents for me. mama knew she did not have alot of money and knew she should forgive. She did forgive Judy and let her see me on Limited vists supervised. She still sends judy picuters

The question is how did i get my name Mu shue Is from a movie Mulan in the movie there is a red dragan that mama luffs. She had just gotten the vido tape when she found me. Pooh is from mama faviort disney carrortor winnie the pooh. Mu shue is prounsed Moo shoe.. and King cat comes from when she took me in she said You never have to worrie I am going to treat You like a king. I am going to Love you forever and always. And she keeped this promice!!!!!

thats how i went form formaly Fertial to luff lots

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Happy brithday Mama Laura For 1-18

i got toghter wiff Lilly and Iris and we wanted to do something speical for mama Laura purrrday. So frist i pounced on lilly chaced Iris of the sun chair took a nap chaced Lilly out of my kib kib blow grommed lilly Cached her again for raising a paw at me draged Irs away from the toy box and I was ready for busness.

So Mama Laura this is for all 3 of us on your speical day

We are you cats
Who you call gifts for heaven up above
We can't give you much
but we give you sand papper kisses
And our hearts Full of Love

We love you

Happty Brithday mama Laura

I going to get all the kitty to mewo to You iris has be practicing a meezers happy brthday and I beeen pracing a mnain ccoon cry Happy Brithday Lilly been parcting getting ear plugs cuse she cant sleep in all that mewoing

Monday, January 15, 2007

Tummy tusedfay

This picuter was taken before my heated window napper I just saw on the new that my home city where i am from is under ice and wiff out power. My mama Just spoke to Judy she the lady who used to care for me on the street and she said they wiff out power. I am so glad to have a forever home and have to liff on the streets any more

Saturday, January 13, 2007

weekend report

Catnip testing countuinted

well it another weekend another report. after my thusday threetine about catnip Iris and I have taken it aupon are self to do some more testing we going to be testing the Yowal catnip banna and the rest of the fruit pack as well as some there losse nip. We also going to be testing the paw barker catnip ball. We will fill you in on how are test go We will also be testing out a cat pack from Parieland herbs. As I said it a hard job but some kitt had to do it. Iris and I have taken it upon are selfs to test out as much nip as we can.

Sister update

Well Lilly Lu is trying to do new and exciteing reachuch. That feeding the cat any time she wants it is good for her espley such treets as sticky goodness and tem-tay-tion and her faivort dairy espley ice cream. So fairy mama laura is not couparting wiff lilly lu rechurch. Lilly lu said she needs full corapration and that this rechuch is importent to the sintific commuity as well as to Lilly Lu her self Lily Lu moddle Fed me Fed me again Feed Me More Just keep fedding me

Iris has been crazy but thow enough nip at the poor kitten and she forced to pass out. After some of those nip are strong stuff for us adult cats so she get rather niped fast. she relly cute she frist starts a rolling and a lickinh and then she start going nuts then she stumbles over to the nearest nap space to pass out. I asked her if she was up to more reacherch and she said Mu shue I can do it. So she be helping me out wiff my nip rechurch I thinking of getting a doctorit in Nipologly. Maybe starting my own untivesty for cats blog. I know i could count on freinds to help me out we already have skeexix help blog.

Wiff all that Nip we been resting on the sun chair on are new cat bankets from bandi and bat and Holly mama it qute cuddly on my sun chair now all i have to do is get the sun to coruarte and i be in heaven
He you can see a few picuters form my chair

Food update

it was a furry bad week for food around her only a little ice cream and chicken salad and Iris helped her self to so cheese Lilly Lu and diary are know for each orther

Tem-tay-tions of cours

amd Greenies my faviort

and of course my pill pocket treets

New freinds update I said one my relautions was to make new freinds so I am keeping this one The teaching Lilly lu to use the box and to cover is not working I told her it bad mannors she said fine she use the rug whats a king to any way meet our new freinds at fourty paws Hay mama look they have 10 cats that means you can take in molly she looks very fuffy and cute and a freind for me ... Please i been loney since Kayla died even wiff Lilly and Iris. I know you say we full but whats one more cat.....

Help need I cant get the wallpaper i want I tyed skeezix help bkog i cant do it I also cant get mr liksy up can some cat help me sigh

one a side not Eric and Flynn your gift will go out this thusday we sorry it taken so long mama Laura has been buzzy

Thursday, January 11, 2007

thusday threiteen

It a hard job but some cat had to do it I think I be paying a vist to Catnip annyomous in the near furter. Next week I plan to do the best places to pass out after nip

As speical thanks goes to Iris for being a cute kitten catnip resuch asstinced I could not have done it wiff out you by the way you still need to get off the sun chair

a rewive of 13 diffent type of catnip and catnip toys

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

1. catnip raves what ever happen to these I luffed this toy i used to get one for my brithday and hunnka but mamma as had trubble locateing them lately

2. Cosmic catnip pouch Sammy meezer got me this for my seecerect paw gift it took me an hour to destory but when the green sucky michen came out i was so past out i did not care

3. Big mama scarcomoa You cat nip up scrach up and and pass out in the same Spot!!!!!

4. krazy kitty catnip It a small amout but this giff you a good buzz for and it ornigic I luff ogrinc nip

5. Fresh nip- mama went to pet smart came home wiiff my own nip plant this thing did not last long nothing like the real thing!!!

6 Dr Noys catnip toys I was less then impressed wiff this nip i would rather have my rave any day!!! this only give very mild high not even worht a second lick

7. Kookamunga Catnip Iris swars by there bubbles Iliked the nip it was not the ornig nip i am used to I liked it alot

8.Enchantacat Kitty Potpurri Very Special Reserve I got this for my purrday in september Wow wee talk about a high !! I luffed it

9. Every man cat needs a Ratherbee Organic Catnip Cigar for those speical moment in his life he needs to cellbrate

10. catnip feather toped carrort; feather Enough said did not last long between Iris and I. We killed this thing fast!!!! They say this is refeilble but there nothing left to refill!!!

11. kitty hoots boogie matts You can pass out right where you nip up !!!!

12. west paws hip nip pouch This nip is not just nip it ornigic nip made wiff no nip I got a high off this nip and rolled on the floor Iris my helper kitten had to go find a bed to pass out in after we were done she just was so nipped out

13 Spicy Micey tese were fun to batt they can be recared over night in the contor of catnip But Iris my help cat lost hers in the frist hour she was sad about it!!

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wide boady wednesday

Wide boady and Porud of it!!! Nip up now passed Out!!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tummy tuseday

Fat Eric has nothing on me I can be fufffy and show some tummy if i want just becuse I showing it dose not mean you can touch it!!!!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

another weekend report ( i am back)

Mu shue here i am back So the question is been were have you been mu shue pooh. Well mama puter broke and after we browed grandamas for a week it came back okay dokie. So what have i been up to well frist fing is frist I have to thank Sammy Meezer who was my our secreat paw. The gift was purrfect. There was a catnip toy for me that took me an hour to kill.I just lick it rool on it lick it some more bit it before mama new it there was catnip toy all over the living room. There wer were feather butt mousies for iris she was so sad when they were all batted up. this is the second batch in a week she lost. There was facy feast for lily Lilly never had fancey fest since i on sciption food only except treets we let lilly get it. Iris only eats naratal food mama said she not letting her have junck becusse she lean to like junk like lilly. So lilly been eating well!!!! There was also temp-tay-tions both chicken and toona we enjoyed those alot!!! here are above our some picutres

speaking of Lilly lu she asked me to do a shamless plug she got a pretty new dreess she finking she might become a fasiton modle like cindy catford expect pluse sized and spotty. Let her know what you fink of her new dress

another big event in our house has been me and lilly lu here . see she lived here a long time I tryed meany ways to get rid of her.sItting on her head chaceing her pouceing on her packing her in suit cases licking the fur off her she seems to stay around so her been the problem. and a cat needs to nap some time and well okay I napped wiff lilly on the same couch only becuse iris was off being a kitten. Gosh that kitten makes me tired !!!!! so here it is it a one time only shot becuse Lilly started showing off for the camra so i high tailed it out of ther soon after.

now it time for the food repart i let Lilly lu take over

I GOT ICE CREAAM !!!!!!!!!!!! mama was eating some wiff homemade apple cobbler it was delouious and i went in full beg mode after full beg i went into Lilly help your self mode at that point there was no stopping me i gobbled down my ice cream faster than you can say ice cream.

I also got creal milk becuse I am so cute and well desver it and i was beggging for it. wiff paw waving so she had to get it

I also had cheese. mama said the deit pusshing vet is going to be mad.when he see me in feburary I just put on a kootie sweeter so they can tell me how kootie i am

back to mu shue for the rest of the food report

sigh way lilly was eating her dairy there sady was no chikcy for me

but there was temp-tay-tions

and greenies

and chicken treets

and pill pocket treets yummy

one my new years reloutions was to make new freinds so I going to start a new section on each weekend report about the new freinds I meet so I this morning i woke up wiff mail in my paw box furry excited okay Lilly paw box since mines filled wiff junk mail MAMA were going to have to do something about that a king should not have to share names we like induces artycatsy we luff this sight i giff it Two paws up
Anoter shamless Plug for my sisfur Lilly Lu she wants every one to know it spotty sunday How about sitt on spooty cats head sunday that would work for me she wants you to know she has a new song she been singing it all morning so far she only got one pouch of sticky goodness and a few toona tem-tay-tion but i hear we haveing ice cream tonight wiff din din so who know maybe if she keeps up she get some ice cream
Oh we forogt Eric and Finn when my 1000 vistor contest since they were only two off and we don't know who the real winner is so if you send an paw mail adress to us we send you some of mu shue faviort fings pacakge

well thats all form here hope evere one has a great weekend