Saturday, January 13, 2007

weekend report

Catnip testing countuinted

well it another weekend another report. after my thusday threetine about catnip Iris and I have taken it aupon are self to do some more testing we going to be testing the Yowal catnip banna and the rest of the fruit pack as well as some there losse nip. We also going to be testing the paw barker catnip ball. We will fill you in on how are test go We will also be testing out a cat pack from Parieland herbs. As I said it a hard job but some kitt had to do it. Iris and I have taken it upon are selfs to test out as much nip as we can.

Sister update

Well Lilly Lu is trying to do new and exciteing reachuch. That feeding the cat any time she wants it is good for her espley such treets as sticky goodness and tem-tay-tion and her faivort dairy espley ice cream. So fairy mama laura is not couparting wiff lilly lu rechurch. Lilly lu said she needs full corapration and that this rechuch is importent to the sintific commuity as well as to Lilly Lu her self Lily Lu moddle Fed me Fed me again Feed Me More Just keep fedding me

Iris has been crazy but thow enough nip at the poor kitten and she forced to pass out. After some of those nip are strong stuff for us adult cats so she get rather niped fast. she relly cute she frist starts a rolling and a lickinh and then she start going nuts then she stumbles over to the nearest nap space to pass out. I asked her if she was up to more reacherch and she said Mu shue I can do it. So she be helping me out wiff my nip rechurch I thinking of getting a doctorit in Nipologly. Maybe starting my own untivesty for cats blog. I know i could count on freinds to help me out we already have skeexix help blog.

Wiff all that Nip we been resting on the sun chair on are new cat bankets from bandi and bat and Holly mama it qute cuddly on my sun chair now all i have to do is get the sun to coruarte and i be in heaven
He you can see a few picuters form my chair

Food update

it was a furry bad week for food around her only a little ice cream and chicken salad and Iris helped her self to so cheese Lilly Lu and diary are know for each orther

Tem-tay-tions of cours

amd Greenies my faviort

and of course my pill pocket treets

New freinds update I said one my relautions was to make new freinds so I am keeping this one The teaching Lilly lu to use the box and to cover is not working I told her it bad mannors she said fine she use the rug whats a king to any way meet our new freinds at fourty paws Hay mama look they have 10 cats that means you can take in molly she looks very fuffy and cute and a freind for me ... Please i been loney since Kayla died even wiff Lilly and Iris. I know you say we full but whats one more cat.....

Help need I cant get the wallpaper i want I tyed skeezix help bkog i cant do it I also cant get mr liksy up can some cat help me sigh

one a side not Eric and Flynn your gift will go out this thusday we sorry it taken so long mama Laura has been buzzy


Daisy said...

I can't wait to hear your findings on the catnip study!

Fat Eric said...

It sounds like you are having a wild time at your house with all that catnip testing!
Is your mum still planning to abandon you and go on a cruise? When does she go?

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

sigh yes she leaving me and Lilly wiff sandy while she sends iris to the kitten spa something about she get to much turbble when she is only suprived an hour a day. She going th 7-14 on the curise and then she spending 16, 17,m in disney world wiff the big mousie and not me she got Lilly a minnine mousies outfit for the acction But i annocing it here too while she gone ALL THE CATS COME TELPORT OVER HERE WE GOT NIP AND TEMPTAION AND PLUSTLY OF REFREMENTS MAMA GONE PARTY AT MU SHUE AND LILLY HOUE

Eric and Flynn said...

Ohhhh it sownds like heaven, yoo testing all dat nip. I haf a nip carrot dat my sweetie Grr sent me, an it is the bestest fing I haf efurr had. I roll on it an drool on it an I reely reely luv it.When yer mum goes on her cruse, we'll teleport ofurr to see yoo an mebbe we can try sum of yer wunnerfull nip toys. Flynn
Fank yoo so much furr giving us a purrize furr being yer 1000 vizzyters. We's getting ecksited, an will watch owt furr the postman.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

You're gonna LOVE that banana! I can't wait to hear the report!


INAMINI said...

Nip rechurch is furry impurrtant, an it sownds like we got the bestest cats fur the job! Nice werk!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

nip research? we've gotta do summa that! Grr wuz rolling in nip offur the weekend an hadded it all in her furs.