Thursday, January 25, 2007

thursday 13

Okay so I been testing nip and I said that I do my faviort place to pass out after nip

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Thirteen Things best place to pass out after hitting the nip

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1. Right were you nipped up ( dont have to move just pass out)

2. my sun chairs Great place to bring a nip toy and then pass out in the sun

3. My cat rug( no subbling around to jump on any thing just pass out on the rug it quite commy)

4. The big bed ( plenty of sprawl at space importet after a good nip sestion)

5. the heated window napper ( stay warm and watch the birdy all nipped up the brids wil never look the same)

6. Lilly pink bed ( it quite cuddley place to nap after nip)

7. The scraching tree ( i love the second leavl it pefet placce just a jump to the napper and a jump to Lilly bed)

8. The desk bed ( pefect place becuse it were i spend alot of time and it has a desk light that is so cuddly)

9. In my cat house( perfect place becuse it quite and succled just what you need when you recovering form nip)

10) on the couch ( great spral out space)

11. In a tunnle ( this on for you rocky and skeexix)

12. in my basket bed ( other dark place)

13. a fresh basket of warm folded landy ( nothing like it it warm and cuddly and then mama laura will be happy wiff her new cat fur close when i am done

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jeterharris said...

doze ar sum grate placez to pass owt after da nip, mu shue.

heer'z da link to mi tt:

tiggerprr said...

Those all sound like excellent places to pass out after nipping! :)

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

hey - we want a heated window napper!

great list!

Eric and Flynn said...

Furry good nip recufurry places. Da best is just pass owt wheer yoo are.

Gemini said...

Oh all good places to pass out!

Fat Eric said...

Good advice for nipheads, Mu shue. I always feel like I am missing out since nip doesn't really have any effect on me. Apparently some cats are just immune...I feel like the only sober cat at the party of drunks!