Saturday, January 06, 2007

another weekend report ( i am back)

Mu shue here i am back So the question is been were have you been mu shue pooh. Well mama puter broke and after we browed grandamas for a week it came back okay dokie. So what have i been up to well frist fing is frist I have to thank Sammy Meezer who was my our secreat paw. The gift was purrfect. There was a catnip toy for me that took me an hour to kill.I just lick it rool on it lick it some more bit it before mama new it there was catnip toy all over the living room. There wer were feather butt mousies for iris she was so sad when they were all batted up. this is the second batch in a week she lost. There was facy feast for lily Lilly never had fancey fest since i on sciption food only except treets we let lilly get it. Iris only eats naratal food mama said she not letting her have junck becusse she lean to like junk like lilly. So lilly been eating well!!!! There was also temp-tay-tions both chicken and toona we enjoyed those alot!!! here are above our some picutres

speaking of Lilly lu she asked me to do a shamless plug she got a pretty new dreess she finking she might become a fasiton modle like cindy catford expect pluse sized and spotty. Let her know what you fink of her new dress

another big event in our house has been me and lilly lu here . see she lived here a long time I tryed meany ways to get rid of her.sItting on her head chaceing her pouceing on her packing her in suit cases licking the fur off her she seems to stay around so her been the problem. and a cat needs to nap some time and well okay I napped wiff lilly on the same couch only becuse iris was off being a kitten. Gosh that kitten makes me tired !!!!! so here it is it a one time only shot becuse Lilly started showing off for the camra so i high tailed it out of ther soon after.

now it time for the food repart i let Lilly lu take over

I GOT ICE CREAAM !!!!!!!!!!!! mama was eating some wiff homemade apple cobbler it was delouious and i went in full beg mode after full beg i went into Lilly help your self mode at that point there was no stopping me i gobbled down my ice cream faster than you can say ice cream.

I also got creal milk becuse I am so cute and well desver it and i was beggging for it. wiff paw waving so she had to get it

I also had cheese. mama said the deit pusshing vet is going to be mad.when he see me in feburary I just put on a kootie sweeter so they can tell me how kootie i am

back to mu shue for the rest of the food report

sigh way lilly was eating her dairy there sady was no chikcy for me

but there was temp-tay-tions

and greenies

and chicken treets

and pill pocket treets yummy

one my new years reloutions was to make new freinds so I going to start a new section on each weekend report about the new freinds I meet so I this morning i woke up wiff mail in my paw box furry excited okay Lilly paw box since mines filled wiff junk mail MAMA were going to have to do something about that a king should not have to share names we like induces artycatsy we luff this sight i giff it Two paws up
Anoter shamless Plug for my sisfur Lilly Lu she wants every one to know it spotty sunday How about sitt on spooty cats head sunday that would work for me she wants you to know she has a new song she been singing it all morning so far she only got one pouch of sticky goodness and a few toona tem-tay-tion but i hear we haveing ice cream tonight wiff din din so who know maybe if she keeps up she get some ice cream
Oh we forogt Eric and Finn when my 1000 vistor contest since they were only two off and we don't know who the real winner is so if you send an paw mail adress to us we send you some of mu shue faviort fings pacakge

well thats all form here hope evere one has a great weekend


Gemini said...

Oh what a long report! You did a lot while your 'puter was down.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

oooh - you sure are fast at killing nip toys! great job!

Eric and Flynn said...

Good job yoo cud borrow yer grammas compooter when yores wuz broked.Dat wuz a grate Sekrit Paw yoo got furrom Sammy, an gud werk on killing dat catnip toy. We's got a catnip carrot an mum sez it's all dirty an smelly an she wuz going to wash it, but we told her, NO WAY!!
We wuz reely Sir-Prized to see yoo wanted our address cuz we furrgot to look at yer counter. We'll send yoo an emale fanks.

Daisy said...

Wow, you got ice cream? YUM!

INAMINI said...

Gud werk on the report. Yu are a furry gud repoter, and yu shud haf a job wif a newspaper!

The Meezers said...

I am glad you liked your secret paws stuff! - Sammy

ArtsyCatsy said...

Hey, Mu shue, thanks for the two paws up, and thanks for stopping in our ArtsyCatsy office! Gotta go now and chew Callie's head off.

Rocky, CEO

Faz the Cat said...

Glad to hear your computer is back and you can start blogging again. Thanks for dropping by to say hello on the weekend. Faz

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I'm very glad you're back! We all missed you lots!