Sunday, January 21, 2007

weekend report

well all it time for the weekend report. Frist off thanks for mama brithday wished. Unfouitly she had the tummy bug on her purrday and spent it being freinds wiff the humman litter box. Poor Mama. She all better on Yesterday so she went out to din din and opened some gifts she got blogging for dummy another year of cat facey some nip , few gift card for a massage one for her hair some flowers and a new digtal carma. She did not get photo shop that she relly wanted sigh. And my gift the catnip Carage Apple lemmo and Banna came.

Catnip Report

This week I tested the Paw braker ball and The catnip Banna and a Catnip Cigare. Okay here what we learned the paw braker ball is a hard ball of nip not great for licking becuse it roll too hard for rooling on And when you roll your paw braker ball by the front door and mama Laura steps on it goes flying down the hall crashing into future the paw braker ball dose disaprie.

The Catnip Cigrage A must for senior kits like me. I like my Cigrage Nippy and strong I got an extra for all you older senior men kitts who want to telport oer for a game of Poker wiff catnip cigrage. I just shove Iris in front of the computer wiff dobbie picuter and lock her in the bed room

The Catnip banna I luff this thing I draged it on top of Irs sun chair wow wee talk about some good nipp i had to put a bittey on it fast.

For next week I will be testing out the apple and Lemmon and the Perrie Land Herbs Kat kitt.

Sisfur Report;

it seem Little Iris is upset Very upset she taken to pounceing on me and said she going to tell on me. Here is the story I coughed up a good size hair ball on my sun chair on my cat quilt So I told Iris I am king Cat and she must Vacate the other sun chair wiff her quilt and when she did not I waited for her to leave and took it over she cryed it's her but No it mine I luff it I licked my self all over it and put my sent on it and fluffy Fur
I see no need to give it up so she pounced on me. and then did it again so I thow a few hisses her away and mama said Oh Iris I know but he old and coughing again maybe you could thow him a brake and let him uses your chair and quilt. Play semtemy maama fall for it ever time. Iris mewoed I a kitten I dont share. Get him off it he got his sticky ginger furr all over it.

Iris told me not to blog about this but it seem my lil sisfur has her frist crush on our furry own Dobbie at frist he said he did not like girls but then he sent her a pink ribbon on caster saying he did not like girls till he saw her kote face now she just been a bunch of giggles inbtween games of mousie

Lilly Lu is in hideing last seen morning sitcky goodness then back to hideing. Lilly hates to have her nails cut. It take 4 pices of cheese and two pepole to cut Lilly Lu nails and Mama cut it by her self then put soft paws on her wif NO CHEESE. I was sure when I saw those soft paws she be getting a half a pound of cheese at least but nope something about haveing to go the the vet next week for her yearly ad tired of remaakes about Lilly Lu fluffyness and he little pot belly so she on a no cheese no dairy even no ice cut out facey feast only eat deit sitcky goodness and deit kibbble deit she not too happy about it. she said this enterfering wiff her resuch of feeding the spotty

New freinds report

My new freind of the week is a old freind from caster but she has her own blog every say Hi to Tara she a very pretty Mezzer girl. Iris relly like her


Hot(M)BC said...

Hi Mu Shue, That's a great catnip cigar you got there. I'm not a boycat but I can play poker. Can I come play? I haf some shiny things I stold from Mommy's jewelry table to bet and a couple of nickels. Can I come play?
I'll bring tem-tay-shuns. I'll even share.

Dragonheart said...

That's a great report! That catnip banana looks like lots of fun to play with!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Wow, I'm a boycat and daddy taught me how to play poker and play blackjack (he has a felt mat). I don't think any of my "bling" is as nice as your bling, but maybe we can play for chips and munch on stinky goodness while we play.
As bad as I feel for Iris, there were many times that she took over your sun chair, and you are the King cat. You should be able to sit and sleep wherever you want!!!

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

Okay Mini your in so is mr hedeix Mini you bring the tem-tay-tions and mr hedeidex you bring the sticky goodness and we puff on my catnip cigras and ht my catnip brewisk

Eric and Flynn said...

Owr dad tawt us to play poker too so can we come along? We know where he keeps his poker chips, do yoo want us to bring them?

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

eric and Flynn your in too you bring the chips I got the catnip cigrigs and cat brewisk

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

happy birfday ta yur momma, a little late. i'z a boy an i'd like ta play poker too. kin we play fur Temptations? that'd be way cool.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I told you dude! That banana is just incredible. I'm glad you have your own! But DO NOT let the meezer touch the banana!!!!! They make big holes and try to destroy it. I should know.


Merlin said...

Dude. Dobby is making me crazy with the "Iris this, Iris that."

Kittens are sooo annoying.

The Little Pink Pig said...

The catnip banana is my favorite toy EVER! I lick and lick it. Can't wait for more reports.