Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thank you

after crying my mama feels a little better. It not that she did not want to do raido cat it just she was trying to save for it she figered if she put away 20 green pappers a week she be able to get it done in a year. But then last mouth she blew that all she had been saving on gettting me better. ( i had lots x-rays and 3 good look overs by the vet for my coughing)

My Mama said she has the best jobby in the world she takes care of abused and negleted toddlers. She giff them what there mamma and dadddy often times can't and make them all fell like a millon dollars.She said it the type of job you look foward to doing every day. But it also the type you brig home wiff you. But how ever they pay teacher of very tiny beabs less an hour than a cat sitter or pepole to scub toilets. Mama works extra jobs babby sitting little hummans just to keep up. ( so if you know any little hummans in Ma who need luff in a babby sistter mamma can do that)

When the one thing she thought would giff me a little more time is makeing me sick maam just crunmbeled. 1200 green pappers is more than she make in a whole mouth of full time work. pluse the extra blood work) When she dose get any green papper she always trys to giff us something by saveing for everything.

Then she thought she sell the metal moster and try and get a cheeper less relible metal monster and someone plows right into her back of her meddle moster. Mama felt bad becuse she was on 19 and she wanted to not go though the insurince. So hopely that will settle.

She said she going to look at Imom. I have to go back to the vet as soon as mama is bcak from her cursie and vaction. Mama excited becuse this is the frist vaction she goning on for a long time but worried about me the same way.

I seem to be feeling a little better I ate some sciption sticky goodness this morning. What I did not eat Lilly and Iris helped me out by eating for me. They good sisters that wat when I not hunrgy they always make sure food don't go unesssed.

As mama said we got all the basic we got food luff, metal moster and a roff she just got to figer out the rest. I relly feel luffed thank you all.


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I'm glad you're feeling better today (and your mom is too). Where you live is a very expensive area so we can understand why its so hard for your mom while she's making a difference in those little kid's lives. You've got a very loving responsible mom!


Another thing you could look into is a company that gives out low or no interest loans for veterinary care.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Mu Shue, I feel for you man. The same thing happens at our house. Too many bills and not enough money. Plus, when I won't eat my food, Tipper & Max come over and eat it, and Mom says, they're not the ones that need special food and it costs a lot of money!


Junior said...

I am glad that you are feeling better today, but so sorry you are sick. We will be sending up lots of purrayers for you!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

our Lady was going to tell you about last night, but then the teenagers needed her and she didn't get online. they're a wonderful organization and they've helped many people with vet bills. our Lady's spent lotsa time checking them out.

Lux said...

I just gave you some hugs - I'm sending good thoughts your way, too!

INAMINI said...

Mama Laura reely desurfs her vacation cruse. We hope yu keep feeling bettur and eeting more. Yor in owr thots all the time!

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