Saturday, January 20, 2007

My story ( my responce

Thank you all for you comments

This photo was taken by Judy after Mama Laura forgave her in spring of 1998 this was the frist vist Judy had had with me in mouths I lived under those stairs mama laura is sitting on I ate in a bowl in the bushes

it took mama Laura alot t forgive her. Judy did what she did becuse she was jellous here was the one thing in her life that had it worst than she did and now i was mocing on up to a better life then her and she was drunk stupid and angery that i was living better then she was. She relly wanted to make me hers and love me thats why she kitty napped me and hit me wiff the broom. I guess i was not going willing.

She relly dose love me. When mama laura talks to her she always starts off with how is gizmno.

Mama Laura wanted to help her back in those days she thought she could save the world. But it hard to help someone when they can't help them selfs. she gave her money that spent the she watched spent on cigerets and ahochool. She gave her things that she watch her husbad get mad and distory. She would never leave becuse she had no moneny no job no education. And she had wiskers the cat who she would never leave. mama did not know how to help her expect support her if and when she should ever deside to leave

I am a furry Lucky kitty I get every fing i mewo for I want it mama Laura makes it happen. I no longer have to worrie about my next meal or the druged out pepole who kick me Or if judy huband was mad and would not let her out to giff me food.

I still have my food bowl from that time it was out of Judy personal Humman dishes it one of my 4 water bowls I drink mostly from my two foutions but Lilly Lu seems to love it and it means alot to mamma that Judy did give it to me.

Judy also gave me my hut that Lilly Lu took over and can bee seen sleeping in

Over all I have a better life then judy ever will. I have a forever home and I know I never go back to the streets of Fitchburg Ma again.

Judy has no family beside wiskers the cat and her husband. She told mama on the phone if it were not for wiskers she would be dead.

By the way I did go to the vet becse mama wanted to make sure I was acting funny wiff one eye kid of cloudy from being hit in the head wiff a broom. But by the next day i just wanted Mama Laura and all i wanted to do was cuddle wiff her. The vet were all amazed. For along time she wanted to have Judy brang up on charges But Judy relly loved me and would cry.

When mama finely forgave her she said she never forgive her self for huriting her gizmo.

I fink it a real matter of Luck becuse Judy relly did want me but could not have me or take care of me. But in the end she gave me to Mama Laura who will love me and treet me like a king for ever and always


Tara said...

Thanks for the update. Poor Judy... sounds like she needs a better forever home. Someone to take care of her and love her, and make her take her medicine. Tara

Eric and Flynn said...

We's so furry glad dat fings werked owt so good furr yoo. It's sad though dat Judy's life duzn't seem to be a furry good one.

Daisy said...

It was very good of yer Mommie to forgive Judy. I am glad you are in a safe, wonderful home now!

Dragonheart said...

Mu shue, your story and your response made my mom's eyes get all teary. Judy sounds like she really cared for you but has a lot of troubles. It would be nice if she could find a good forever home just like you found a good forever home.

INAMINI said...

Agin! Mama Laura is the best!