Friday, January 19, 2007

Fromaly Ferital Fiday ( my story)

My story I am from the streets Of Fitchburg Ma were My mama rusued me. I was a homeless cat I made freinds wiff a women named Judy. Judy took pitty on me. and would give me food and fresh water. i would hang out under her window but she had another cat and her husband did not want me. She named me Gizmo

Judy had her share of problems an abusive reltionship alcholimim not alot of money no education. But judy also had a big heart. Mama still talks to her.

Oneday September 27 another cat ran under mama bed mama went down stairs and knocked on Judy door for the frist time. and told her she thought her cat had run under her bed runs out it was the upstairs nabiors cat. Judy told mama about me. Thats how i came to live wiff mama Laura.

I had a rough life there was a dug dealer who lived in the bulding and durged out pepole used to kick me as they walk by. all I had was a food bowl. Judy did the best she could she gave me what she could afford and if there was nothing she chop up a hot dog or a pice of chicken and always try and give me something once a day.

Mama wiff the help of judy took me to the vet. At frist appment he said every thing was fine and just gave me shots about a week latter mama truned on the heat and I got furry sick. Wiff what truned out to be my frist Upper repority infection problem wiff azma

About 2 weeks latter Judy get furry drunk. She had a spare set of keys cuse mama used to let her kitty sit me on the weekends sometimes. She brakes mama Laura trust and beats me wiff a broom and kitty napped me down to her place, Mama laura asked for me back Judy said she had changed her mind and wanted me. I was hers

Mama Laura called the police and showe them vet records that Judy did not have. and they made judy give me back. I still scard of brooms.

For alog time she struggled to forgive Judy but she felt furry bad. Would often leave homeade goodies on her door step and presents for me. mama knew she did not have alot of money and knew she should forgive. She did forgive Judy and let her see me on Limited vists supervised. She still sends judy picuters

The question is how did i get my name Mu shue Is from a movie Mulan in the movie there is a red dragan that mama luffs. She had just gotten the vido tape when she found me. Pooh is from mama faviort disney carrortor winnie the pooh. Mu shue is prounsed Moo shoe.. and King cat comes from when she took me in she said You never have to worrie I am going to treat You like a king. I am going to Love you forever and always. And she keeped this promice!!!!!

thats how i went form formaly Fertial to luff lots


Dragonheart said...

Oh Mu Shue, you had a hard early life! That was nice of Judy to feed you when she didn't have much money herself, but horrible that she beat you with a broom! Very scary.

Your mama sounds wonderful. You are very lucky to live with her and to have found such a terrific forever home.

Daisy said...

Oh, Mu Shue, what a very sad story! I am very very glad you have a good home now. I am scairt to hear there are such mean beans out there!

ps: I think it is best to wear RED outfits when you go to the vets. Then, if some blood gets on you, it won't cause a stain.

Mia and Ghost said...

Oh... Mu Shue... we are glad Mama Laura rescued you. We hope Judy gets her life straightened out even if she did try to hurt you. Beans get stupid when they drink too much

Eric and Flynn said...

Mue shue yoo is one lucky kitty dat yer momma Laura reskyood yoo furrom all the bad beans hoo kicked yoo and furrom Judy beating yoo wiv a broom. Yer momma sownds like a furry good lady.

Kimo & Sabi said...

That is the sweetest (sniffle, sniffle) story ever! Your momma is the bestest!

Faz the Cat said...

That's a very sad sorry to start with but at least it ended up happy. Some of us cats forget how lucky we are to have loving owners since we were little kittens, who look after us properly and take us to the vet (even if we don't want to go). I hope the rest of your life is very very happy. Faz

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Poor Mu Shue, what a hard life you had before! I'm glad you told us your story. That poor Judy woman sounds like she did love you but she just couldn't take care of you like your Mama Laura does. You've got a great home now!


Anonymous said...

My mommy cryed when she read your stroy.I'm so glad you found a good home and that now your loved.Your mommy sounds like an true angel.I'm glad she forgave judy yet I know how hard that must have been.I can't imagine someone hurting you it makes me so mad(Hissss!!!!)Sorry yet I'm so angry anyway I send you and your mom Huggs.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

our eyes got wet when we were reading about your early days. I'm glad your Mommy Laura takes good care of you and gives you all the love you need.
I won't say anything about Judy even if it is "better to forgive."
Back to the good stuff, I thinks your mommy Laura is so brave to go to those lengths to take care of you. I love the story of your name. I always wondered. We love Pooh too!!!! Now we love Mu Shue Pooh, a most deserving King Cat!

Cecilia & The 2Bs said...

Oh poor Mu Shue! You had such a hard life. But we are very happy that you are now being treated like a king. We are very happy that you found such a great forever home. Hugs and kisses.

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

why yes what Judy did was bad. Furry bad but if you look at all judy did do for me as well while i was on the streets.

Mama Lost contact wiff Judy for a while cryed when she went back to the apt where she had lived 10 years to find she was no loger there.

She found number in photo able wiff old photo of me while re orginzing the book shelf she took a lep and called the number

and was so glad to hear Judy voice. She told Mama that she was okay. Still living in Fitchburg. Wanted are adress becuse every year on september 27 since we had lost contact she had goten mu shue a gift and put it away. In hope some day she see him again

Mama Mailed her lots of photo right away.

Lets not contrated on the bad Judy did but the good she gained my trust keeped feeding me and gave me to Mama Laura.

Millie said...

What a story. I am amazed that one thing all us formerly ferals have in common is luck. Luck and the big hearts of all people who help animals. I am glad you have a nice home now with mama Laura.

Tara said...

Between the story and the comments, Mom's eyes are really watery! Its always good to look at the best, and Judy did her best for Mu Shue. Mom knows drugs and alcohol can make good people act bad...remember, they need help too. I'm so glad Mu Shue found a purrfect forever home. Good for Mama Laura for looking at the good, amd not the bad. Tara

ArtsyCatsy said...

Oh, Mu Shue, your story made me and my human mama Sharolyn cry! We're all formerly ferals here, but you had it worse than any of us.

I showed up here 4 years ago at my humans' yard sale, stuck up underneath a bad man's pickup truck. I was just a little kitty, screaming & screaming. She asked the bad man if he had a kitten in his truck and he LAUGHED and said "the damn thing's been up in there all day."

Then Sharolyn had a hissyfit & said he wasn't leaving her yard sale 'til she got me out of the truck. So she did, and took me in and I lost my voice for 3 weeks from screaming and now I have asthma.

But now you and me both get loved and loved :-) We been movin' on up!

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

it took mama Laura alot t forgive her. Judy did what she did becuse she was jellous here was the one thing in her life that had it worst than she did and now i was mocing on up to a better life then her and she was drunk stupid and angery that i was living better then she was. She relly wanted to make me hers and love me thats why she kitty napped me and hit me wiff the broom. I guess i was not going willing.

She relly dose love me. When mama laura talks to her she always starts off with how is gizmno.

Mama Laura wanted to help her back in those days she thought she could save the world. But it hard to help someone when they can't help them selfs. she gave her money that spent the she watched spent on cigerets and ahochool. She gave her things that she watch her husbad get mad and distory. She would never leave becuse she had no moneny no job no education. And she had wiskers the cat who she would never leave. mama did not know how to help her expect support her if and when she should ever deside to leave

I am a furry Lucky kitty I get every fing i mewo for I want it mama Laura makes it happen. I no longer have to worrie about my next meal or the druged out pepole who kick me Or if judy huband was mad and would not let her out to giff me food.

I still have my food bowl from that time it was out of Judy personal Humman dishes it one of my 4 water bowls I drink mostly from my two foutions but Lilly Lu seems to love it and it means alot to mamma that Judy did give it to me.

Judy also gave me my hut that Lilly Lu took over and can bee seen sleeping in

Over all I have a better life then judy ever will. I have a forever home and I know I never go back to the streets of Fitchburg Ma again.

Judy has no family beside wiskers the cat and her husband. She told mama on the phone if it were not for wiskers she would be dead.

By the way I did go to the vet becse mama wanted to make sure I was acting funny wiff one eye kid of cloudy from being hit in the head wiff a broom. But by the next day i just wanted Mama Laura and all i wanted to do was cuddle wiff her. The vet were all amazed. For along time she wanted to have Judy brang up on charges But Judy relly loved me and would cry.

When mama finely forgave her she said she never forgive her self for huriting her gizmo.

I fink it a real matter of Luck becuse Judy relly did want me but could not have me or take care of me. But in the end she gave me to Mama Laura who will love me and treet me like a king for ever and always

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we're so furry happy that you gotted a good home wif mama Laura. we're sorry the Judy lady hurted you. sumtimes people who's drunk or on drugs do horrybull an stoopid stuff that they wouldn't do otherwize. we're glad yur treeted like a King now.

INAMINI said...

I'm so surry yu had such a ruff childhood. Mamma Laura is the best! Fank gudnuss beans like hur!