Sunday, January 28, 2007

The weekend Report

The weekend report Well all it time for a weekend reort. Unfouitly this report is picutreless see mama has yet to put toghter her new digtal cramra she got for her purrday she said something about a memory card. and 30 dollors and only 60 green papper in the cheeking account and haveing to get a second job. And sandy costing 20 green papers a day and Iris's spa is 18 green pappers a day. I not sure what that means but it don't sound too good I hate it when she start winning over green pappers and the mastercat.

Well anny ways It time for the weather report wiff You guest reporterd Lilly Lu and Iris will help me so take it away girls I pich in at the bottom

Lilly Lu: the weather has been cold it was -6 wiff the wind chill her in ma so it time to put away you papmpered tee shirts and put on those pink sweeterd and furr coats it furry cold

Iris: it time to cuddle up close to mama laura in the down comfortor and make sure i hae an elirtic blanket when i go to the kitty spa

Mu shue: There snow out side my windo that means that don't ask demand you food peppole get you a heated window napper after all you need to make sure you warm why birdy watching

Well now that we did the weather we going to do the Catnip Report.

This week we will rewive a catnip apple a cat kitt by perrie land herbs and a buddy cat by Harmmy Pillows

The catnip Apple came wiff my catnip banna I did enjoy this furry much and liked lickeing it I give it to paws up for catnip lickyness But Iris try to bit it and put whole in it.

The cat kitt by Perri land herbs. Well this comes wiff a bit of a story. Mama wanted to get this so bad she tryed wiff her pay pal but it did not go though so she tryed useing master cat. Well she got two recitets not relizeing they were both from pay pal. At frist they were very nice and then when they sent her the pay pal she payed it but emailed them back to make sure she did not pay twice. becuse she got to recitects The frist email she got back was rather rude and left a bad tast in her mouth. Then they emailed her again and expalined why they thought she got two receits. But she still had the bad tast in her mouth

She was willing to giff this nip a try Iris Loved the bonky ball but i did not care for the nip one bit Nott nearly s good high and the catnip spray had no effect on me for this reson i givein this only one paw. mama said bad costumer sevices dose not go over well wiff her

Now back to good and by good I mean very very good!!! materfact I giff it the mu shue cat frist of Purrrfect !!!catnip buddy Harmmy pillows I giveing them my highest catnip ratting of 4 paw up I should say 8 becuse Iris felt the same way.Make you hummans get you this!!!!!!!!! I herd Missy and Kc mewo about it so i had to try it. Frist off I like to say i love my buddy cat he has a leather tail it camed giff wrapped in cute wrapping papper and best of all it came wiff an extra catnip pillow. Now cats RUNNN to make you humman get this for you!!! I been playing wiff this thing non stop for 48 hours driveing mama Crazy Iris has draged her catnip pillow every were and said she saveing it to show to dobby

Now it time for the Sisfur report

Okay what happend to my koote sweet sisfur now she giggleing all the time mewoing about dobby please some stop her giff me back the cat who did not hog my puter cheeking on dobby all the time. I need my catnip test sifur back we have very importet resech to do and we can not stop to take brakes to giggle about dobby

Lilly Lu went to the vet She came home very upset I asked her what was wrong she siad They stabed me wiff a needle they called my furr unquine cut my back paws cleaned my eyes forgot to call me the most beuftil cat in the world commieted on my fashion sense and said I am fluffy at 12.8 lbs and recomed i eat less ice cream. Hummp

Food report

It been a bad week around her becuse of Lilly haveing to go to the vet there were treats but no humman food hummmp.

Now mama is going on her curse on Feb 7-14 then she going to spend the 15 and 16 in disney world and spend 17-20 wiff her mama in Maim fl. Sandy will come twice a day to take care of us Iris is going to The cat Inn beucse she get in trubble wiff only an hour supperviston.she mewoing about fishing and squirel watcing and the foution she going to drink out of humm i don't know Iris she said she takeing her purrple cat blanket wiff her so there mu shue pooh. I think I might miss the little meezer. naaa it was just featling thought here Iris I going to pack a suitecase for you!!!!!

So i going to need all you cats to tell port over to our place for a party I got nip cigras ad temptainon and food and bottled water and foutions for all I stocking up on all types of trees espleay tem-tay-tions


INAMINI said...

Furry gud repurt, Mu shue. Yu are furry gud on the hu, wut, ware and how. Now yu got me all hungary fur sum uf dose new toys. I will haf to speak tu Mom abowt those...

Luna said...

Good Report Mu shue!
My name is Luna welcome to my blog!
¸. ಌ´ ¸.ಌ*´¨)
(¸.ಌ´*(¸.ಌ´ Luna*/ (\_(\
(=' :')

Eric and Flynn said...

Anuvver good weekend report. We haf told owr mum we want a buddycat, so we are keeping owr paws crossed.We will come ofurr an see yoo when yer mum goes on her crews. Owr beans are going on a crews in Joo-lie

BK said...

Hi Mr Mu Shue Pooh. I recently discovered your bloggie and just wanted to say hi! Purrs.