Saturday, April 26, 2008

The zoom groom thank you

After a long hard mouth what dose this man cat like to do to relax nap on his heated napper well not any more =( nap in his faviort wicker hut =( no not any more Sleep on a sun chair =( we going to get better sun chairs. No he like to get zoom groomed. It my faviort brush in the whole world and I just got one in the mail thank you Iris and I have arleady taken are postion for brushing

Mu shue

Monday, April 21, 2008

The King is Home for man cat Monday

I am home well at grandmas. I was furry dehrated form the fire and they think it upset my GI systym. So i on pepicd and and antibotic and fuilds every other day. It good to be home. every cats said i a hero for saving Lilly Lu and Iris. I just told them high tail it out of there. It just the man cat thing to do. Iris has a bit mark on the back of her neck. The vet think I pick her up my the scub of her neck and draged her. I the man cat it my JOB to take care of my furr sister. You all do it to if you had too.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mu shue update

On thusday i took mu shue to the vet they desied to keep him. He down to 11lbs he was 15 lbs at one point in his life. He smelled offfical and had deirrea like you never belive. his kidney valuse and white blood cells were high. They think the fire thow him over the edge. I think he lead the girls to safty. As I know lilly Lu would have follow him to the end of the earth and back and iris she know mu shue has the brains after all he lived on the streets for years.

I also found out that the only pets that got out alive were the ones taken out that horbial day. and one other set of cats. Alot of pepole lost everything incuding there cats. Jefferson the mangment compney said they put you up untill you unit can be fix so far no word. They said they let me back in to grab things. Again so far no word. It a we will call you don't call us deal.

Mu shue is on an IV he was furry purry and headbonky when i saw him yesterday. I was so glad to hear him purr as i thought that was lost in the fire. I had not heard him do it. They gave him a bath so he now is a hunk of ginger and white gouousenss again. He smelled offaclal. They had to were mask while bathing him he smelled so bad from the fire.

Tufts said to go a head and bath lilly be caffual f her insison and her eyes and nosies she a little gray and smells like smoke. Iris is going to go to the groomer too. She never been !!! I hope mu shue will be able to come home in a day I miss my speical boy !!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

thank you to framingham best in bule

These officer are the ones who ressued the cats I laura will be forever gateful for them they risked life and limb went way beyond the call of duty to get my cats. lets strom framingham with thank you notes

Offiecer Joe Godino and Pamela buffed
One William Welch WayFramingham, MA 01702

Friday, April 11, 2008

please purrr like you never purred before

please purr there was a 5 alrlam fire in my building they not allwoing anyone in please and they will look for pets latter please purr like you never purrred before for mu shue lilly and iris thinks i can replace i cant replace them. only things i now own are the cloths on my back and my car. that i be sleeping in tonight waiting for word

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Man cat Monday

When your sister is not feeling good it very manly to cuddly with her Hello Kitty. I promiced Lilly I take good care of HK for her !!!!!! Only a real man can pull of Hk.... Not that i am fan or anything

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Something new

Would play little game here on my blog. It's called what different. If you figure it out leave a comment below. All I can say is that it's very exciting. So now looked very closely at my blog and figure out what different. Just so you have a little more to go I'm going to write a short paragraph. I'll give you one hint look at my old blog entries and notice what's different about this one.

My sample paragraph

my name is Mu shue Pooh I live in Massachusetts. With my two sisters and LillyLu. I hard life before I found my mama. I used to live on the streets. Now I am a spoiled king cat. You may refer to me as Mr. Pooh or special king cat, or just Mu Shue. Some of my nicknames are Shooey, special boy Moooshie and his Royal highness Mr. Ginger. I have asthma and kidney disease and I am love alot.

That's the Guessing begin!