Saturday, April 26, 2008

The zoom groom thank you

After a long hard mouth what dose this man cat like to do to relax nap on his heated napper well not any more =( nap in his faviort wicker hut =( no not any more Sleep on a sun chair =( we going to get better sun chairs. No he like to get zoom groomed. It my faviort brush in the whole world and I just got one in the mail thank you Iris and I have arleady taken are postion for brushing

Mu shue


Lux said...

Enjoy getting brushed - I hope it feels really good!

China Cat said...

Oh, the zoom groom is a very good brush, indeed!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Enjoy the brush. What a great stress reliever!

ML said...

So glad to hear our hero, Mu shue, is enjoying the zoom groom.
ML & the Sherwood Bunch

jane said...

That's it Mu Shue, you enjoy that brushing. An heroic mancat must always look his best y'know ;)

ML said...

Hi Laura, and Mu shue (my hero cat) and Lilly Lu and baby Iris,
Wanted you to know Deb and I just started auctions to help you out. We've been Spring cleaning and finding lots and lots of nice, new items... the auctions will be short and the payments will be made directly to you! Yay. Check them out at the Friends of CB blog.
and Deb and the Taylor CatSSSSS