Thursday, January 11, 2007

thusday threiteen

It a hard job but some cat had to do it I think I be paying a vist to Catnip annyomous in the near furter. Next week I plan to do the best places to pass out after nip

As speical thanks goes to Iris for being a cute kitten catnip resuch asstinced I could not have done it wiff out you by the way you still need to get off the sun chair

a rewive of 13 diffent type of catnip and catnip toys

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1. catnip raves what ever happen to these I luffed this toy i used to get one for my brithday and hunnka but mamma as had trubble locateing them lately

2. Cosmic catnip pouch Sammy meezer got me this for my seecerect paw gift it took me an hour to destory but when the green sucky michen came out i was so past out i did not care

3. Big mama scarcomoa You cat nip up scrach up and and pass out in the same Spot!!!!!

4. krazy kitty catnip It a small amout but this giff you a good buzz for and it ornigic I luff ogrinc nip

5. Fresh nip- mama went to pet smart came home wiiff my own nip plant this thing did not last long nothing like the real thing!!!

6 Dr Noys catnip toys I was less then impressed wiff this nip i would rather have my rave any day!!! this only give very mild high not even worht a second lick

7. Kookamunga Catnip Iris swars by there bubbles Iliked the nip it was not the ornig nip i am used to I liked it alot

8.Enchantacat Kitty Potpurri Very Special Reserve I got this for my purrday in september Wow wee talk about a high !! I luffed it

9. Every man cat needs a Ratherbee Organic Catnip Cigar for those speical moment in his life he needs to cellbrate

10. catnip feather toped carrort; feather Enough said did not last long between Iris and I. We killed this thing fast!!!! They say this is refeilble but there nothing left to refill!!!

11. kitty hoots boogie matts You can pass out right where you nip up !!!!

12. west paws hip nip pouch This nip is not just nip it ornigic nip made wiff no nip I got a high off this nip and rolled on the floor Iris my helper kitten had to go find a bed to pass out in after we were done she just was so nipped out

13 Spicy Micey tese were fun to batt they can be recared over night in the contor of catnip But Iris my help cat lost hers in the frist hour she was sad about it!!

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Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Great list!! Have you tried the Catnip Banana??? Dude....there is nothing like it! See my post yesterday for a picture...its heaven. I will ceratinly have the Woman review your post and make sure she gets me the good stuff!


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Great list, too funny. Good job, Mu shue.

jeterharris said...

yes ... i hav heard abowt da catnip banana. thanx fer da list uv catnip toyz mu shue. i will share it wid mi mom fer fyoocher refrence.

Mu shue Pooh King Cat said...

Hi all this is Lilly lu looks like i maybe getting my own blog after all mu shue and iris well they passed out oh wait i hear iris bearly mewoing Iris whats that you saying...."more nip" sigh mu shue started her young

DaisyMae Maus said...

Oh, Mu Shue! You've gotta get yourself a bonky ball from Prairieland Herbs ... That's the STUFF right there!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Wow, I shode this to Rocky and he sed yoo were a reel konussewer.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Oh, Cosmic Catnip is THE BEST! It's the kind I prefer, and being a member of Catnip Anonymous, I can speak with some authority on the subject.


Eric and Flynn said...

That's a grate list!! We haf got one of those nip carrots, but Flynn won't let me sheer it wiv him. He rolls on it an drools all ofurr it.

Forty Paws said...

Hi Mu Shue,
Tanks fer stoppin in at owr blog. Duz Poo King mean puking? We ad u an yur fur sitters to owr blog roll.
Forty Paws