Thursday, October 19, 2006

Radio cat ?? And trip to the vet

I had to go to the most humiating place on earth a place with doggies. UGGGG I hate dogs and I hate the car so I hate the vet. The did blood work on me to cheek my thryoid. I got my percption refilled. My mamma Laura also go infermation about Raido cat. A way to cure my thyrido for ever. It is a raido active shoot one time deal. But I have to spend a few days away. No fear mamma would make audio tapes of me. Somone would take care of my every wim. I even have cat vidos to watch think they have vido catnip I love that one with the birds. But my mama is looking for other cats who may have had this done. what are there experinces. If you could leave mama a little note that would be great. She about 80% sure this is were she wants to go. I got to go give Lilly whats coming for her for trying to take over my blog also it almost time for din din followed by my after din din nap followed by my 2:00 am chace of Lilly. aww the life of a king.

Mu shue


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Why don't you go to Kats Cat of the Day to post the question.

You can also send Kat photos of your kitties and get them posted as Cat of the Day.

I will put a post up for you on the Cat Blogosphere right now, see if someone has done this already.

Hot(M)BC said...

I don't know nuffin bout it Mu Shue Pooh, but it'd be neet if you could get all fixed up for good an no m ore pills to take!
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree