Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Big Green Sucking Michen and Mencey over

Every once in a blue moon mamma Laura turns into a moneter and starts cleaning and she pulls out The Big Green sucking Michen. To get up the Cat fur. Now I ask you who dose not like a helthy dose of cat fur on the carpet? I think it looks good there. Now any ways today was that day. I and Lilly ran for our cat lives and hid under the bed. Yes I am scard of the Green Sucking michen. So any way Right when I was mewoing to Lilly I could not take it any more. The big Green sucking michen starts to smell like bruning rubber. I hate the smell of buring rubber more than iI hate the smell of not clean litter box. I am pretty fussy about my box. So any way the belt brakes and I think i am safe when she come back latter that eaveing wiff a new belt and sucks up the rest of the cat fur I just have to work extra hard at leaving my fur around.

mamma Laura made it to pet co But they only had sammmoned faloved pill treat no chicken so she had to go to pet world next store. The only problem wiff pet world is SPIN (Stray pets in need) It a no kill kitten selter. That means she might fall in love wiff another cat beside me. Always a risk she has SUCKER posted on her forhead for adult shelter cat. Espely the old ones. Sigh comption comption. I always make sure she full armed wiff my picuter when she goes in there. So she can rember what she got at home is the best and the king. So any ways I well stocked up on catnip, orginic of course, chicken treats and Cat cavior. She also got me a catnip home made catnip blanket proffets go to spin and She got Lilly (I only going to eat what I want and at most one half of what you give me and dont think of saving it becuse I like a Fresh and I mean fresh can of food every morning that I may or may not choice to eat). Lu lost of diffen types and flavores of can food.

Good new the new dr foster and smith hoilday catlog is out I already looking at it. Marter of fack I laying on it while I type. I am sure it will give me great dreems to night I paw marking my list and cheeking it twince. I been a good cat all year. Well I been a king cat all year and longer That should count with points for the big cat.


DiVaKiTtY said...

Mu shue ue haf a nays blog. ower hom gots suck up eaviedae but I stil hide under the bed. lemme tel ue a sekret the 1st time wen i hed the sukin masheen i mesed my meowmys rug. hehehe.
yo treets sownd so yummy i wish tey had things wike that in ower shops

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh good your Mommy got your treats for your pills! I's skeered of the suckin machines no matter what colors they are. Hidin under the bed is a furry good plan.