Thursday, October 26, 2006

My sisfur Lilly Lu the strange

Yes every one you can relex I did not send her to the moon. Or even siberria how ever I had my eye on Mars for her.... Yes she still live here and I still love to chaces her at 3 am when she will not let me kiss her all over espeical her bottom. So here the deal Lilly Lu is crazy. My mamma has trun on her heat and it is dry making her skin dry and her meowing box sore so she has a hummitfiter she uses to add moster to the place. Well that Crazy sisfur of mine LOVES this thing she sits right on it for hours she even likes to try and drink from it. She crazy I telling. After all I only drink Filter bottled watter. Mama Laura by me bottled watter but then she adds it to my drink well foutioned that has a filter replaced every week. Ahh Yes it is good to be king

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