Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mu shue pooh were have you been

!!Okay cats we are back. I talked to Lilly and Iris and we thought we should tell the story here on my blog so i get to be the lucky cat to tell it. Well mama has mad a desison to move. She putting are condo up for sale. So she looking for a new place to live. She looked around but she needs a bigger place for the foster boy and us cats. She found a great place huge but there was no parking and not in the best of nebiorhoods ect. So mama was finking about moveing to Fl near daisy the Currly cat but then she can not take the foster boy since his family lives in Ma if you want to call it that but he needs to stay in the systym here. So she still looking.
I told her i was not sure how lilly Lu would take being away for me her reds sox who buy the way are 8 games up. ( even if they did lose 3 stairt to the evial yankees)

So in the middle of this mama gets very sick. She had a UTI it moved fast by 5 pm that night it had spread to her kideney and she was vomiting badly. They gave her some pills that she could not keep down and made her even more sick. she went to the dr who sent her to the er becuse she had a high white blood cell count and she wanted a ct scan right away. Make a long story short i landed up wiff grandma for 3 days while mama recovered at the hummin vet place. I asked her if it was like Raido cat. She all better now fanks to some IV botiocs and fuilds and good pain mends and naususness meds. she also found out she alrrick to another antibotic.

So after that mama had a week of from school it closed for a week since the foster boy could not start head start till his vocoucer came in on this firday she took a few extra days on her vaction. She went to maimi and dinsey world. I asked her if she meet Daisy and she said no. But she thought of her at Parrrot Jungle that the foster boy loved becuse they have a lizard show !!!! and also at vyicalia becuse daiy suck in on her vist wiff grandma there. She also took him to the seaquaim and disney world she had lots and lots of fun wiff him. He cellbrated his second brithday wiff Micky Mouse and Donald duck!!!!!!

I left out the computer broke in the middle of this mess we got a new camra wiff a new memory cards but lily lu found an old fashion show from her seart paw gift she very exticted to see it.

Sandy could not cat sit and prince and pricess are at grandmas so mama made resvation at the cat in for us. Iris loved this place she areged all types of extras. Well me and Lilly lu got are wisker bent out of shape right away and they called mama and she called grandma who came and rescced me and Lilly Lu and took care of us at her home. after about a day I igroed prince and Pricess and just stayed in the cat room my porch and mama laura room. Iris loves the cat inn she the greater meezer even when they cheeked her in they rembered her form Feburay when she was last there and had her welcome bed ready to go. I fink she going to be more upset about having to leave. I promice not to leave you guys again. !!! for this long Ps Lilly Lu said Hi to Rocky arty catsty and A big Eight games Up Hi to JH. i dont know what she talking aboutbut rshe were all her sox grear


Jeter and Mickey said...

deer mu shue,
maybe yer mom shood think abowt moovin to da grate state uv noo york ... ware she an yer byootiful sistah LL can become yankee fanz ... an luv da grate derek jeter, an a-rod, an da verree hansum johnny damon (laffin an laffin!)
welcome back!

Karen Jo said...

Welcome back, Mu Shue. I am sorry that your Mom has had so many problems lately. I hope she is fully recovered from her sickness now.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Good to see you back. Glad your Mommie is okay now. A move sounds exciting (and scary).
Keep us posted... and we missed you.
pee ess: KC heres, Mommie ML took in a tiny stray kitten who promptly had six huge kittens of hers own. They haves their own bloggie, Dinah & The Mites. They's just turned five weeks old.

Tara said...

I've been wondering where you all have been! Sorry your mom got sick,that sounded scary. But wow, a move! That sounds scary too!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Wow!! That is quite a tale!! I'm so glad you're back now. Sounds like its been very very busy in your house!


DEBRA said...

Mu Shue

Welcome back!! Wow what an adventure yu has had in the past few And r yu still gonna move?


HRH Yao-Lin said...

heu mu shue long time no see!!! Hope your human is now in full health, she needs to be to tend to your needs! x

Daisy said...

I been wondering what happened to you all! I am sorry that your mom got sick, it sounds very terrible. But I'm glad she is all better and had fun in south Florida. It's still very hot down here. If you move to Florida, we could chase lizards together!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

whew! that sounds awfully busy. i'm glad things are ok now. crossing paws your mommy finds a place she likes.
i'm glad you're all doing better. it sounds like iris is a very popular kitty at the kitty inn. i would be more like you and lilly. i'd want to be home.
take care and we're glad you're back!

Hot(M)BC said...

Hi Mu Shue! Glad yall are back and everybody's ok now.
your bud Pepi
and Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini and Gree

NinjaCat said...

We were missing you guys!! Glad you are back and your mom is feeling better.

Ninja & Brenda

Derby said...

Wow, you have had lots happen to you lately.

Good luck with selling your place and finding a new one.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back.Sorry to hear
your mom was sick.

muffinmidi said...

We're glad you are back. We hope your mama is feeling better now. UTI's are pretty awful.I know your mama missed you when she had to go away.