Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Vet... Now you want to Cuddle no WAY

It all started where mama Laura came home and I meet her at the door. She scooped me up and told me i was her king cat and i was so speical and then she grabed the cage that i walked right in before i knew it I was traped. Then to make it worst I was then escorted to the car. I did pout up a protest of this treatment by mewoing my head off. Then we went to the Vet. It was so bad. There I sat in my cage in an office that smelled like not only vet but also oggie.... Uggg. I mewoed some more in protest but I still got two shots right in my bottom. Boy that hurt. Then they took me back and stole blood from me and also trimed my nails. UGGGG I hate the vet. I am spoiled rotten king cat I should be getting better treatment. Afterall My purrday is very soon and this is how i get treated. Mamma Laura then complained about the price and calling me an expecsive king cat. HUMMP..... Then she come home and after I pig out on kibble I lost a lb in a year I gone from 17.5 lbs to 16.5 lbs. Seems my Deit is working I still hate it. After we get home mamma Laura starts singing my song and expects me to cuddle I THINK NOT. I just goten shots seen oggie gone in a car and now she wants cuddling I am mad. But just becuse i am mad dose not mean My kibble bowl can be empty... I expet fresh kibble asap then when i not mad I might cuddle.

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