Thursday, September 07, 2006

Forgotten About ???

I dont know whats going on here. I am king cat I know that for sure. But mamma Laura packed up Lilly and has not been back. I miss her. I not sure I miss Lilly Okay I sure i don't. She said she coming back on Thusday. I heard her voice on the phone. But yet no mama laura. I been Hanging out at Grandma Linda and Grandpa Richard place. She better Bring cat Nip!!!! It not the same with no Lilly to chaces. Nothing to do but snooze and eat. Good thing about Grandma Linda she a sucker I have her nailed down pat. She always gives me extra kibble. You know what time it is .... it time for COUNT DOWN TO PURDAY


22 day till my purr day.. Mark you cander get ready to Party with Catnip cake and Boston market.. Licking wiskers.

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