Sunday, September 17, 2006

Where's the Kibble?

That right freinds my kib kib bowl sat empty I looked at it mewoed at it and well it was still empty somthing about a deit. I dont under stand. I don't need a deit I am happy being fluffy. What i do need is more kibble. I looked and mewoed and tryed the head bonk thing. No uses my bowl remained empty dose any one have the number to the number for anmimal cuitley this hase got to be cutely to me. I straving and my one cup of kibble a day is not nearly enough to sataifly me. I am getting old for a cat an i need a little bit more respcet in the from of kibble.
I got a post card in the mail adressed to mu shue pooh in care of Laura Okay This was from the vet. bad news I hate the vet there allway Oggies ( Doggies is a bad word in cat so we call them oggies) I HATE oggies they bark and bark and i hiss and i growl. Then to top it off there is always a shot in my bottom Mama laura clams it to keep me healty but it realy toucher. Unforitly she got to the post card before i did. she said Mu shue I be calling the vet on Monday to get you an appoment.

count down to my purrday

Only 12 day left Have you picked out your gifts I sure hope mama Laura has. I love catnip. Most of all I be eating the boston market i can tast it now. Licks wiskers

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