Saturday, December 30, 2006

The weekend report

Well it the weekend and I figerd I better giff a full report.

My Blog

you may notice some changes on this blog I changed the template and changed comments to mewos addded Oh snap to my blog. This was furry easy Fanks skeenix for showing us this on your blog.

The Sister Report

Well Lilly Lu was making an a lot of noise this am so much I could bearly sleep it seems Lilly Lu had some Dirreia and it stuck to her bottom furr and well Poor Lilly Lu took a bath complet wiff blow dryer Shutters. We fink the dirreia was caused by the chuchies she been eating see seince deit changed the tast of Hairball light and Mama been feeding Iris Narral food and she thought Lilly Lu should try it too so she been very slowly switching Lilly Lu over. Don't worrie she is fine she Had Hammy babby food for din din but would not touch the chicken formal so I helped my self. After makeing sure her Dirria was gone mama gave her some churnchies and she seems to be fine. She had sticky goodness again this mornng. But PU she smeeled so in the sink she went. Mama also said it was soo smelly that she had to replace the extra rug the litter box sits on were Lilly Lu did the dead.

Iris is my crazy baby sisfur she profected the bobble head rootine when mama goes to take her picuter. We had a furry nice phone call from the lady who frist Had Iris. she srendered her to a shelter were mamma voltreed after her daughter was ligic to her. My goal for her for the new year teach her the meaning OF I AM KING CAT GET OFF MY SUN CHAIR. she just sitts there when I hiss at her when she in my sun chair


No- chicky sigh
No tucky sigh
chicky babby food- was okay
Lots of chicky temptaytions
Lots of Greenis
Love pill pocket treats

The weather report

IT HAPPPING as I look out My window IT THE FRIST SNOW FALL!!!! it furry purry. I glad i an Idor only cat. Please purr for the cats who are going cold and hunrgy

New freind Report

Well on of the things I have to do in 2007 is make new freinds in the Blogphire So wiff that Please help me welcome new brothfur MATSUI Athought Lilly Lu ( who wereing a shirt that said red sox Princess said he should be named Matsuzaka sight whats a cat to do but sit on his red sox blankey and dreem of summer. Good new is spring Training starts soon !!!!

Also please help me welclomebandit and bat new sisfur holly If you not meet her you better grab some tissue becuse your going to need them. This is such a sweet story

Also we meet daisy The curly cat Her had to go to the vet and have some picuters of her skuellten taken. It a furry koote Skullten she has some stones and if they don't get better need sugery. We fink her mama should talk to Lex's mama. Since him had the same problem

we hope you all have a great weekend


Daisy said...

Mu shue, thanks for the very interestin' report! I specially liked the food report - it maded my mouth water a lot!

jeterharris said...

mu shue ...
i like u alot ... even if yer on da opposin teem!
matsu ... wutever iz a nice name fer sumplace else ... but matsui iz a grate name fer a noo york kittee!
hav a grate noo yeer ...
mor tuna juice in 2007!
luv--yer yankee frend--jh

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

furry grate reepurrt! maybe ya gotta get 2 sun chairs?

INAMINI said...

Furry nice report, Mu shue. Haf a furry Happee Nue Yeer!