Tuesday, December 05, 2006

a note from mama Laura

mu shue Lilly and Iris,

I love you guys alot but you know that but there are a few things I need to get off my chest Litterly. Lilly My chest is not for l strcheing out on covering my mouth with your paws when it is 3:00 am I am not getting up. At 4:25 am Iris and Mu shue must you both cry and yowal. About this 5:30 am sticky goodness I figered if we skip it. I could get more sleep if I came home for luch and we did sticky goodness at 12:30 insted. Mu shue I do not need to call you speical for you to come to bed. Licking me all over before i go to bed dose help me sleep better. Lilly on again off again is not going to work. Mu shue I hate it when you drink form my shower will you please uses your kitten founton all the time. Lilly Lu I scoop the box six time a day why must you pop next to it when it has any mess in it. Iris. must you pounce on mu shue you know he dose not like it. Iris I can make my lunch with out your help. all 3 of you yowing crying a mewoing will not make the tem-tay-tions get out of the bag any faster. Lilly every time I go to the freezer door dose not meen i going to give you ice cream. Lilly You are able to jump up to your sticky goodness why do you need me to lift you up? You not a baby kitten any more. Iris braking into my antictic doll shelf and getting stuck is not in you best intrest. Iris please stop knocking down all the tricks on the shelf . Mu shue I still have no idea why you must smell my shoes. Mu shue stealing my socks in the middle of the night to lick my feet is not relly apparated. while were on the subjcet of bad night time behavior mu shue I relly do not need you in the middle of the bed hogging all the covers it gets cold at night and I am cramped in a little corron of the bed.. Iris fresh folded laudy out of the dryer dose not men you can jump in the basket. Lilly I found the nest of socks and underpants you been stealing and hideing Yes i do need them

I love you 3 any ways

Mama laura

Ps we will respond tomrow

(mu shue Lilly and Iris)


KC said...

o, Mama Laura, that is some biggie list. whoa.

we's laffing bouts tha crying 'n meowing ta get tha tem-tay-shuns out of tha package faster. seems like it should work. also bout mu shue sleepin in tha middle of tha bed. hee-hee.

can't wait to see u's letter tomorrow.

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I can't wait to see your response! When the people complain I feel bad for them because I'm never going to change so they will just have to adjust!!


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

awwwww - you kitties sound like lotsa fun to live with!