Friday, December 29, 2006

chey place contest


1)Chay should Hire skeezix as campain Manger web sight deiner and fashtion conclet

2)Chay should ask Sammy and Miles Meezer to be her running mate

3) Chay should make one of her campain promices free tem-tay-tion and cat nip for all who vote for him


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

those are really excellent ideas!

Gemini said...

Chey says to thank you and she got your message. She can't post here 'cause she doesn't use blogger!

Anonymous said...

Wow temptations would work for me.

Daisy said...

Free tem-tay-shuns? That would work for me too!

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Very good ideas, especially the free temptations and catnip.