Tuesday, December 26, 2006

mu shue makes a shopping list

Okay after new years is mama purrday I making my shopping list of things to get her

1) a flat screen tv thing so my birdys look real

2) print shop so i can make better photo

3) some temp-tay-tions for her party

4) some boston market chicken ( my faviort) so we can share din din

5) a skeeziex party pack

6) some fresh nip becuse she getting old and relly going to need to hit the nip

7) an extra kitty drink well foution to wash her mouth in after she said all those bad words to HP

8) Ice cream ( for lilly) what a party wiff out some ice cream

9) a new fleese blacket for our bed

10) a day full of mu shue kissses and head bonks

Her purrday is Jan 18


TopChamp said...

They're some lovely things - I'm sure she'll appreciate them all esp the Temptations.....

Thanks for your comment re: Fat Cat. Appreciated it x

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

that's a furry good list. maybe you could find her credit card and order most of that online.