Monday, December 25, 2006

how we spend kittymiss

yes it ture I have no kitty miss tree and santy paws don't come to see us. But we have speical treditions tooo. Frist one is I start my day wiff realy gravy mixed into my sticky goodness undest of water this is a real treat and my faviort. We go to grandma were we watch the DVD grandma got us for hunnka but not giffen us yet on her flat screen. My brids look like they were going to jump out of the tv you should have seen iris. I asked mama for one these big flat screens and she said something about i my dreems to much green pappers. sigh. I then played on or new tree grandma got us for Mama laura bed room. It furry soft. Lilly naped in what she wanted most a new pink bed and a new pink flease blacket. She also got a puprle one for Iris and a blue one for me But Iris looked so cossey on the radtior. I then ate some tem-tay-taion i had one in a mean game of dradle. It not trooe no matter what Lilly and Iris say the Draidle is not loaded. I just lucky that each time i that it lands on gimmle ( were I get all the tem-tay-tions) and Lilly and iris laded one Shin ( put one in) or nun ( get nun). And no girls WE ARE NOT SWITCHING DRAIDLES. So after that I took a nap while mama and Family whent to the movies to see dreem girls. They came back wiff my faviort next to boston market chicken Chineness food moooshie chicken Yummmy i sat and beg and a little pater was prepared for me wiff some chicken. Then treas and grandma cleaned house. Mamam browing grandma putter since she has something a a vaction this week.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

that all sounds lovely - most 'specially the part about the gravy...mmmmm....!

INAMINI said...

It sownds like you had a wunnerful day. Food treets are always good!