Sunday, December 17, 2006

what ya doing mamma Laura

Mu shue; What ya doing mamma laura

Mama Laura: well mu shue I am glad you asked I am makeing resvations to go on that disney curse I been talking about going on.

Mu shue; WOW we going cuseing Lilly Iris we going cruseing!! skeezix may be get a rode trip but i sure he never got a curse!!!

Mama Laura: Now now mu shue I said I was going on a curise.

Mu shue : what about us ( Looks real sad)

Mama Laura Now i have it all figered out mu shue you can stay home and I get sandy to stay with you she come two times a day Or you can go to the kitty spa.

Mu shue: na That no fun sady will only come 2 times a day and Kitty spa is not for me!! I finking we can go. Lilly skeeziex can help you find a pink bekeenie

Mama Laura: Mu shue I am sorry there a now cats alould on the curise something about it might upset micky mousie. I bring you home a gift.

Mu shue: Fine fine Dont aske to cuddle becuse i not doing it!!!

Mama Laura: Mu shue come on big guy I still love you

Mu shue: sure sure sure

Mama Laura: how about i thow a few extra tempations your way

Mu shue: well did you say temptaytions ?

Mama Laura : sure did mooshie squooosie

Mu shue: maybe I let you slide... but I still mad


Lux said...

Oh dear Mu shue! Let me know if you want any of us to teleport over - we can have a *good time!

Fat Eric said...

Ohhh, humans are so selfish going off on holiday. i have been to kitty jail and I suppose it is better than being home alone but not much.

INAMINI said...

Pore Mu shoe! Yu wil bee in owr thots when Mama Laura deesurts yu!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

INSIST on LOTS of Temtayshuns! And I'm happy to help yoo shop for a hot pink BIKINI! Wooo hoooo!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

SHE'S LEAVING YOU? This is horrybull! Put the bitey on stuff right away.