Thursday, December 07, 2006

My frist Thursay 13 ( reviiew of 13 diffent types of cat treets

Thirteen Things Review of 13 diffent type of cat treets It a big job but some kitt had to do it

rewieve of 13 diffent types of treets. ( it a big job but some kit had to do it)

1. Temp-tay-tion ( quite nummy not enough in the bag)

2. feeline greenies- ( crucky and giff you good breath)

3. Pounce bastums ( a little heave on the coating but pretty nummy)

4. DR havary chicken treets., ( a lil big but still pretty nummy. they should cut them in half also kind of prices but stll nummy)

5. Reel Meet chicken and venision ( is intest venicen vishus dear Not nummy at all do not like them)

6. Zonk - ( orongic small pricey but still on the nummy side)

7. Pill Pocket treets ( very nummy make take my medison easy soft and cheewy)

8. Bil jack chicken treets ( very nummy and quite chewey)

9. Freskies ( okay not as nummy as some as the other chicken treats kind of small)

10. liv-a-little ( furry pricey around 12.99 per contor but it fresh frezed dreied chicky furry nummy just the right size)

11. pur and purs ( they saiy they light but they furry yucky no us will eat it)

12. cosmic cat nip treets ( they okay for licking but not good for eating dose not cause me to roll wiff joy like catnip)

13.Aqua Yummies ( i not relly a sea food cat but Lilly seems to think they okay she said dairy faloverd tam-tay-tions are better)

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The Meezers said...

Pitr Pats is also good - they was my favorite 'afore we hadded tem-tay-shuns - Miles

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Heer's my link:

And my big bruther Mao SWARES by Pit'r Pats. Also, Wysong's Daily Dream Treats - the ferst treets that we all LOVE withowt ixsepshun!