Wednesday, December 27, 2006

a gift from heaven

do you ever belive that cats giff you sigles from the other side of ranbow bridge that they still around and wiff you and that they happy. Long before there was Lilly there was Kayla Voilet Shy Princess Cat. A little trubite to her is on my side bar. Well this week mama was wondering about Kayla and what she thought of Iris. She said Kayla just giff me a sing that your okay. Well mystesy a old undevluped roll of film before we went digtal appared. so Mama took it to CVS to get it devluped there she was in living next to me. Just like best budys. Mamma has never let film go undvluped so she dont know where this came from. this is the photo. I luff my sweet fur sisfur very Much she passed on to Ranbow bridge Mach 15 2002 after battleing FIP for 9 mouths.

So now i am going to wire a little something to Kayla.. my sole mate my sole sisfur for ever. You can read it too ... but I writeing it Kayla

Dear Kayla,

I miss you every day!! I think about you all the time when i look out the window. Lilly Lu sleeps in your bed but I saved you pillow and it mine. I luff you very much you were so brave as a little kitty. I know you probely found a bunch of kind luffing hummans to pet you all the time and I bet you found all the giltter balls and feather too. I see so much of you in Iris she a go getter like you were just before you got sick. I rember all the fun we had. and how much you put up wiff. You were more than just a fur sister you were a best freind. I miss you sweet Kayla more than words can say. Watch over us here on eath and know we meet again.

Thanks for watching over us and still luffing us.

You brother and best freind and number one fan ( Mu shue)


Lux said...

That is such a sweet loving letter you wrote to Kayla! My mom has kitties at the Bridge she still loves - she even has a tape recorder of a cat meowing (her name's Celeste but she was gone before I came).

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

that wuz so sweet it made our Lady's eyes all leaky

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Aw, you made my eyes leaky. What a nice letter.