Thursday, December 14, 2006

#2 Thursday Theirteen

Thirteen resions why i am so luffed

1.. Beusce I so cute

2. becuse I am supper dupper head bonker

3. becuse I giff the worlds best kitty kiss

4. becuse I a great cuddly cat

5. Beucase I am an old guy

6. Becuse i am so sweet ( even the vet called me sweet)

7. Beucse I help out by eating left over chicken

8. I am luff to lick the nip

9. Becuse I help keeping shoes smeely good by sticking my head in them

10. Becuse I help wiff the lodaury by stealing socks off feat

11. Becuse I been know to help tell on Lilly Lu when she lose her collor by finding
it for mama

12, I luff tem-tay-tions

13. i play a good game of bird for a 16 year old cat
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Links to other Thursday Thirteens!
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Sammy and Miles said...

furry nice list Mu Shue! - The Meezers

sassycat said...

MuShue, it is so furry hard to read your bloggie. The type doesn't contrast well on the background.

Hot(M)BC said...

We's wif you on the temp-tay-shuns for sure! Purrrrrrrrrrs :)

Skeezix said...

This is reely a grate list... and yoo sownd a lot like my frend Rocky!