Monday, November 13, 2006

Finnigain is on the case

Deer Queen Lilly,

I will be happy to take on yore case. I fink you have been framed (that
means somebody purrtended you did the crime to make you look bad) and we
will get all the charges droppd and no books will get frowed at you. That
wood hert! And yore brofur will not put you in a box if I haf annyfing to
say abowt it.

At yore serviss,
Finnegan J. Katz, Esq.


Take that mean mu shue. You not putting me in the box you labbed live cat and sending me any were Cuse I insentedt I can't help my dairy acctiction


INAMINI said...

Queen Lilly- it sownds like yu got a gud kittie lawyer now. I'm glad Finnegan is making sure yu don't get de buk thrown at yu.

Victor Tabbycat said...

Oh, Lilly, you're in good paws wif Finny. I was in BIG truble an he helped me out. You can read bout it here.

Eric and Flynn said...

If yoo need a gud lawyer, yoo can rely on Finnegan