Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bakeing Mews suspect confest

Dose this look like the face of a Guilty Cat Lilly asks

Cat name Lilly Lu confest to the cheese pop corn spilly and eating. Mama Laura came out with a big bowl of ice cream and Lilly Lu ran from under couch to cheeck out spoon action. When doing her normal Beg for ice cream rootine she mewoed she did it.
She will be tryed in the court of Mama Laura.

She will be defened by Mu shue Pooh King/ Lawer cat .... (yes I defending lilly this is my foody too on the line) We will be trying to get the confession thown out on the fact it was giffen under diress. There was Ice cream involed and Lilly Lu would do anyfing for ice cream including confess to a crim she might have or might not have conmitted. We also trying to get the edicen of the fur and paw prints and cheese resdie left on Lilly paws on she said they were all planted and illige seach and sezier. Mama had to seach warnt to enter the sean of the crime. We will be keeping you updated on bakeing mews as it happens.

This been Mu shue Pooh Reporting for Mu shue the king cats blog


Victor Tabbycat said...

Mu Shue, I had a simlar insident earlier this year. I was accused of plant pluckin. You may haf a conflict of interest acuz you live wif the prosecutor and the accused. I recommend my furry good lawyer furiend, Finnegan J. Katz, Esq. Lilly shuld consult wif him.

PS Mine Dad doesn't share popcorn wif me, neifur.

Fat Eric said...

Yes, Finnegan managed to get Victor out of trouble over the Plant Incident, Lilly should definitely consult him.

I have received your Gorgeous Ginger picture, Mu Shue, I have to nag my mum to get on with putting more pictures on the website because she is lazy!

LOKi said...

LLLLily luks fary innocent. Mama Laura shud just furgive and giv LLLLily sum ice creem.

Hot(M)BC said...

Oh oh, I better hide Boni. She luvs dairy stuffs too. It coulda been her! Hide Boni, hide!
~~ Sanjee