Sunday, November 26, 2006

About this Iris Thing

Dear mamma Laura,

I know you taken great care of me for 11 years. But I am Old and A senior Catson now I look foward to naps in the sun and getting peace and quite I nevfur had when I was a stary for the frist 5 years of my life. Lilly Is finely growing up she going to be 5 this year and I was looking foward to her slowing down and letting me be. When you did the unthinkable. You got Iris. Now Mama She a Kitten. Enery and worst a meezer LOUD. Now I know I been nice all week But I putting My paw down when she stole my sun chair for a quick snooze and you told me to Share. I 16 I not sure I want to share. So Here the Deal You do somthing about that meezer evial thing you brought into this house Or I not Cuddling any more at night. And when You sing my song at night that means I always respond and go to the big Bed. Well I just wont. And this Cuddling wiff Iris thing must stop I not happy about. I told you I don't share temptaions I saw you giff Iris some from my pacage. And Iris those bribery gift you told mama To get well Thanks for the Nip it was mighty Yummy and The Temptaions But you still got to GO.

Your only king cat ( and Oldest cat and commaion)

Mu shue ( your shooey pie)


Cecilia said...

We feel your pain - The 2 Bs

Justin said...

wow wat a lovely post!! you really care for your Momma..its so nice to hear that..
And hey, just look at this crazy tom ..he is always after something...hehe!!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Aww, poor Mu Shue. You shouldn't haf to share your sun chair! Your mommy should make her get her own spot. Efen my mommy won't try and take my spot on my Purdue blanket!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

I know exactly what you mean. Its not enough to have 1 extra cat but then to have meezers?? I was "blessed" with TWO meezer creatures and I've not had a moment of rest since.