Friday, November 17, 2006

Ungarded cearal Milk fair Game for Lilly ??

Hi all It me Lilly Lu mu shue feeling a bit better but asked me to post. so here the deal I once again haveing trubble wiff the dairy stuff. I dont know why It something about chesse, milk, ice cream eaven cream I been know to love them all. This morning I was not in the happest mood and I was on the besfust bar expressing my dislike of the new sticky goodness she made me try. when she put me down on the floor. And siad Lilly dont you have something to do. Yes eat you milk I mewo. I straveing I dont like this sticky goodness. She said Lilly be good. and went to the litter box. Well that milk was ungraded and It mine. So I jumped up and helped my self. When Mama retuned she said Lillan kayla maire. (uho full real name big trubble.) she had to pick me up before i stoped lapping it up Finnigan J Katz Esq I fink I need you help again I know you not finshed defening me for the last time but I have a dairy problm.

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INAMINI said...

Lilly, wif yor dary problem, is der a 12-stp progam fur yu? It bad that yu get in so much truble wif eny dary arownd.