Saturday, November 25, 2006

Iris's Week in Reviwe

I been here a week and I fink I going to like it here. On the second day mamma started rubbing me wiff towls and mu shue and lilly wiff them. She felt this was too hard so she let me sleep on one and mu shue put on in Lilly bed and One on mu shue cat rug for him to sleep one. she then switched them around. After two days she thought that it was time for me to meet Lilly Lu. She furry nice no hissing she was scard of me and ran off but latter joined me in sticky goodness and a game of warly bird. While this was happing she put mr Gouchy hissy cat in my room. to get used to my smell and to giff us the free range. The next day I met mr Gouchy hissy old ginger cat. for treets and a game of wirly bird. While he did hiss and Growl he never lailed a paw on me. That night I sleeped in my room again. The next day I again meet Mr hissy growl for some tempations and some wirly bird and crain as well as morning sticky goodness. again Hissing but never tryed to lay a paw on me expect he did try to lay his tough on me. He not kidding about this goomaholic thing. He has a problem wiff licking other cats in well area that we should lick are selfs. Since that went so well she let me stay out while she was home. One his roole I like alot. The help wake mama Laura up at 4:25 am. That works well we can tag team her no he takes one ear I take the other and he crys and I yowal and Lilly jump on and off mama chest. It worked well till she locked us out of the room. I was furry sad but Mu shue reassured me that if we cry and Yowal at the door she would come out and giff into us. And sure enough she did. He maybe be old hissy and Grouchy but he sure know how to get sticky goodness in the dish by 5:30 am shap. Today I became offial. I got a brand new collor and tags. See Lilly has a pick veltet collor wiff her name in Rindstones, Mu shue has a handsome rindstone like black coolor And mama never new what to get me. so she picked out a pretty pink and blue braided one wiff a rindston heart bell. I also nevfur had my own case. I browwsd lilly's old one to come home. Now I got my furry own pick carrer complet wiff my name. So any ways Now I stay out all the time Mu shue still hiss at me alot but he just old and grouchy and dose not like to be pounced on. I luff to do a suprizes ambush on him from the top of the tree. He is quite pouncbale but Lilly runs like the wind when chaced. Since Mama was going to pet smart to get Litter my new case and collor. I had her pick up a few gifts for mu shue and Lilly. from me maybe this way he be less grouchy. I finely deceised on a fresh nip plat kitty grass and temptaion chicken for mu shue. For Lilly I got her a a new pink bed to ciddle in some cats milk and a feather flyer. The fresh nip was a great idea beusce after that Mu shue would have been nice to a mousie if it pasted him path he was way gone. I post picuter of him wiff his nip plant latter. Well Thanks for all your support I got furry mousie to play wiff ball to play wiff and two cat who could uses a chaces and a pounce

And one last thing before I forget Lilly and I now have are own Blog Lilly and Iris Tell all

Iris ( a babby meezer)

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Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Oh I'm so glad that aside from some hissing (and who wants to be pounced on???) the introductions have gone well.
I can't wait to see that nip plant. Don't let the fuzz know you've got one. tee hee hee