Monday, November 20, 2006

Rules for Iris

Dear Iris,

I know i been hissing and maybe thown a few growls your way but I fing we can make this work there are a few rulees you need to know about.

1) i am the king you must adress me as King mu shue or your Hingness mu shue

2) You must lick my paws when asked

3) speeking about licking I am a groomahilc I luff to groom other cats you must let me groom you all over and sit still while i do this and not fight back or try to groom me

4) while on the subject of Grooming You must hold Lilly so she dose not paw puch me while i groom her all over especaly her bottom

5) This meezer mewo fing at 2:30 am for attenton must stop. I was all cuddly in the big bed next to mama laura when she had to get up and cheek on you

6) you must stop the meezer mewoing during the day. I am tired I sleep druning the day I am a senior catsion and must be treeted wiff respect so i can ap

7) Sticky goodness is seved at 5:30 am shap You may not eat my sticky goodness I eat the sticky goodness first and I may eat your

8) my kib kib is not for shareing but yours is

9) I see you like to pounce. You may nefur pounce on me. senior catson thing again But how ever Lilly is fair game and quite pouncbal if i say so my slef

10) I see you like my seeegul and wirly bird you may only play wiff them when I let you

11) all toys belong to me you may only play wiff what i let you

12) all beds belong to me enloching yours you may only sleep in one after i am done testing it out

13) one cat on the big bed at a time., You and Lilly are nevfur to be there it is my big bef

14) you must help me wake mama laura up at 4;25 am to prepaer for the 5;30 am sticky goodness

15) the drink well fountion is mine

16) all catnip is mine and i dont share

17) all chicken treets are mine and I dont share

18) I uses 2 of the four litter boxes my self are never to set paw in them

19) you are not only to cover for you but also for lilly. It drives me crazy she dont cover

20) the botom and the middle of the scrching tree is mine you may only use the tree when i let you

21) i make the rules and i can add or change any at any time

22) you must follow all my roole

If you have a problem wiff my rooles you can liff with Skeezix he may have a blue sweeter for you to wereand he finks you so coootie.

Mu shue Pooh King cat DONT FORGET THAT


Mu shue Pooh The King Cat King cat said...

dear mu shue i respond latter i got to play wiff furry mousie


The Meezers said...

Mu Shue Poo - King - all of your rules are good ones - 'cept we doesn't fink that she can follow the meowing one - us meezers - we gots to YOWL!

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Oh Mu Shue Pooh...sigh. Where do I begin? She's a meezer and therefore has been sent to drive you INSANE. Their energy never stops, they always want to play, they steal the good snuggle spots, and yes, they are always really loud. I have a meezer & a frootbat. Though they do know I'm King of the house!


Fat Eric said...

Hmm...well, it looks like you have covered just about efurrything in that list, Mu Shue. She can't say you didn't tell her where she stands!

Eric and Flynn said...

Well Mu shue Pooh yoo haf told her all yer rools, but we finks yoo may haf trubble getting her to obay them.

Lux said...

She may be too young to remember all those rules, Mu shue ... you may have to start with just one or two!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

That's right Mu Shue! You lays down the rules and everything will be just fine.
I haf to say, she is cute, but don't break down, after all, you're the king.