Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Purs needed

for the last few weeks i been acting like i been trying to hack up a hair ball but nothing comes up. I finely have a tinny one this morning but i still hacking. So mama takeing me to the vet she said wiff Iris Garcie Maire comming on sat she want to make sure I am in Tip top shape. I tryed to bring her to the King Cat wall Of fame in my house. This wall is a wall decated to me. it even has an huge picuter as big as me of me on it and lots of my glammor boy shots. and tons and tons of framed picuters of me. She looked at it and said while yes mu shue you are cute but now we need a blank wall For Iris. Lilly has a wall too but mine much better HUMMP I going to show this "fing' who the boss around her she can be dopted by someone else it time for me to put my paw down. Mama said she wish I just put a big hair ball down and save the trip to the vet.


Elaine said...

Oh, good luck with the vet, Mu shue, or maybe you'll get lucky and cough one up tonight! Best wishes!

Lux's Mom

brandi said...

Please get better! We are purraying for you!

INAMINI said...

Purrs to you! Feel betr sun!