Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Cheese popcorn mystry

Sean of the Crime: one bag of smart food left untedeted and open and near edge of table. paw prints found at the sean of the crime also white hair

Prime suspect: Cat white with black spots name rymes with Sillly. Has an L. as her frist instal. Know to love all sorts of dairy. Cheese and Ice cream umong her faviort. Was seen eating the cheesy pop corn. and Licking paws. When apporeched suspected Barcaded her self under the couch and refused to come or untill breskfust or Ice cream is seaved

Upon closer inspection the paw prints found at the sean of the Crime blong to prim supect. a Complet Fur alnyss was done and Fur belonged to prime suspect.

Tryed to get an interview wiff prime supect from under the couch all she would mewo was no Comment uless there was ice cream or toona involed.

This has been Mu shue Pooh reporting for Mu shue the king cats blog.


Merlin said...


That is furry suspishus.

Carmen said...

Unless she finds the goods in you tummy... you're clean.

Fat Eric said...

Caught bang to rights, as we say here in London.

LOKi said...

Dis sounds liek a caes fur Mu shoe- king uf cats. Me knos dat lllillly wilgit a fur shake wif yu on da caes.